Iron: An Illustrated Weekly Journal for Iron and Steel Manufacturers, Metallurgists, Mine Proprietors, Engineers, Shipbuilders, Scientists, Capitalists ..., Band 36

Perry Fairfax Nursey
Knight and Lacey, 1842

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Seite 508 - ... mines ; or it may perhaps extend also to a new process, to be carried on by known implements or elements, acting upon known substances, and ultimately producing some other known substance ; but producing it in a cheaper or more expeditious manner, or of a better and more useful kind. But no merely philosophical, or abstract principle, can answer to the word
Seite 507 - Tindall .-—This was an action on the case for the infringement of a patent granted to the plaintiff on the 28th of September, 1836, /or an improvement in the manufacture of iron.
Seite 510 - ... of the old one, will be free from every objection ; and whilst the former exists, the new patent can be legally used by the public, by procuring a license from Neilson, or by purchasing the apparatus from him or some of his agents ; and the probability of the refusal of a license to any one applying for it is so extremely remote, that it cannot enter into consideration as a ground of legal objection.
Seite 428 - That in the great majority of these mines night-work is a part of the ordinary system of labour, more or less regularly carried on according to the demand for coals, and one which the whole body of evidence shows to act most injuriously both on the physical and moral condition of the work-people, and more especially on that of the children and young persons.
Seite 494 - We are of opinion that if the result produced by such a combination is either a new article, or a better article, or a cheaper article to the public, than that produced before by the old method, that such combination is an invention or manufacture intended by the statute, and may well become the subject of a patent.
Seite 509 - ... blast and the bituminous coal ? and was the combination, described in the specification, new as to the public use thereof in England ? And, upon the first point, upon looking at the evidence in the cause, we think there is no doubt, that the result of the combination of the...
Seite 298 - The Ulster Canal, which is described in this communication, was designed for the purpose of facilitating the intercourse between the west and the north of Ireland. It commences at the southern extremity of Lough Erne, in the county of Fermanagh, whence it extends for a length of 46 miles, and enters the river Blackwater, near the village of Charlemont, in the county of Armagh, from which there is an outlet through Lough Neagh to the ports of Newry and Belfast. The total cost of this work will amount...
Seite 428 - That the nature of the employment which is assigned to the youngest children, generally that of " trapping," requires that they should be in' the pit as soon as the work of the day commences, and, according to the present system, that they should not leave the pit before the work of the day is at an end. 8. That although this employment scarcely deserves the name of labour, yet, as the children engaged in it are commonly excluded from light and are always without companions, it would, were it not...
Seite 409 - In answer to a question from Mr. Pellatt, Mr. Bethell stated that his experiments on the use of silicate of potash or soluble glass, for rendering wood uninflammable, were not yet concluded : he had proved its efficacy in this point — that as soon as the prepared timber was heated, the glass melted and formed a filmy covering over the surface, which protected it from the oxygen of the air and prevented its catching fire. The silicate also hardened the wood and rendered it more durable. This process...
Seite 509 - I will show you how the judges have heretofore allowed of monopoly patents, which is, that where any man by his own charge and industry or by his own wit or invention doth bring any new trade into the realm, or any engine tending to the furtherance of a trade that never was used before — and that for the good of the realm...

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