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The World Almanac and Book of Facts, established with the issue for 1886 by the late Joseph Pulitzer, now presents its forty-second annual volume to its readers. Each new year this handy book of reference has widened its range of topics and given them a more exact and concise presentation. The aim of the Editor, he repeats, is accuracy in the collection of essential facts, terseness in handling them, and accessibility in their presentation.

Official sources have been drawn on constantly for facts and figures, and the Editor once again thanks the heads of administrative departments of the United States Government, of the several States, and of the large cities for their unfailing courtesy and assistance in preparing and correcting statistical tables of every kind, and description of governmental activities. Especial thanks are due to William M. Steuart, Director of the Census; Dr. Julius Klein, of the Department of Commerce; William Tyler Page, Clerk of the House of Representatives; Major Gen. Robert C. Davis, the Adjutant General of the Army; Gen. Lincoln C. Andrews, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury; Mrs. Mabel Walker Willebrandt, Assistant Attorney General; Dr. L. S. Rowe, of the Pan-American Union; Edwin I. Thayer, Secretary of the Senate; and Mgr. Paul Marella, auditor of the Apostolic Delegation at Washington.

The Almanac has for many years carried as a notable feature, concise, yet complete, the scientific progress of the year. This has been prepared always with the most painstaking accuracy by Dr. Gilbert Grosvenor, President of the National Geographic Society. For this he again has our appreciative thanks.

Especial attention has been given to the financial condition of the several States, which is presented with unusua fullness.

The big problem of the year just passed, and which bids fair to be the big problem of the coming year, is the enforcement of the National Prohibition Act; so the article regarding it will be found unusually valuable for reference.

All the articles on the foreign countries have been brought up to date with the latest available statistics and concise summaries of noteworthy events. Especially full are the facts and statistics relating to the British Empire, France, Japan, Italy, Germany, Belgium and Russia; and our immediate neighbors, Canada (kindly revised again by R. H. Coats, the Dominion Statistician) and Mexico. The co-operation of members of the several Embassies, Ministries and Consulates, also of the Russian Information Bureau, and of the Australian Commissioner is acknowledged with thanks.

The features which the reader expects every year, and cannot do without, the comprehensive diary of the year, the list of the noted dead, the record of generous benefactions, the financial and economic reviews, commerce, trade and agriculture, the election returns, the labor review, information and data concerning the Empire State and New York City, and the records of a year remarkable in the history of sports, he will find as satisfactory

as ever.

The Editor has received many valuable suggestions from readers during the year, and repeats again that he will welcome any that may be made to the future benefit of The Almanac.

R. H. L.

Pulitzer Building,

53-63 Park Row,

New York City.

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