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AND GRIEVANCES. To the Georgia Bar Association:

Your Committee on Legal Ethics and Grievances herewith submits its report for the past year.

Ten complaints have been filed, none of which are of a serious nature. Briefly stated they were as follows:

1. Complaint involving the failure to obtain reports on certain notes sent for collection. The ultimate result of this was that the complainant failed to adopt a suggestion of sending the claim to an attorney in Atlanta for enforcement, and, upon his failure to do so, no further action was deemed proper by your Committee.

2. Complaint of failure to remit $11.48. The attorney developed the fact that check had been sent but not presented, and finally paid the amount by money order.

3. Complaint of omission of attorneys to remit $10.89. This depended wholly upon the statement of the debtor that he had paid the attorneys and the complainant failed to furnish other evidence.

4. Complaint that no action was taken after $10.00 had been advanced as costs. After considerable correspondence it developed that this attorney had moved to Florida.

5. Complaint of $10.00 being advanced as costs and that no response could be had from the attorney. After considerable correspondence and the invocation of the aid of one of our members, this attorney has promised to give this matter attention in the near future, furnishing an explanation of why it had been overlooked.

6. Complaint against an attorney for failure to report upon a claim of $41.00, no evidence having been furnished that the claim had been actually collected. This attorney

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is not a member of the Association and will not reply to any communications. Your Chairman has written to another attorney of his town, and has finally written to Hon. Hal Lawson, of Abbeville, who has promised to take up this matter and endeavor to obtain a response through a friend.

7. Complaint against an attorney for omission to pay over $13.00 that the debtor claims to have paid him. This attorney claims to have remitted and the matter is now subject of correspondence.

8. Complaint against an attorney for omission to send $7.82. After considerable correspondence this amount has been sent, though the attorney does not admit that he owes it.

9. Complaint alleging certain apparent collections and the sending of a worthless check. The data in connection with this was so indefinite that your Chairman called for additional information which has not been furnished and nothing has therefore been done.

10. Complaint of failure to respond to communications. The attorney in this case promptly replied to your Chairman's letter and there is apparently no wrong but merely inattention on his part. All of which is respectfully submitted.



Tybee Island, May 27, 1920. Mr. President and Fellow Members of the Georgia Bar

Association: The condition of our treasury is a matter of little importance, provided we are assured of sufficient funds to pay all expenses incident to our meeting, including the publication of our report. But such assurance cannot now be had, because the cost of a publication to be made six months hence cannot be now ascertained. There are today no fixed standards of values for any commodity or labor. What a dollar will buy tomorrow we know not. These conditions are apparent alike to lawyers and laymen, and should be considered by our committee on entertainment. They are exceedingly ominous. Perils confront and surround us; they are imminent in every community and seriously threaten our civilization. Greed and prodigality are everywhere and foster many ills. The rich and the profligate commingle and scramble for more gain and more pleasure. Above the din of their madness the voice of reason can scarcely be heard. In the midst of such turmoil we have met, let it not be said, for pleasure only, but rather for the consideration of measures to advance the science of jurisprudence and to promote the administration of justice and by appropriate action, to contribute to the maintenance of law and order and to the preservation of peace by curing some of the ills that now inflict the State.

Herewith is submitted a statement of receipts and disbursements, which statement with accompanying vouchers has been examined by the Executive Committee and by it approved. Respectfully submitted,

Z. D. HARRISON, Treasurer.

Z. D. Harrison, Treasurer,

In account with the Georgia Bar Association.
To balance May 30, 1919...........$ 674.26
To dues collected since May 30, 1919, 2,700.00
To amt. received from S. C. Bar Assn.

to pay one-half expense of joint
meeting ......

336.17 By voucher No. 1, Hotel Tybee .....

$ 5.95 By voucher No. 2, Herald Pub'g Co. .

8.00 By voucher No. 3, I. J. Hofmayer, Secretary ........

19.95 By voucher No. 4, John G. Kennedy...

467.44 By voucher No. 5, Edward Crusselle .

104.75 By voucher No. 6, L. W. Branch, Ch’m'n Ex. Com...

27.32 By voucher No. 7, H. S. Strozier, Sec'y

71.70 By voucher No. 8, H. S. Strozier, Sec'y

12.30 By voucher No. 9, J. W. Burke Co...

17.75 By voucher No. 10, J. W. Burke Co...

935.03 By voucher No.11, D. Witman ......

15.00 By voucher No. 12, H. S. Strozier, Sec'y

21.34 By voucher No. 13, Whitehead & Hoag Co. .......

54.91 By voucher No. 14, Byrd Printing Co..

43.00 By voucher No. 15, Collection charges on drafts ........

40.10 By voucher No. 16, J. H. Merrill .....

6.00 By voucher No. 17, Hotel Tybee

5.00 Salary of Secretary ............

300.00 Salary of Treasurer ...


$2,305.54 Cash balance May 27, 1920........


$3,710.43 $3,710.43 Examined and approved, May 27, 1920.

I. J. HOFMAYER, Acting Chairman Executive Committee. CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS

Revised by Special Committee Appointed at the

Annual Meeting of 1906.
Amended and adopted at the Twenty-fourth Annual Meet-

ing, Tybee Island, May 30 and 31, 1907.


ARTICLE I. The object of this Association shall be to advance the Science of Jurisprudence, promote the administration of Justice, uphold the honor of the profession of the law, and establish cordial intercourse among the members of the bar.

This Association shall be known as the Georgia Bar Association.

ARTICLE II. All members of the bar of this State in good standing shall be eligible to membership in this Association.

The Governor, the Justices of the Supreme Court, Judges of the Court of Appeals, the Attorney General and the Judges of the Superior and City Courts of this State, and the Judges of the Federal Courts resident in this State, and the Clerks of the Supreme Court and of the Court of Appeals, shall, so long as they remain in office, be honorary members of this Association, with all the rights and privileges of regular members without liability for dues.

ARTICLE III. The officers of this Association shall consist of a President, one Vice-President from each Congressional District

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