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14. This act to continue for 31 years from July 1, 1791. Chap. 55.6. 48.

Silk. Silk, crapes and tiffanies, of Italy, if not imported directly from thence, to be forteited, and no drawback on the exportation of Italian filk, crapes or tiffanies. Chap. 37,


Slave Trade. 1, 5ool. to the secretary of commis

fioners under the slave act. Chap

41. 2. To continue acts for regulating the shipping and carrying Waves in

Britis vesels from Africa. Chap. 54:

Snuff. See Tobacco and SnuffChap. 47:

Somers Islands, See Bermuda. Chap. 4!.


Above 301. and not exceeding sol.

09 Above 50l. and not exceeding 100l.

I O Above 100l, and not exceeding ,

I 6 The same duties to be paid for notes payable to the bearer on demand, and re-issuable from time to time where first issued.

s, d, Notes payable to bearer on demand, re-ifluable where first issued, or at any other place, for 40s. and not above 5l. gs. o 6 Above 5l. 55. and not exceeding 301.

IO Bills of exchange, drafts, notes, &c. payable otherwise than upon demand, for 40 s. and not above 301.

06 Above 30 1. and not exceeding sol.

09 Above 5ol. and not exceeding

rool. Above 1091, and not exceeding

16 Bills, drafts, notes, &c. for more than 2001.

2 O The duties to be paid by the draw

er. Chap. 25. 1. 2. 2. Foreign bills, drawn in sets, not exceeding rool.

06 Above scal. and not exceeding 2001.

09 Above 2001,

I O Every bill of each set to be charged

with the duty. Same act, f. 3. 3. Orders on bankers, payable to

bearer on demand, and drawn within ten miles of the place of payment, exempt from duty,

Same act, f. 4. 4. Receipts for 40s. and under 201. 0 2 For 201. and under 50l. For gol. or upwards

06 Receipts in full

06 Same act, 1. 12.



Somerset House. 25,000l. for the buildings at Somerset House. Chap: 41.

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s. d.

Stamps. See Game. Chap. 21. $. d. 1. Drafts payable on demand

for 40s. and not above 5l. 55. Q 3 Above 5l. 55. and not exceeding 301.



f. 2.

Ştanes, Middlesex.

Tobacco and Snuff.
See Bridges. Chap. 84.

: 1. None but tobacco ships to be

moored within the limits appoint, Stopham, Suflex.

ed by 29 Geo. 3. c. 68. on penalty

of 201. Chap. 47. See Rivers, Navigable. Chap. 66.

2. Dainaged tobacco to be burned,

and no allowance made to the Stourbridge, Worcestershire.

importer for the fame. Same act, See Paving. Chap. 70.

3. Tobacco and snuff may be imSugar,

ported into the port of Newcalle

upon Tyne, under the regulation of I. An additional duty of 2s. 8d. per the acts in force on June 10, 1791. hundred weight on sugars import

Same act, l. 3
ed into Great Britain, and not
warehoused. Chap. 15.

2. Duty to be under the manage-

ment of the commissioners of the Acts 26 Geo. 3. c. 89. and 25Geo. customs. Same act, f. 2.

3.c. 67. prohibiting the exportation of 3. A drawback of the said duty on tools and uten Gils of trade, continued exportation of the sugar in the state

to the end of the next sellion of parit was imported, and an additional liament.

liament. Chap. 43.
drawback of 35. 4d. per hundred
weight on exportation of refined Tottenham Court Road.
sugar, &c. Same act, 1. 4.

See Paving. Chap. 18.
Sunderland, Durham.

See Poor. Chap. 87,

775l. 185. 8d. 19. issued to Mr.CotSutton Pool.

ton, to pay bills of exchange by di

rection of the treasury. Chap: 41. See Carwater Chap. 41.

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Wool and Worsted Yarn. Brewed in England according to 1. An act to prevent abuses and 28 Geo. 3. c. 46. for exportation to frauds in the manufacturesofcombScotland, not chargeable with any duty ing wool and worsted yarn in Norunder this act. Chap. 1.

folk and Norwich. Chap. 56.

2. A general meeting of manufac. Weddell Brook, Lancashire. turers to be on Sept. 2, 1991, to

chuse a committee to prosecute of See Canals, Navigable. Chap. 68.

fenders against this act, and appoint

a clerk. Same act. West India Isands.

3. Committee to meet quarterly, 1. No tobacco, pitch, tar, and seve- and chuse a chairman; but no bu

ral other things mentioned in this siness without five members are act, to be imported into the West

present, and three committee-men India islands, from any colony in may call a special meeting. Same South America, belonging to a fo

act, T. 4. reign European sovereign, on for- 4. Juftices to appoint inspectors of feiture of the goods and vefiel, ex- yarn, and the committee to station cept by the authority of the gover- and allow them salaries, who are nors of the West India islands in to inspect the reels, &c. and bring cases of publick emergency, and offenders to justice. Same act, 1.9. any article fo imported, if attempt- 5. Reeling of worsted yarn and puted to be exported, forfeited with

ting out wool-spinning regulated. the vessel. Chap. 38.

Same act, l. 12. 2. Before any of the said goods are 6. Penalties on false reeling of wor

Chipped for exportation, oath to sted yarn, and prosecutors not liabe made that they have not been ble to the charges of conveying ofso imported, and goods and vessels fenders to prison, and agents reforfeited, may be leized by officers fusing to discover persons guilty of of ships of war and officers of the false reeling subject to the penalty customis. Same aci, 1. 4.

of 5s. for every pound of such yarn,

and putters out of wool answerable Wilford, Suffolk.

for the wool given them to put out. See Poor. Chap. 72.

Same act, l. 15.

7. The collectors of excise to deduct iVimblington, Cambridgeshire.

6d, in a is. out of the drawback on

foap used in manufacturing wool, See Inclosures. Chap 8I.

and pay the fame to the treasurer

appointed by the committee, who is Wine Licence Ofice.

to pay the charges of this act out

of the same, and the rate of 6d. in a The King may direct allowances to be made to the officers of the wine

Is. may be reduced or increased. licence office deprived of their em

Same act, f. 22. ployments and salaries by act 30 Gco. 3. c. 38. Chap. 28.


See Canals, Navigable. Chap. 59. Witnesses. Persons convicied of petty larceny

Wreck River, Leicestershire. may be competent witnefies. Chap. See Rivers, Navigable. Chap: 77. 35.


Τ Η Ε ,

Statutes at Large,

Anno tricefimo fecundo GEORGII III. Regis:

Being the SECOND Session of the

Seventeenth Parliament of GREAT BRITAIN.


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