Miscellaneous essays relating to Indian subjects [ed. by R. Rost].


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Seite 55 - English power, until we are prepared to read of its final overthrow. 23. THE ANGLO-SAXON CHRONICLE, ACCORDING TO THE SEVERAL ORIGINAL AUTHORITIES. Vol. I., Original Texts. Vol. II., Translation. Edited and translated by BENJAMIN THORPE, Esq., Member of the Royal Academy of Sciences at Munich, and of the Society of Netherlandish Literature at Leyden.
Seite 42 - Vol. V. Contributions to a Knowledge of the Cosmogony, Mythology, Religious Ideas, Life and Manners of the Indians in the Vedic Age.
Seite 32 - POEMS. Translated from the Persian by Hermann Bicknell. With Preface by AS Bicknell. Demy 4to, pp. xx. and 384, printed on fine stout plate-paper, with appropriate Oriental Bordering in gold and colour, and Illustrations by JR Herbert, RA 1875.
Seite 54 - THOMAS.— RECORDS OF THE GUPTA DYNASTY. Illustrated by Inscriptions, Written History, Local Tradition, and Coins. To which is added a Chapter on the Arabs in Sind.
Seite 42 - NEWMAN. — A HANDBOOK OF MODERN ARABIC, consisting of a Practical Grammar, with numerous Examples, Dialogues, and Newspaper Extracts, in European Type.
Seite 33 - Paris. They are used by most of the missions to China. Hincks. — SPECIMEN CHAPTERS OF AN ASSYRIAN GRAMMAR. By the late Rev. E. HINCKS, DD, Hon. MRAS 8vo., pp. 44, sewed. Is. Hodgson. — ESSAYS ON THE LANGUAGES, LITERATURE, AND RELIGION OF NEPAL AND TIBET ; together with further Papers on the Geography, Ethnology, and Commerce of those Countries.
Seite 57 - Vols. XI. and XII. Select Specimens of the Theatre of the Hindus. Translated from the original Sanskrit. By the late HH Wilson, MA, FRS Third corrected Edition.
Seite 25 - EDKINS.— CHINA'S PLACE IN PHILOLOGY. An attempt to show that the Languages of Europe and Asia have a common origin.
Seite 30 - PANINI : His Place in Sanskrit Literature. An Investigation of some Literary and Chronological Questions which may be settled by a study of his Work. A separate impression of the Preface to the Facsimile of MS. No. 17 in the Library of Her Majesty's Home Government for India, which contains a portion of the MANAVA-KALPA-SUTRA, with the Commentary of KUMARILA-SWAMIN.
Seite 7 - SOCIETY— Subscriptions, small paper, one guinea; large paper, two guineas per annum. List of publications on application. BALLANTYNE.— ELEMENTS OF HINDI AND BRAJ BHAKHA GRAMMAR.

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