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the most sacred, the most inviolable, and eternal Principle of being true to our own Interest. But give us Leave also to tell your

L p s, that we are not altogether of fo mercenary a Spirit, as to mind only our worldly Interest. No, no, my L- s, we have a more excellent and sublime Mark that we aim at, we have a more glorious Race to run, and a Prize set before us infinitely more precious to obtain ; to which our worldly Concerns are chiefly subservient, and in the Pursuit whereof we never have, nor never (by God's Grace) shall faint or be discouraged. To be plain with you, my L- s, the great End we aim at is, the

E m ent of our Apoftolick Church in the Purity of the Doctrine which it professes ; not after a precarious Manner, ever wanting to te bolstered up with Dispensations, Tolerations, and Bills of Occasional Conformity ; but, niy L- s, we hope to see it Triumphant, as it has been long Military, in this World, and all Glorious in the World to come.

Be not alarmed, my L- s, at this our 'frank Declaration, which you have sufficient Reason to believe is sincere. Nor need your

L p s be under any Apprehension or Confternation at the Steps we have made, and ever shall be making, towards the attaining this inestimable T'reafure; the Glory of God, and our own Consciences, oblige us be indefatigable in the Pursuit; for, my Lords, you may depend upon us, that we will shew the fame Favour and brotherly Charity towards the Church of England, as she has ever shewn to us; we will mete to you in the fame Meafure that you have meted unto us. Enlarge your Steps then towards us, as we have done towards you ; let Peace and Righteousness kiss each other in this our Age; all Things seem deposed to such a blessed Union, we are already in your Bosoms, and you are obliged to nurse us in it; you cannot shake us out. Be' not guilty of a dangerous Opinitretè and impotent Obstinacy; we have fought a good Fight, and your

L p s have made a great and long Defence; hitherto you have well deserved the Title of Courageous; but, my L- s, to suffer yourselves to be taken by Storm, when you may have honourable Capitulation, is quite contrary to the Law of Arms, and you will be look'd upon as criminal Instruments of your own Misfortunes, rather then gallant Defenders of a Poft which you came into by a Kind of Inon, and which you cannot much longer - ly m tain. As to any R- tion in Prejudice of the set of S-t ent, believe us, we fcar it as little as yourselves.

Thus, my L- s, we have ended our Enquiry into the two aforesaid main Confiderations, and upon the whole Matter, we have given the Caufe entirely for yourselves; that is to say, that your rejecting these Bills of Oc--nal Co ty was not the Effect of an effeminate Compassion, not any little worldly Respect to serve a Turn, but that it proceeded from your Gratitude, Piety, and Justice towards God, and towards Man. Do not imagine, my L- s, we think ourselves dispensed with from the Obligation of paying you our profound Acknowledgments. No, my L- s, they are by so much the more inhanced, as you have fixed whatsoever Favour you


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intended us, to the Pillar of Justice, which being eternal, we return your

p s proportionably, our everlasting. Thanks. We humbly beg Leave, in a more particular Manner, to falute the Right

R a nd the

R d the L-s S m al, who gave their Votes for passing the fore-mentioned B-s, in the Words of St. John the Evangelist, dictated by the Holy Spirit to the Church of Ephesus, Rev. ii. 5. Remember from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first Works, or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy Candlestick out of its Place, except thou repent.

The Masacre of Glenco; being a true Narrative of the

barbarous Murder of the Glenco-Men, in the Highlands of Scotland, by Way of military Execution, on the 13th of February, 1692. Containing the Commission under the Great Seal of Scotland, for making an Enquiry into that horrid Murder: The Proceedings of the Parliament of Scotland upon it: The Report of the Commissioners upon the Enquiry, laid before the King and Parliament. And the Address of the Parliament to King WILLIAM, for Justice upon the Murderers: Faithfully extracted from the Records of Parliament, and published for undeceiving those who have been imposed upon by false Accounts. 1703.


· N Answer to yours of the first of October, I berewith send you, from the

Records of our Parliament, a true and authentick Account of the Massacre of Glenco, as you righteously call it. I wish this Matter could have been forgotten to Eternity ; but since you say it is altogether needful for the Vindication of the Justice of our Country, against many false, Nanderous Accounts that are daily given of that Business in England, I am willing you print what I now send you; and that you may be furnished to answer all Obječtions against the Truth of this Narrative, you may inform any Englishman of Quality, that is willing to be satisfied in the Matter, that the Report of the Commision, the Address of

our Parliament, berewith sent you, and the Duplicates of the Lord Stair's · Letters, are, or were at least, in the Scots Secretary's Office at London ; or, if they should happen to be withdrawn from ibence, they may inform themselves


fully in the Truth of this from Mr. Johnston, who was at that Time Secretary of State for Scotland, and had particular Direktions from the late Queen Mary to push on this Enquiry, and search into the Bottom of that horrid Murder ; for ber Majesty was grieved at the Heart, that the Reputation of the King ber Husband Mould have suffer'd so much by that Affair. I would not, however, that Mr. Johnston Mould know any thing of your Design to publish this ; for tho you know as well as I, that his Diligence to serve and obey the Queen in this Matter, was always judged bere to be one of the chief Causes of our Nation's losing that able and honest Minister ; yet he is so nice in Point of Honour, that be chused rather to be unjust to himself, and to lie under Imputations, than to give any part of those Papers to be published, tho' frequently urged to it; because he said it would be undecent in bim, tbat had once been bis Majesty's Secretary, to do any such Thing ; therefore, thor you are carefully to conceal ibis Matter from him till it be published, yet as soon as it is, I must pray you, if you think it proper, to go and tell him that I beg bis Pardon for making this Appeal to bim without his Leave : And tho' I may suffer in his good Opinion by what I have done, yet, if this Publication may any ways oblige him to do himself, his late Master, and bis Country further Fustice, by telling what he knows more of the Matter, I shall be the cafier under bis Displeasure. I bad almost forgot 10 notice, that the Duke of Athol, the Lord Chancellor, and Marquis of Annandale, all now at London, were Members of the Commision, who made the inclosed Report ; and bowever scrupulous they may have been in Point of Honour, to communicate any Papers relating to this Matter, they cannot in Honour but own, that this History is authentick, if any of the English Nobility think fit to enquire at them about it; but you must be careful to let none of them know any thing of your Design to publish it, or which Way you have this Information ; tho', if they should come to know it, I chuse rather to incur their Displeasure, by appealing to them, than to omit any thing that lies in my Power, to vindicate the Honour and Justice of our Country.

Edinburgh, Nov.l, 1703.

Commision for the Trial of the Slaughter committed at Glenco, upon

the 13th Day of February, 1692.

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m Ulielmus Dei Gr. Mag. Brit. & C. Omnibus probis hominibus, ad

quos præsentes Literæ nostræ pervenerint, falutem. Quandoquidem nos considerantes, quod etiamsi nos, Anno Dom. 1693, per expressam Instructionem, potestatem conceflimus, demortuo Gulielmo Duci de Hamilton, aliisque, pro examinando & inquirendo de cæde quorundam Cognominis de Macdonald aliorumque de Glenco, An. Dom. 1692, & de modo & de methodo Commissionis ejusdem. Nihilominus Inquisitio quæ tunc facta erat in profecutione di&tæ Instructionis defectiva erat, nosque etiam perpendentes,


quod Methodus Maxime efficax pro plena Informatione accipienda de veris Circumftantiis Rei antedictæ, erit Commissio in hunc effectum, cumque Nobis abunde satisfactum sit de facultatibus & aptitudine personarum Infra nominatarum in fines supra expressos : Sciatis igitur nos Nominaffe & Constituiffe tenoreque presentium nominare & conftituere fideliffimos & dilectisfimos Noftros Confanguineos & Consiliarios, Joannem Marchionem de Tweddale supremum noftrum Cancellarium, & Guliel. Comit. d’Anandale & fideles & dilectos Noftros Confiliarios Joannem Dominum Murray, Dom. Jacobum Stuart, Advocatum Noftrum, Adanum Cockburn de Ormiston noftrum Juftitiarium Clericum, Magistrum Archib. Hope de Rankeiller, & Dom. Guliel. Hamilton de Whitelaw Senatores Noftri Collegii Juftitiæ, Dom. Jacob, Ogilvy Sollicitatorem Nostrum & Adamum Drummond de Meggins (quorum quinque Numerus erit legitimus ac cum potestate iis Clericum suum eligendi) Commissionarios Noftros pro capienda precognitione & Inquisitionem faciendo de Cæde prædicta, per quos & quomodo, & per quam Coloratam Authoritatem Commiffa erat, atque in ordine ad detectionem ejusdem cum poteftate dictis Commissionariis, requirendi omnia Warranta seu directiones quæ eatenus concessa fuere, atque etiam examinandi omnes personas, quæ in re antedicta Negotium habuere atque etiam Teftes prout Neceffarium invenietur, sive per eorum Juramenta, sive Declarationes, & tunc poftea dicti Commissionarii Nobis transmittent Verum ftatum rei antedictæ una cum Probationibus & Testimoniis coram ipfis adducendis, uti poft debitam & plenam Informationem, necessarias Directiones, eatenus Concedamus prout Nobis Congruum videbitur. In cujus Rei Testimonium, presentibus, Magnum Sigillan Nostrum appendi Mandavimus apud Aulam Noftram de Kenfington, Vigesimo Nono die Menfis Aprilis, Anno Domino Milefimo Sexcentesimo Nonagesimo quinto, Annoque Regni Nostri Septimo.

Per Signaturam Manu. S. D. N. Regis Suprafcriptam. Written to the Great Seal and Reg. May 20, 1695.

Don. Rannald, Deputy. Sealed at Edinburgh, May 20, 1695.

Jo. Dicksone.


· In English thus:

W I LLIAM, by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain, &c. To all

V good Men to whom these Presents Mall come, greeting. Whereas We have taken into consideration, that thor' in the rear of our Lord 1693, We gave Power, by express Instructions, to William Duke of Hamilton deceased, and others, to examine and enquire into the Slaughter of certain People of the Name

of Macdonald and others in Glenco, in the Year 1692, and into the Way and Manner how the same was committed ; yet, nevertheless, the Enquiry then made, pursuant to the said InstruEtions, was defective; and considering likewise, that the most effe&tual Method for receiving full Information of the true Circumstances of the Matter aforesaid, must be by a Commission to that Effeet; and being very well satisfied of the Abilities and Fitness of the Persons under-nain'd, for the Ends above express'd, know ye, therefore, that we have nam'd and constituted, and by the Tenor of these Presents do name and constitute, Our right trusty and well.beloved Cousin and Councellor, John Marquis of Tweddale, Our High Chancellor, and William Earl of Anandale, and Our trusty and beloved Courcellors John Lord Murray, Sir James Stuart, Our Advocare, Adam Cockburn of Ormiston, Our Justice Clerk, Mr. Archibald Hope of Rankeiller, and Sir William Hamilton of Whitelaw, Senators of our College of Justice, Sir James Ogilvy Our Solicitor, and Adam Drummond of Meggins (of whom five shall be a Quorum, and granting them Power to chuse their own Clerk) Our Commisioners, to take Precognition and make Enquiry into the Slaugh. ter aforesaid, by whom, and bowo, and by what Colour of Authority, the same was committed : And in order to the Discovery of the same, We give Power to the said Commissioners 10 Send for all Warrants and Directions, granted for that End; and likewise to examine all Perfons, that had any Hand in the Bufiness aforesaid, and likewise to examine Witnesses as Mall be found necessary, either upon Oatb or Declaration; and afterwards the same Commissioners shall transinit to Us the true State of the Matter aforesaid, together with the Proofs and Evia dence that all be brought before thes; that, after due and full Information, We may give such Declarations thereupon, as to Us Mall seem meet and necessary. In Testimony whereof, We have commanded Our Great Seal to be appended to these Presents.

Given at Our Court of Kensington, the 29th Day of April, 1695, and of Our Reign the Seventh.

Super scribd by the Signature of the Hand-writing of our most ferene Lord

the KING. Written to the Great Seal, and registered the 20th Day of May, 1695,

Don. RANNALD, Deputy.
Sealed at Edinburgh, May 20. 1695.


Upon the 23d of May, 1695, this Commission was read in Parliament, and the House voted, nemine contradicente, That his Majesty's High Commillioner transmit the humble Thanks of the Parliament to his Majesty, for


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