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upon you ; by the great and unparallel'd Abilities and Conduct of our Friends, when they were once in the big best Posts ; by our quiet and peaceable Deportment since they were removed ; by the Meekness of our Tumults, and the good Temper of our Addresses ; by our tender Regard to Cansciences truly scrupulous ; by our uncommon Zeal for the hereditary Right of the illustrious House of Hanover ; by the moving Cry of the Church's Danger, so agreeable a Sound in your facred Ears, by our fincere Promise to suppress all disorderly I umulis, now they are aver; and our unfeign'd Resolution to be very peaceable and submissive when we are uppermost; by the entire Conformity of our Practices to our Profeffions ; by the Paffrueness of our Principles, and the Activeness of our Natures ; by the little Regard paid to your General, and the little Confidence placed in your Minifry by the Allies abroad; by the particular Seasonableness of the Time, when your Armies are in full Heart, penetrating into the Enemy's Country; by the Wishes of the common Adversary abroad, who boasts of what we are now doing; and by the Entreaties of all the Papists and Nonjurors at home, who are acting the same Part with us ; by the Terrors we have struck into all our Opponents, and the Preparations we have made for a happy Election : By every Thing dear and sacred to us, we beseech your Majesty to be directed by our infallible Wisdom ; to discard such a General, such a Ministry, and such a House of Commons; as have given you so small Proofs of their Ability, or Zeal, to serve the Nation; and to enter entirely into a new Scheme, which will prove so great a Satisfaction to all your Allies, and so deadly a Blow to France, abroad, and will fo effectually extinguish all the Hopes of the Pretender's Friends at home. This is the true Meaning of all our Zeal in addressing your Majesty; and these are the united Prayers of

Your Majesty's most quiet, most peaceable, and most passively obedient Subjects. An EXPLANATION of some Hard Terms now in

Use; for the Information of all such as Read or Subscribe ADDRESSES.


Nrimonarchical Principles] Such Principles, in other Words, as are abso

lutely necessary for defending our present Constitution, and hindering it from being turn'd into an absolute Monarchy; and preventing the People's Fondness for a neighbouring Prince. Monarchy is a Greek Word, and signifies the Government of one single Person by his own Will and Pleasure. Anti sig. nifies againft, or contrary to ; fo that by antimonarchical Principles are meant such Principles as are against the absolute Government of one Person by mere Will and Pleasure, and without Laws.

Antimonarchical Men] These are a rebellious Sort of Men, who prefer the Preservation of our Government by Queen, Lords and Commons, before absolute Monarchy'; and are for defending it against all, from the highest to the lowest, who would invade it, and turn it into an absolute Monarchy.

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Hereditary Right] is a Right relulting from Nearnefs of Blood, and not from so low a Principle as Aits of Parliament. It is thought much more divine and unquestionable than a Parliamentary Rigbt. In other Words, it is that Right by which the popish Line may claim to be restored, and by which the House of Hanover muft necessarily be excluded.

Popis Do&trine] Now used for a DoEtrine which keeps out Popery, and is detested by Papifts. Note, the Word Popish is never of any true Service to the Church in the Way of Reproach, but when it is joined to the Word Republican, or Presbyterian.

Republican Principles] Much the same with Antimonarchical : but particularly Revolution Principles are meant by them ; such Principles as defend the Proceedings of the Queen, the Nation, and Prince of Orange, at the late Revolution.

Men of Republican Principles] A Sort of dangerous Men, that have lately taken Heart, and defended the Revolution that saved us, and the Protestant Succession as establish'd upon that Revolution. Note, chat, it not being adviseable to speak directly and openly against the Revolution, and Protestant Succession, it is thought fit to aitack them under the Covert of the Words Republican and Hereditary Rizot.

All Friends are desired to take Notice of the true Intent of these few significant Words,

The True, Genuine Modern WHIG G-ADDRESS. To

which is added, An EXPLANATION of fome Hard Terms now in Use; for the Information of all such as Read or Subscribe ADDRESS E $. 1710., Dread Sovereign, I N this critical Juncture of Affairs, permit us, the least dutiful, the least peaceable, as well as the most inconsiderable of your Majesty's Subjects, in

this extraordinary Manner, to lay before you the present Necessity of preferring the private Passions and Prejudices, the exorbitant Ambition and immoderate Counsels of an Handful of your Subjects, to the true Interest of your own Person and Government, the Advice of your Nobility, Clergy, and Gentry, together with the Voice of your People, feditiously combined to make your Reign casy, and your Nations happy.

It is with Grief that we have observed of late a mighty Zeal to appear for the Monarchy which we have labour'd so long to extinguish. Nay, to such a Pitch of open barefaced Impudence are some Men arrived, that they have presumed, even under your Majesty's mild Reign, and in your gracious Presence, publickly to asperse and condem chole Principles and Practices which brought your Grandfather to the Block, involved the Nation in Confusion, and overturn’d the very Foundation of the establilh'd Government in Church and State, and have arro

gantly gantly dared openly to confront those many excellent Treatises, that have been publish'd so much to the Edification of our Youth, and to the Benefit of our Cause, in Defence of Arming against the Sovereign, of limited Allegiance, of alienable Right, according to the Will and Discretion of the People, with the Laws of God and the Nation, the Doctrine of our Saviour and his Apostles, the Opinions of our most holy and learned Prelates and Divines, as well as the most able Lawyers in all Ages and Countries.

We therefore cannot but esteem this the most proper Time to declare our ZEAL to be awaken’d into the utmost Apprehensions of seeing such Principles again prevail; which alone can secure your Royal Person from being call'd to Account when we please, and disappoint the unspeakable Profit which would accrue to us, by continuing you under the Tyranny of a Party, and which alone must inevitably throw us back to our first State of Indigence and Shame : For naked we came into the World, and naked we jould return.

Your Majesty has several Times express'd a more than ordinary Sense of the Outcries concerning the Danger of ibe Church. We humbly desire your Majesty would be pleased to believe, notwithstanding the frequent Declarations of our Adversaries, that all those Apprehensions have arisen from the Efforts of our Faction ; that you are much more likely to be suspected of Indifference in Matters of Religion, than ourselves. To which we must crave Leave to add this further reasonable Request, That your Majesty would look on the Members of the Church of England as Atheists or Papists; they being the only Persons who have adventured to stem the present Torrent of Blasphemy, as they once stood single in their Opposition to Popery; whilst we seem so little concerned now, and at that Time acted the Part of Confederates against them.

: Our Eftablishment, since the late Revolution, is founded upon the Justice of the Nation's having departed from the right - This we affirm to be the Foundation on which we stand. The Justice of departing from Right may indeed seem a Paradox ; but fo hearty are we in observing your Majesty's frequent Recommendations of Union, that we endeavour even to reconcile Contradictions. And therefore it is, that in a deep Sense of the Oaths we have taken to be true to your Majesty and your Successors, and in order to make our Zeal manifest, we lay hold of the present Season to declare, That we have not the least Regard to your Majesty's Title, as far as it is Hereditary ; nor to any Right of Descent of the Crown, in Failure of Issue from your Majesty, on the House of Hanover, as they are next in Succeslion in the Protestant Line.

Thus do we, by shaking one great Prop of the Crown and of the Protestant Suce cession, earnestly contend with our Brethren, who shall most effectually support them.

· Your Majesty was once pleased from the Throne very earnestly to recommend Moderation ; which we have seconded with all the Art and Industry of Men sincerely affected to Peace and Union, by persuading all who would be persuaded, to be as moderate as possible, in their Zeal to your Majesty as Subjects, and to their God and their Saviour as Christians, for Fear of giving Ofence to weaker Pretbren. The surest Way to prevent all Animosities about Religion, is fo to settle the Minds of Men, as to have none at all,


Your Majesty was likewise pleased to declare from the Throne,' That you

would inviolably maintain the Toleration.' The Church-men, 'tis true, very readily agreed, and have ever supported fuch an Indulgence to fender Consciences, as the Law has allow'd : Nay, they have gone further; they have connived at our Breach of this very Law in a Thousand Instances, rather than be, thought too nice, or inclinable to give Disturbance. But this, we presume, is far from being sufficient; not a Man of them will tolerate Vice and Immorality; not a Man of them will tolerate Prophaneness and Blasphemy, Sedition or Rebellion : And till this is eff& fed, how is it possible we should be All of one Mind? And how can it be said to be a general Toleration, where such material Exceptions are taken?

We humbly hope that your Majesty will pay the more ready Regard to these our Insinuations and Importunities, at the Hazard of your Crown, and of the publick Peace ; because we have made fuch Preparations to continue the present Parliament, till we shall think fit to dissolve it ourselves, as nothing can disappoint but Calling a new one at this Junɛture. For what can your Majesty expect from these Churcb-men, who daily and openly declare, that your Majesty should be left a Free Agent on your Throne ; that you should yourself be deliver'd from Oppression, who have so gloriouly deliver'd Mankind from it? What can they mean by this, but giving your Majesty an unnecessary Trouble of governing, which we, your faithful Modern Whigs, have so chearfully and readily preserved you from, without being weary of the Burthen to this Day? What can they mean by insinuating that Gentlemen ought to be distinguish'd by no other Denomination but that of Good Subjects and Good Patriots ? Is not this a positive Exclusion of

your faithful yo? Or, that Men of Birth, Fortune, and Merit, should pay Obedience where Obedience is only due, and receive the Reward of their Services, without scandalous Dependency? And what is this but an open A--k upon your My?

By all therefore that is worthy of Confideration, we most earnestly intreat your Majesty's Favour. By the Contempe which we shew'd, and the many Indignities which we offer'd to your Person in the late Reign : By our Endeavours to disappoint your Succession to the Throne, or to render precarious and uneasy your Seat in it: By our steady Opposition to your Majesty before we were taken into Power; and by our Arbitrary Impositions upon you since: By the ill Usage we gave your Ministers when then were not our Vaffals; and by the Adoracion which we have paid them from the Time they became fo: By the Confidence which we place in them, and by the Distrust which we shew of you : By our uncommon Zeal for the illustrious House of Hanover, whilst we differ'd from your Ministers; and by our infamous Neglect of that Family since we agreed with them : By the entire Conformity of our Practices to our Professions : By our Votes against any Peace without the Restitution of Spain, and by our absolute Neglect of that part of the War: By our disgracing the Englishman who was victorious in that Country, and supporting the Frenchman who has sold or lost it; as if Success was criminal in all but one, and Conquest was least valuable where it is most wanted : By that exemplary Instance of Love to our own Poor, in sending for Palatines to intercept that Charity for Want of which they starved: By making no Use of Victories, but to prolong the War, and to become ter

rible to your Majesty, and to our Fellow-Subjects : By our Pretences to Moderation, and our Exercise of Tyranny : By that Love which we affect of Liberty, and that Slavish Submission which we require of all who serve us : By the Clamours which we have raised in former Times against Violations of Charters, against Prosecutions on Innuendo's, and against Convictions on forced Constructions of Law, and by the Corporations which we have in these Times garbled : By the Right of Election which we have taken from so many Thousands of our Fellow Subjects : By our straining passionate Expressions into high Crimes, and common Riots into bigh Treafon : By the particular Seasonableness of the Time, when we gave Occasion to the present Ferment; and by the Dexterity which we shew'd in reducing the Friends of our old Constitution to this Dilemma, either of ficting tamely down under Oppreffion, or of affording this Colour to asperse them, that by their Struggles for Self-Preservation at home they give Encouragement to the common Enemy abroad : By every Thing dear and sacred to us, we beseech your Majesty to be directed by our infallible Wisdom, to resign the Prerogative of Peace and War to your General, the whole executive Power at home to your Treasurer, and to continue both yourself and them under the Dominion of that

- whose ra--co-s Av---ce, and whose intole Amb-n have been the great Occasion of all the Dirs which have happen'd either in the last Reign or in this ; and have justly render'd them tarble to all those who pray for the F eace of our Jerusalem.

This is the true Meaning of all our Applications to your Majesty; and these are the united Desires of your Majesty's most greedy,, most turbulent, and most rebelliously devoted humble Servants,'

An EXPLANATION of fome Hard Terms now in

Use; for the Information of all such as Read or Subscribe ADDRESSES.

Revolution Principles.

REVOLUTION comes from the Latin Word revolvere ; which signifies

to turn about : So that by Revolution Principles are meant fuch Principles as, under the specious Pretence of justifying the last bappy Revolution, prepare Mankind for any; and allow of the same Proceedings without the same Neceßlicy.

Republican Principles.


Y these are meant fuch Principles as did once fubvert our Constitution in

Church and State : Such Principles as murther'd the Grandfather, and are in the Grand-daughter's Reign at this Time openly profess'd and encouraged.


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