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Stanes, Middlefex.
See Bridges. Chap. 84.
Stopham, Suffex.

See Rivers, Navigable. Chap. 66.

Stourbridge, Worcestershire.
See Paving. Chap. 79.

r. An additional duty of 25. 8d. per
hundred weight on fugars import-
ed into Great Britain, and not
warehoufed. Chap. 15.
2. Duty to be under the manage-
ment of the commiffioners of the
customs, Same act, f. 2.


A drawback of the said duty on exportation of the fugar in the state it was imported, and an additional drawback of 35. 4d. per hundred weight on exportation of refined fugar, &c. Same act, f. 4.

Sunderland, Durham.

See Poor. Chap. 87,
Sutton Pool.

See Catwater. Chap. 41.

Swanfea, Glamorganshire.
See Harbours. Chap. 83.


Thames Navigation.

EE Canals, Navigable. Chap, 67.

Thames, River.

See Bridges, Chap. 84.


See Silk. Chap. 37.

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Weddell Brook, Lancashire. See Canals, Navigable. Chap. 68.

Weft India Ilands.

1. No tobacco, pitch, tar, and feveral other things mentioned in this act, to be imported into the West India iflands, from any colony in South America, belonging to a foreign European fovereign, on forfeiture of the goods and veffel, except by the authority of the governors of the West India iflands in cafes of publick emergency, and any article fo imported, if attempted to be exported, forfeited with the veffel. Chap. 38.

2. Before any of the faid goods are fhipped for exportation, oath to be made that they have not been fo imported, and goods and veffels forfeited, may be leized by officers of fhips of war and officers of the cuftoms. Same act, f. 4.

Wilford, Suffolk.

See Poor. Chap. 72.


Wool and Worsted Yarn.

1. An act to prevent abuses and
frauds in the manufacturesof comb-
ing wool and worfted yarn in Nor-
folk and Norwich. Chap. 56.
2. A general meeting of manufac-
turers to be on Sept. 2, 1791, to
chufe a committee to profecute of-
fenders against this act, and appoint
a clerk. Same act.

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3. Committee to meet quarterly,
and chufe a chairman; but no bu-
finefs without five members are
prefent, and three committee-men
may call a fpecial meeting. Same
act, f. 4.
4. Juftices

to appoint infpectors of and the committee to station yarn, and allow them falaries, who are to inspect the reels, &c. and bring offenders to juftice. Same act, f. 9. 5. Reeling of worsted yarn and put

ting out wool-fpinning regulated. Same act, f. 12.

6. Penalties on falfe reeling of worfted yarn, and profecutors not liable to the charges of conveying offenders to prifon, and agents refufing to difcover perfons guilty of falfe reeling fubject to the penalty of 55. for every pound of fuch yarn, and putters out of wool anfwerable for the wool given them to put out. Same act, f. 15.


The collectors of excife to deduct 6d. in a Is. out of the drawback on foap used in manufacturing wool, and pay the fame to the treasurer appointed by the committee, who is to pay the charges of this act out of the fame, and the rate of 6d. in a Is. may be reduced or increased. Same act, f. 22.

Wine Licence Office.

The King may direct allowances to be made to the officers of the wine licence office deprived of their employments and falaries by act 30 Geo. 3. c. 38. Chap. 28.


Perfons convicted of petty larceny may be competent witneffes. Chap. 35..


See Canais, Navigable. Chap. 59.

Wreak River, Leicestershire. See Rivers, Navigable. Chap. 77.


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Statutes at Large,

Anno tricefimo fecundo GEORGII III. Regis:

Being the SECOND Seffion of the

Seventeenth Parliament of GREAT BRITAIN.


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