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and corruption of blood as hereto to be paid out of the poor's rate, fore. Same act.

but this not to extend to work.

houses regulated by act of parliaWorkhouses.

ment. Same act, f. 2, 3. See Poor, (Manchesler). Chap. 81. 1. Justices of the peace, and any

Writs. physician, surgeon, or apothecary,

See Scotland. Chap. 17. f. S. may, by warrant from a justice, or the officiating clergyman of any parish, visit any workhouse, and

Y. certify the state of the poor to the next quarter sessions, who may

Yucatan, (South America). make orders and regulations about the fame

from Chap: 49:

Yucatan. 2. If any of the poor found afflicted ca, and sold by auction in Great Britain;

with any contagious disorder, on exempt from the excise duties imposed application to any justice of the by 27 Geo. 3. C. 13. on such sales; divifion, he may give orders for and a drawback allowed of duties on immediate relief, and the expences goods exported to Yucatan, Chap. 26.

mekiame, as they think proper. Gment of riceran, in South Ameri



Statutes at Large,

Anno tricefimo primo GEORGII III. Regis:

Being the FIRST Session of the

Seventeenth Parliament of GREAT BRITAIN.



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Being the First Session of the Seventeenth Parliament of

Great Britain.



. 1.

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OR granting to his Majesty additional duties upon

worts, wash, and other liquors, brewed or made in England, for extracting spirits for home consumption; upon spirits made in Scotland and imported into England; and upon Foreign fpirits imported into Great Britain, and to continue certain acts for discontinuing, for a limited time, the several duties payable in Scotland upon low wines and spirits, and upon worts, wash, and other lquers

, there used in the distillation of spirits, and for granting to bis Majesty other duties in lieu thereof; and for better regulating the exportation of British-made fpirits from England to Scotland, and from Scotland to England; and to continue, for a limited time, an act made in the twenty-sixth year of the reign of his present Majesty, 4 discontinue, for å limited time, the payment of the duties upon low wines and spirits for home consumption; and for granting, and feparing the due payment of other duties in lieu tbereof; and for the better regulation of the making and vending British spirits

. Cap. 2. For granting to his Majesty additional duties upon

To give further time to John Macbride esquire, and tis furetics, for entering into their recognizances, in respect of bis petition presented to the house of commons, complaining of a undue ele&tion and return for the borough of Plymouth, in the wunty of Devon.

a 2

malt, Сар. . 3.

Cap. 4.

Cap. 4. To continue and amend so much of two acts, ma in the last feffion of parliament, as relates to the importatic and exportation of corn and grain, and to the authorising his M; jesty to permit the exportation of corn, grain, meal, or four, ac to prohibit the importation thereof on the low duties.

Cap. 5. For granting to his Majesty additional duties on ti amount of the duties under the management of the commissione for the affairs of taxes therein mentioned.

Çap. 6. For granting an aid to his Majesty by a land tax, be raised in Great Britain, for the service of the year one thoi sand seven hundred and ninety-one.

Cap. 7. For continuing and granting to his Majesty certa duties upon malt, mum, cyder and perry, for the service of th year one thousand seven hundred and ninety-one.

Cap. 8. To indemnify such persons as have omitted to qu: lify themselves for offices and employments; and to indemni justices of the peace, or others, who have omitted to regist or deliver in their qualifications within the time limited by lav and for giving further time for those purposes; and to inderr nify members and officers, in cities, corporations, and boroug towns, whose admissions have been omitted to be stamped a cording to law, or, having been ftamped, have been loft milaid; and for allowing them time to provide admissions du stamped; to give further time to such persons as have omitte to make and file affidavits of the execution of indentures ( clerks to attornies and solicitors; and for indemnifying deput lieutenants and officers of the militia, who have neglected t transmit descriptions of their qualifications to the clerks of th peace within the time limited by law; and for giving furthe iime for that purpose.

Cap. 9. For the regulation of his Majesty's marine force while on thore.

Cap. 10. For altering and amending so much of an act, passer in the twenty-eighth year of his Majesty's reign, intituled, An at for removing any doubt respecting the power of the commissioners for the affairs of India, to direet that the expence of raising, transporting and maintaining, such troops as may be judged necessary for the securit of the British territories and pollions in the East Indies, hould b. defrayed out of the revenues arising from the said territories and polJisions; and for limiting the application of the said revenues in thi manner therein mentioned, as relates to such directions as shall be given or approved by the said commiflioners with respect to the payment of certain proportions of his Majesty's forces in India, and of the European forces of the East India company, therein specified.

Cap. 11. For removing any doubt respecting the sale of mortgage of annuities, pursuant to an act made in the twenty-sixth year of the reign of his present Majesty, intituled, An as to enable the East India company to raise money by sale of annuities, and by infreasing their capital flock. Cap. 12. To continue the laws now in force for regulating


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