Considerations respecting the trade with China


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Seite 78 - much better fitted for navigating the China seas, and the several passages leading to those seas, both to and from India, England, and China, particularly when the navigation occurs in those months which are considered more or less out of season; and, further, it may be observed, should the Chinese
Seite 79 - observed, should the Chinese authorities afford more facilities for the navigation of the Canton river; if, in that case, it should be found expedient, the smaller vessels might deliver their cargoes, even at the Keys of Canton itself.
Seite 122 - The Company's agents now in China might, if deemed advisable, be vested with the powers referred to at Canton ; and should any increase to their number be found requisite for the due discharge of these functions, some of the late members of the China factory might be associated with them for that purpose.*
Seite 109 - But the prosecution of such measures would be, indeed and in fact, actual warfare on* the part of Great Britain against China. But, surely, the Government and people of this country have not yet arrived at the conclusion, that it is lawful and fit for them to compel the Chinese to adopt European notions of commercial intercourse, by
Seite 17 - It is not very likely that this fact should have escaped the observation of the importers of Spanish dollars; although it may be the fact that the London mint was not accessible for coinage on private account during that period, in this view then the merchant had no
Seite 17 - but to sell his dollars in the market : and should this have been the case, and the circumstance have been hitherto overlooked, both by the government and the mercantile community,— at least not brought to public notice by the latter, •-—this mention of the fact may possibly lead to an alteration in the practice, so as to enable the British
Seite 17 - English standard; but as that operation is only required on a small part of each portion of dollars sent for coinage, the charge for refining would not much affect the difference above stated ; and when it is considered, that the
Seite 33 - On some very few occasions the Indian merchants, and these principally the Portuguese traders in opium, required a much higher rate of exchange than the produce of the Calcutta mint would warrant: and sometimes, in cases of emergency, the
Seite 18 - merchant to avail himself of the London mint whenever it may suit his purpose, and thereby perhaps facilitate some of his sales of English goods in the markets of South America, and other places where the Spanish
Seite 30 - or two of them, will receive in that country such dollars, to a specified amount in each season, as may be tendered them for bills on India, according to the practice under the

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