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Hereditary Right.

THIS Right is own'd by the Church-men to be in the Queen by lineal Descent

from her royal Ancestors ; together with that legal one which is derived from the Aets of Settlement. These Jacobites likewise allow that the same hereditary Right, in case of her Majesty's Decease, and in default of Heirs of her Body, would have been in the House of Hanover, as next in Succession in the Protestant Line, even without the last Act for the further Limitation of the Crown to that illustrious Family; they conceiving that all Papisis are by Law for everexcluded from inheriting the Imperial Crown of these Realms. The Churchmen cie themselves down to Submission by two Bands of Allegiance: The Ma. dern Whigs suffer themselves to be fastened but by one Slip-Knot, to be made or un-made, as they see good.

Popish Doctrine of Resistance.

THIS Doctrine is certainly Popila as well as Wbiggih. It was first broach'd

by the Clergy of the Church of Rome, to keep those Princes in Awe, who grew uneasy at the Usurpations of the Papacy.' Whenever (say the Jesuits) the · Rights of the Church are invaded (which Invasion depends on the Pope and

his Junto to determine) Subjects are bound in Conscience to rebell.' Wbenever (say the modern Whigs) the original Contrat is broken (which Breach the Junto of Wbigs pretend to be only capable to give Notice of) it becomes the indifpenfible Duty of Subjects to refilt. N.B. If the Truth of this State is denied, the Authorities shall be produced.

Antimonarchical Men.

ONARCHY is a Greek Word, and signifies no more than the Government w of one single Person, ANTI signifies again. So that by Antimonarchical Men are meant such Persons as are against the Government of a single Person. Now the modern Whigs point in two different Manners at the same End : Some of them are for having five, fix, or seven Sovereigns; others of them are against any Sovereign at all.

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THE CHURCH-MEN hold an absolute Palve-Obedience to be the Duty

of the Subjects, agreeably to the positive Law of God, the constant Doctrine of the Church, and the Language of all our Statutes made as well since the Revolution as before it. At the same Time they allow, that in Cases where the Ruin of the Nation must otherwise ensue, che Necessicy dispenses with the Duty,


and Self-preservation takes place before any other Law. The modern Whigs, on the contrary, make the Bounds of Allegiance so uncertain, press the People fo hard to Resistance, and pass so lightly over the Doctrine of Obedience, that they seem to make the Rule the Exception, and the Exception the Rule.

Moderation 'HIS Word admits amongst the modern Wbigs of two very different Con

structions. When they are uppermost, it signifies Governing, or if you will, Domineering. When they are in Diftress, it implies a temperate Exercise of Power, and is used to raise the Compassion of Mankind, and to obtain that Quarter which they never grant.

KENSINGTON, May 12, 1710. The following Address from the Borough of Newton, in the County of Lancafter,

was presented to ber Majesty by John Ward, Esq; one of the Representatives in Parliament for the said Borough; introduced by the right bonourable John Earl of Anglesey: Which Address was graciously received, and Mr. Ward bad the Honour to kiss ber Majesty's Hand. °

:. .!! To the QUE E N's most excellent Majesty. The humble Address of the Steward, Bailiff and Burgesses,

of your Majesty's ancient Borough of Newton, in the County-Palatine of Lancaster, together with the Gentle. men, and most Substantial Free-holders, of the Fee of Mackerfield containing twenty-two Townships) belonging to the Manour of Newton aforsaid.

TE your Majesty's most Loyal and dutiful Subjects cannot at this Juncv ture acquit ourselves to your Majesty, and our own Consciences,

without openly declaring (which we here do in the most folemn Manner) our utter Detestation and Abborrence of thac Spirit of Blasphemy and Prophaneness, Schism and Sedition, which hath of late so infolently shewed itself in this Land, and will so certainly bring down upon it God's severelt Ven, geance, if not timely prevented by your Majesty's great Piety and Wisdom,

When we with Grief reflect, how your Royal Grandfather (whose Goodness you inherit) yielded to the Importunities of Republicans and Schismaticks, till he became a Martyr, and the Loyalists, who adhered to him, a Prey to the im. . placable Malice of those Enemies to Monarchy; who, under the Pretext of Conscience and Duty, learned first to separate his Power from his Person, and then soon destroyed both; continuing their Hypocrisy to the End, in the Mock-form of a Vol. III.



Trial, and Pretence of Law and Judicature : And when we consider, how that horrid Crime of Regicide, while by some seriously commemorated and lamented, is by others extenuated, it not excused; and that the Law yet in Force for an Anniversary Humiliation is tranfgrelled and ridiculed: How the very fame Antimonarchical Tenets and Positions, which brought on that sad Catastrophe, are now revived, and openly and audaciously advanced and avowed: We cannot but with Reason fear the like fatal Effects to your Sacred Majesty, and this Natior, if not cimely prevented.

And as from the Bottom of our Hearts we most chearfully recognize your Majesty, our Hereditary and Lawful Sovereign, and fincerely profess ourselves Members of the Church of England, by Law established, of which your Majefty is not only an Ornament, but also the Defender; so we beg Leave, at the same Time, to assure your Majesty, that we will, to the utmost of our Power, support and allist your Majesty against all Attempts, which may endanger your Royal Person or Government, our moft Excellent Church, or the Protestant Succession.

And, to that End, when your Majesty shall, in your great Wisdom, call a new Parliament, we will be more careful than ever to chuse such Representatives, as are moft zealousy affected to your Majesty, and the present Efab. lifhment both in Church and State.

And, in the mean Time, we shall not fail to implore Almighty God, so to preserve and bless your Majesty, that with Courage and Resolution, equal to the Impending Danger, you may put an Early and Effectual Stop to these Growing Evils; and also pray, that, as your Majesty hath been the Renowned Protector of Distressed Nations and People abroad, He, whose Authority you have, and whose Minister alone you are, may make you the happy Instrument of freeing your own People from all just Fear and Apprehensions of having any illegal Attempts made upon their most happy Conftitution in Church or State here at home,


Kensington, sune 1, 1710.

This Day the following Address was presented to ber Majelly by the right honour

able Sir John Holland, Baronet, Comptroller of her Majesty's Houspold, and Ash Windham, Elg; Knight of the Shire for ibe County of Norfolk, accompanied by several Gentlemen of the said County, and the City of Norwich ; in. troduced by his Grace the Duke of Devonshire, Lord Steward of ber Majesty's Houshold: Wbich Address ber Majesty received very graciously; and all the Gentlemen bad the Honour of kising ber Majesty's Hand.

To the QUEE N's most excellent Majesty. The humble Address of the Deputy-Lieutenants, Militia

Officers, Gentlemen and others of the City of Norwich.

Moj Gracious Sovereign,

TT is with inexpressible Concern we observe your Reign made uneasy by

Mistaken and ill-designing Persons, so industriously keeping up Distinctions

and Divisions, amongst your Subjects, contrary to your Majesty's repeated Recommendations of UNION. It might, with great Reafon, have been ex. pected, that the unparallel'd Wisdom and Goodness, with which you exercise your Government, would have compofed your Subjects into an universal Ac. quiescence in your Conduct, and that the Ministry you have so wisely made Choice of, and who have acquitted themselves with great Prudence and Fidelity to your Majesty and their Country, should not have been fo invidiously struck at. The ill Treatment your Majesty, they, and your Great Council, meet with, we heartily lament, and desire that our Detestation of this kind of Behaviour may be recorded to Pofterity.

We are at a Loss to account for the Carriage of some Perfons, who, in Notion, maintain an unlimited Submiffion to be due to the Worst of Princes, and yet, in Practice, discharge their Obedience so imperfectly to the BEST: Whilft by unfair InGnuations they represent your Majesty as wanting in your Care of the Church of England, notwithstanding the great Bounty you have shewn to the Clergy of it, the bright Example you are in it, and your reiterated Professions of your true Concern for the same. But as the Reverse of what we complain of, we declare our great Satisfaction in your Administration, and are perswaded the I'm partial World will join with us in doing Justice to your Majesty in that respect. We humbly assure your Majesty (whom God long preferve) of our Readiness, at all Times, to defend your Person and Government against the Prétender, and all his open and secret Abettors, and all other your Enemies; and to maintain the Church of England, and the Protestant Succession in the Illustrious House of Hanover ; and that we shall, in every respect, demean ourselves as becomes good Subjects to the best of PRINCÉS..

"N n 2

ei siidir; iii w'le. Wä We hope, that these Approaches of your People to you, which should be an Instance of their Respect to your Majesty, shall not be made use of to puc Difficulties upon you: But that all your Subjects will continually study to make your Reign easy, who have done all that a wise and good Prince could do to make chem so.

We beg Leave to congratulate your Majesty upon the successful Opening of this Campaign, and hope it prelages an Approaching PEACE, that will be glorious to your Majelty in procuring it, and safe to your Dominions, and the Nations in Alliance with you; and that Peace may be established at home, as well as abroad, and thereby your Majesty's full Intentions for the Happiness of your People, the better to be obtained, we shall, with utmost Care, upon all Occasions, cultivate a good Accord with our Fellow Subjects; in Teltimony whereof, we molt Heartily and Chearfully hereunto subscribe,

Your Majesty's most Obedient, and most Faithful

Subje&ts and Servants,

July 30, 1910. The following Address from the County of Kent was this Day presented to ber

Majesty by Sir Thomas Palmer, Bart, and David Polhill, Esq; their Represen. tatives in Parliament, attended by several of the most considerable Gentlemen of the said County; introduced by the right bonourable the Earl of Dorset and Middlesex : Which Address ber Majesty received moft graciously, and all the Gentlemen bad the Honour of kiffing ber Majesty's Hand. The Humble Address of the Deputy-Lieutenants, Justices

of the Peace, Clergy, Gentlemen, and Freeholders of the County of Kent, allembled at the Allizes held at Maidstone the 25th Day of July, 1710.

Mij Gracious Sovereign, TUTE your Majesty's most Dutiful and Loyal Subjects do humbly beg TA 'Leave to congratulate your Majesty upon the early and continued

Succelles of this glorious Campaign : 'And at the same time, most gratefully to a knowledge the many Blessings wě daily enjoy, under your Mac jesty's Happy Administration. And it is with the utmost Detestation we reAect' upon, chols Turbulent Spirits, those Fomenters of Sedition, who even in your M jesty's pious and exemplary Reign would falny insinuate, that the Church, the noft lacred Part of our Constitution, is in Danger, notwithstanding the unparallel'd Victories with which God has bleffed your Majesty's Arms abroad,


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