Patents for Inventions: Abridgments of Specifications Relating to Railways. A.D. 1770-1863

G.E. Eyre and W. Spottiswoode, 1868 - 538 Seiten

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Seite 13 - ... apparatus for, communicating and transmitting or extending motive power, by means whereof carriages or waggons may be propelled on railways or roads, and vessels may be propelled on canals...
Seite 540 - Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, from 10 AM till 4, 5, or 6 PM, according to the season.
Seite 20 - Limehouse, in the county of Middlesex, for his invention of certain improvements in tram-roads or railways, and in the wheels or other parts of carriages to be wheeled thereon.
Seite 59 - Gent,, for improvements in atmospheric propulsion, and in the manufacture of tubes for atmospheric railways, and other purposes, — being a communication.
Seite ix - ... is constantly at rest for the wheels to roll upon, and that when the wheels have nearly approached the extremity of this part of the railway, their motion shall lay down a fresh length of rail in front, the weight of which in its descent shall assist in raising such part of the rail as the wheels have already passed over, and thus the pieces of wood which are taken up in the rear are in succession laid in the front, so as to furnish constantly a railway for the wheels to roll on.
Seite 29 - When it is requisite to open the valve, it is done by lifting it out of the tallow with or without the application of heat ; and the before-named process of sealing it or rendering it air-tight, is repeated every time it is closed. This combination of valves with machinery is made in the application of these valves to railways or other purposes, by a line of partially exhausted pipes, for the...
Seite 538 - Lane. ln addition to the printed Specifications, Indexes, and other publications of the Commissioners, the Library includes a Collection of the leading British and Foreign Scientific Journals, and text-books in the various departments of science and art. Complete sets of the Commissioners of Patents...
Seite 45 - Bracknell, Berkshire, for improvements in the construction of railways, and in wheels to run on railways, and in apparatus for clearing the rails.
Seite xii - MD, knight of the kingdom of Bavaria, for an improved plan of constructing rail-roads, and carriages to be used on such improved rail-roads, for the more...
Seite 78 - Engineers' and Architects' Journal, vol. 10, p. 291.] AD 1847, February 12—N° 11,577. HEDGE, EGBERT.—" Certain improvements in rails for railways " and in the manner of securing them." " The rail is formed '.' with an upper and lower table connected together by a rib, the " upper table being made with projecting shoulders, which rest " on the sleeper, and the lower table to be inserted in the sleeper, " so that the rail may be firmly clamped to and secured in a...

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