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can hurt it ; but true it is, Advice that is not warranted from Wisemen, proves more forceable and perilous than the Power of an Enemy.

The Scripture telleth us, that the Thought perisheth that taketh not Counsel.

A King of the Lacedemonians asked how a Kingdom might ever stand ? was answered two Ways, If a King take Counsel of wise, honest Men, that they speak freely, and do Justice uprightly ; there was never Censor that judged, Senator that ordered, Emperor that commanded, Counsel that executed, Orator that persuaded ; nor any other mortal Man, but sometimes he committed Errors, and deserved either. Blame or Punishment for his Misdo. ings, and if he were wise, desired what to do.

St. Gregory faith, no Man can give so faithful Counsel, as he who loves one more than his Gifts ; then who are, or can be so true Counsellors to our noble King, as a House of Commons, that hath no Relation to a King's Gift, but only to his Honour, flourishing Estate, and Safety ?

This is the Time to amend evil Counsellors past, and to let evil Coun. sellors see their Errors. This is the Time for all Men to put to their Helps, some with their Hands to fight; others with their Advice to counsel ; and for mine Advice, this it is, that you present to his Majesty in all Humbleness your willing Minds and Hearts to repair, and fit to Sea his Majesty's Navy, yourselves to have Power to make them able and serviceable with the Advice of experienced Men, that you may call unto you. This a Matter of great Importance at this present, for the Safety of King, Realm, and Subject, for the Strength of the Kingdom much depends upon this Bulwark, which we may well term the Walls of England.

His Majesty shall find himself much eased by its Business ; shall be carried without his Trouble or Care ; Money shall not be sought, but that ever be provided by you, his Majesty may dispose of the rest of his Revenue at his Pleasure.

By your Frugality and Husbandry, his Majesty shall have Occasion to judge of Things past, of yours in present, and hereafter it will serve for a. Precedent to walk after; it will stop the Mouths of malignant Tongues, that inform his Majesty of the Unwillingness of the Subject to give, and it will make it apparent that their true Grief is not in the Matter of giving, but to see the evil employing of it, when it is given. :

If any Man shall pervert this good Meaning and Motion of yours, and inform his Majesty, it is a Derogation from his Honour to yield to his Subjects upon Conditions, his Majefty Thall have good Caufe to prove such Mens Eyes malicious and unthankful, and thereby to disprove them in all their other Actions ; for what can it lessen the Reputation of a Prince, whom the Subjects only and wholly obeyeth, that a Parliament, which his Majesty doth acknowledge to be his highest Counsel, should advise him, and he follow. Advice of such a Counsel? What Dishonour rather were it to be

. advised

advised and ruled by one Counsellor alone, again t whom there is just Ex. ception taken of the whole Common-wealth ?

Marcus Purtio faith, That that Common-wealth is ever lafting, where the Prince seeks to get Obedience and Love, and the Subjects to gain the Affection of the Prince, and that Kingdom is unhappy where their Prince is served out of Ends and Hope of Reward, and hath no other Assurance of them, but their Services.

The End of Volume the Third.

E RR AT A. In the Account of the Earl of Northumberland's Death

in the Tower, for Dagger, read Dagge.

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