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alligament. Money may be raised by annuities at sol. per cent. Form of grant. Notice to be given of borrowing money. Securities may be transferred. Form of transfer. Application of the money arising by rates, to paring freets, cleansing wells and pumps, paying annuities, and money borrowed. Limits of the act ascertained. Suburbs to comprise Warwick Row, and buildings near Bishop Street, fronting the south wall of Coven. ty canal, also the Priory and Miller's Alley. Accounts to be made up annually. Actions may be brought in the name of the treasurer or clerk. Affirmation of Quakers to be admitted. Penalties and forfeitures how to be recovered and applied, by distress and sale, and if not paid, may be com. mitted for 3 months. Commissioners may compound for penalties. General appeal to the quarter sessions. Inhabitants may be witnesses. Justices Lay mitigate penalties. Limitation of actions. General ifsue. Treble cots. Publick act.

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CAP. LXXVIII. An ac? to continue an act, made in the sixth year of his present Majesty's reign, intituled, An act to regulate the loading of ships with coals, in the ports of Newcastle and Sunderland. THEREAS an act was made, in the sixth year of his present Preamble.

intituled, An act to regulate the loading of ships 6 Geo. 3.C.22, with coals, in the ports of Newcastle and Sunderland; which faid recited. all was continued, and the term thereof enlarged, by another act, passed in the thirteenth year of his present Majesty, intituled, An act to con- 13G20.3.C.22. tinue an act, made in the fixth year of his present Majesty, intituled, An act to regulate the loading of ships with coals, in the ports of Newcastle and Sunderland: and whereas by another act, passed in the twenty-second year of the reign of his said Majesty, intituled, An act 22 GC0.3.C.32. to revive and continue an act, passed in the sixth year of the reign of his present Majesty, intituled, An act to regulate the loading of bips with coals in the ports of Newcastle and Sunderland; the said eft of the sixth year of his faid Majesty's reign was revived, and continued in full force and effect, until the twenty-fifth day of March one thrafand seven hundred and eighty-nine, and from thence to the end of the then next feffion of parliament: and whereas the further continuance of the said act of the sixth year of his faid Majesty will be of great publick utility ; be it therefore enacted by the King's most excellent majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the lords spiritual and temporal, and commons, in this present parliament assembled, and by the authority of the fame, That the said act of The said act the sixth year of his present Majesty's reign shall be, and is here- of the 6th

. 3. by continued in full force and effect until the twenty-fifth day of Geosconti

nued till March one thousand seven hundred and ninety-seven, and from March 25, thence to the end of the then next fellion of parliament.


An act for rebuilding the parish church of Eaft Grinstead, in the county

of Suflex.
Church to be rebuilt. Trustees. Meetings of trustees. Notice to be
given of meetings. Treasurer and other officers to be appointed by the
trustees. Trustees to allot pews to the parishioners, having legal titles
thereto. Truters may build the church by contract. Trustees may make


rates, not above is. in the pound. Rates to be paid by landlord and tenant. Tenants paying rates for landlords may deduct the same out of the rent. Collectors to account. Rates to be levied in case of refusal or neg. le&t to pay them, by distress and sale. Persons quitting their houfes with. out paying the rates may be followed. Persons aggrieved may appeal to the quarter sessions. Collectors may inspect poor rates, and land tax afferments. Trustees may raise money by sale of annuities, or by mortgag. ing the rates, not to exceed 4,000l. Names of annuitants and of lenders of money upon the rates to be entered in book3. Annuities exempt from taxes. Annuities may be assigned. Rates may be assigned for money borrowed. Form of assignment. Old materials vested in the trustees, to be disposed of for the purposes of the act. Accounts to be kept. Election of new trustees, by the remaining trustees. Trustees having any contract disabled from acting. Expences of the act to be paid out of the money arising. Distress not unlawful for want of form. “Tender of amends may be made for any trespass. Proceedings not to be removed by Certio. rarí. Limitation of actions. General issue. Treble costs. Publick act.

CAP. LXXX. An aa for providing a workhouse for, and for the better relief and em

ployment of the poor of, the parish of Streatham, in the county of Sur. rey; and for appointing an additional overseer for the better government

of the poor of the said parihh. 42 guardians of the poor appointed, besides the lord of the manor of Toot. ing Beck, and of the manor of Leigham, in the parish of Streatham, and the rector, churchwardens, and overscers of the poor of the said parish, to be trustees for the workhouse. Election of new guardians. The lords of Tooting Beck, and Leigham, and the rector of Streatham, to be guardians for life. Five to be a quorum of the guardians. Meetings of guardians. Guardians to defray their own expences at meetings, &c. Occafional meetings. A chairman to be chosen. Bye-laws may be made; to be entered in a book with other proceedings. No bye-law, &c. to be repealed, unless by a greater number than made it. Guardians not to act while holding any office or contract. Guardians to sue and be sued in the name of their treasurer. Officers. For raising money, not exceeding 4,oool. in the whole, by annuities for life, at sol. per cent. Money raised how to be charged, on the poors rates. Annuities, &c. affignable.' Workhouse to be provided. Guardians may make contracts. Contracts, &c. to be entered in a book. Churchwardens, &c. to answer the treasurer's drafts. For appointing an additional overseer; falary not to exceed rool. per ann.; his continuance in office for a year, and manner of appointing successors, by guardians. Oath to be taken by the additional overseer; his power, the same as other overseers. One of the churchwardens to be treasurer to receive from the collector, and to pay to the additional overseer. Accounts to be audited. Penalty on overseers not collecting rates. Overfeers to pay the money collected to the treasurer. Money left to charitable uses to be applied by guardians according to the will of the donor. Additional overseer may be dismissed for neglect

of duty. For protecting the additional overseer in the execution of his office, justices may enquire into any complaint, and may punish the party offending, by fine not above 408. nor less than 10s. to be applied to the use of the poor. Additional overseer not to furnish any thing for the poor, on penalty of rol, and not less than 408. Poor to be set to work, on misbehaviour may be put to hard labour for 30 days, and subject to moderate correction. Workhouse, furniture, &c. vested in the guardians. Penalty on buying, &c. cloaths, &c. furnished for the poor, sl. and not less than 40s. One or more of the guardians to act when the additional overseer is absent, &c. Punishment of poor misbehaving themselves, abatement of diet, distinction of dress, and by folitary confinement. Encouragement to be given to the industri. ous poor, out of their carnings. Guardians to grant certificates; and take bonds for the maintenance of bastard children. Children taken in to be


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apprenticed. Children may be discharged or hired out. Poor may be employed in harvest work. "Inhabitants may be witnesses. Recovery and application of penalties, hy distress and sale of goods, by warrant gratis, and oaths gratis, and in default of distress, imprisonment, with an appeal to the quarter sessions. Proceedings not to be qualhed for want of form. form of conviction. Paying expences of the act. Limitation of actions. General issue. Treble costs. Publick act.

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CA P. LXXXI. An act for providing a new poor house for, and for the better relief and government of the poor of, the township of Manchester, in the county of Lancaster. Churchwardens and overseers to put the act in execution. First meeting. Adjournment of meetings. Churchwardens and overseers to be sworn. Oath. Monthly meetings. Business of monthly meetings: Quarterly reetings. Business of quarterly meetings. Special meetings. Churchwadens, &c. to defray their own expences. Present poor house vested in churchwardens, &c. 'Power to sell the fame. Purchasers not answerable for the money paid. Governors and other officers. Clergyman. Allow. aces to officers. Form of Appointment. Vifitors. Churchwardens, &c. may purchase lands, not more than two acres of land in the township of Manchester, or within two miles thereof. Poor house to be provided. Exempted from taxes. Incapacitated persons enabled to convey. Money paid for such lands, &c. to be laid out in other lands, &c. to be settled to the fame uses. Tenant at will, or for a year, to deliver up premises on fix nonths notice. On default, the sheriff' to deliver poffeffion. Proviso relative to lands purchased not in the township, to be deemed as if therein, whilt used as a poor house. Churchwardens, &c. may contract for building and furnishing poor houses. Notice of meeting for contracts. Contraets, &c. to be entered in books. Churchwardens, &c. not to contract, or ferve the poor house with provisions, on penalty of 40l. Property in the furniture, &c. vefted in the churchwardens, &c. Actions respecting the property to be brought by the church wardens. No abatement of acfons by death of churchwardens, &c. Inhabitants and poor may be coinpetent witnesses. Churchwardens, &c. enabled to borrow money, in sums tot less than sol. nor more than 100l. at as low interest as can be got, and to affign the rates as a security. Form of aflignment. No priority in payments. Churchwardens may grant annuities. No annuity to be granted to persons under 45 years old, at gl. per cent. under so years, at rol. Bet cent. under 60, at ial. per cent. Form of grant. Annuities to be paid out of rates. Securities transferrable. Form of transfer. Securities to be entered in a book. Power to borrow a further fum, as may be wanted. Payment of the principal, at the rate of sl. for every 100l. No preference in payments. Churchwardens and overseers may make rules, &c. Rules to be confirmed by two justices. Notice to be given before any meetings of the parishioners.' Order to be delivered on admission into the pocit house. Poor, &c. may be punished for misbehaviour. Penalty on perlons taking in pawn clothes

or materials, to forfeit not more than rol. gor less than 408. a moiety to the informer, the other for the purpose of this act. In default of payment, to be levied on their goods. If no distress, may be committed for 2 months. Poor, &c. may be employed. Children provided for. Children apprenticed. Juttices may order relief to persons out of the poor house. Idle or disorderly persons to be punished. Justices may appoint additional overseers. Form of conviction. Poor laws in force. Persons aggrieved may appeal to the quarter sessions. Appeals not to fulpend payment of rates. Proceedings not to be qualhed for want of form. Limitation of actions. General issue. Treble costs Expences of this act how to be paid.' Publick act.


CAP. LXXXII. An act for making and maintaining a navigable canal from Merthyr Tid

vile, to and through a place called The Bank, near the town of Cardiff,

in the county of Glamorgan. Company of proprietors, 73. Their powers, to make a canal, from Merthyr Tidvile ihrough the parishes of Lanvabon, Eglwyfilan, Whitchurch, Landaff, and St. John, and St. Mary in Cardiff, through the Bank, to be supplied by all the brooks, &c. within 2,000 yards. Power to make inclined planes. No road or foot path to be made on the west side of the canal at Cardiff castle, &c. Lord Plymouth's mills and iron works not to be injured by taking water from the Taff river. The extent of the dam on the aqueduct not less in crown than 40 feet. Restrictions respecting the line of the canal at Melin Griffith, through the lands of Harford & Co, at Melin Griffith, as near the hill as may be, and not above 12 feet wide, for 100 yards above the bridge over Taff to the upper end of the garden ground belonging to Melin Griffith works. A weir at the side of the

canal, which the proprietors of the works are to repair. Restrictions respecting Pentyrch works between the Brook at Nantgarw turnpike and the said weir, Where carriage roads are injured, &c. others to be made. No houfe, &c. to be injured. Width of the canal and towing-paths, 26 yards in breadth, and in some places 60 yards, except on commons, &c. Corporations, &c. impowered to sell lands for the purposes of the act. Mines found in lands purchased for the canal to belong to the sellers. Commissioners qualifications, real estates in the county of Glamorgan, sool. per ann. or per. fonal 2,000l. If parties are disfatisfied with determination of commissioners, a jury to be fummoned. Expences of jury. Notice of injury to pro. prietors before complaint. Verdiets, &c. to be recorded. Application of the purchase moncy belonging to corporations, &c. Commissioners to settle proportions, &c. Annual rents charged upon the rates. Proprietors may raise 60,00ol. to carry on the work. Money to be divided into 600 fhares, and to be deemed personal estate. If that sum is not sufficient, more may be raised by calls upon themselves, 30,000l. by calls. Navigation and 'rates may be alligned. Form of allignment. Alignments may be transferred. Form of transfer. Proprietors to receive şi, per centum, till canal is finished. Interest upon mortgages to be paid prior to dividends. Subscribers to have a vote for every Ihare. Form of the appointment of a proxy. General assemblies for choosing committees, the ift. Wednesday in June in every year. Committees subject to controul of general assembly. Perfons in office, disqualified from serving on committees. Accounts to be kept by committees. General afsemblies to consift of 300 Thares. Other powers of general assemblies. Proprietors not answering calls, subject to a penalty, or forfeiture of their shares. Shares not forfeit ed without personal notice. Company may remove members of the committee; and make bye-laws. On the death of proprietors before thare compleated, executors may do it. Shares may be disposed of. After a call, no share to be fold till the money paid.' Form of conveyance of thares. Company to appoint

officers. Proceedings of the commiflioners to be entered. Rates may be collected. Rates, for ftone, iron, timber, goods, wares, and merchandize, (except iron stone, iron ore, coal, lime Itone, lime, and all kinds of manure) not above sd. per ton per mile, and in proportion for greater or less: for iron stone, iron ore, coal, lime itone, lime, and manure, 2d. per ton per mile. Ships passing the lock at the Bank to be charged with one penny

per ton. Recovery of rates. Payment for wharfage for certain articles. Proprietors may alter rates. Profits not to exceed 8 l. per centum per annum. Master of boats to give account of particulars of lading. What quantity of timber shall be deemed a ton, 40 feet of oak, ash, elm, or beech, and so feet of fir or deal balk, poplar or birch, not cut into scantlings. In case of difference concerning weight, collectors may weigh vessels. Weight of the lading of vefsels to be marked. Boats to be gauged. Masters accountable for damage done by the crew. Navigation to be free upon payment of tolls. For fencing off tow.

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ng paths, and making bridges, &c. In cafe company do not fence off the uwing paths, and make bridges, &c. land owners may do it at the company's expence. If bridges, &c. made by the company are insufficient, and owners may make others. Company may cleante the adjoining watercourse at the land owners expence. Power to make rail-ways. Cuts may be made to communicate with the canal and collateral cuts. Such cuts not to be made without consent of owners of lands. Lords of manors and land owners may erect warehouses, &c. on their lands. If lords of manors segled to erect warehouses, &c. the commissioners may do it. Regula. tions as to private wharfs, to pay id. per ton. Committee to regulate the.

avigation. Penalty on persons overloading and obftructing the navigation. Penalty on opening locks, &c. Punithing persons wilfully destroying warts, as felons guilty of petit larceny. Canal not to be subject to comsifoners of sewers. How proprietors shall be taxed for purchased lands. lights of lords of manors and land owners to fishery reserved. Penalty ca unqualified persons on board having nets. Owners and occupiers of ads may use pleasure and husbandry boats free of the rates. Commifbaners to be sworn. The oath. Commiffioners may act as justices; but it where interested, &c. Notice of commissioners meeting. General meeting of commissioners. Special meeting of the commissioners. No zeeting to determine disputes, &c. but within five miles of the canal. To compel payment of subscriptions. Recovery of forfeitures. Appeal. Lizitation of actions. General issue. Treble costs. The like rates to be paid for ships coming into the bafon, as if they came into the port of Car2. Publick act.

CAP. LXXXIII. An act for impowering persons navigating boats, barges, and other vessels, in the river Ouze, in the county of Norfolk, to hale or tow with horses, or other beasts, on the banks or sea walls of the said river; and for mak ing satisfaction to the owners of the said banks or sea walls. 93 commissioners, s to be a quorum. Meetings appointed, the ift. Wedpekday in May, yearly. For calling meetings in case no adjournment shall bave been made. Commissioners to raise money by tolls for satisfying land weers, and other expences of the act. Ascertaining the tolls, to be paid 4d. for coals or cinders per chaldron, Lynn measure; lime per chaldron; half bundred of deals, spars, or balks; battens, laths, half deals, pipe staves, or paling, per hundred,

fir timber, per load, 50 feet to the load, calliper meafire

; oak timber, 40 feet to the load, 3 wainscot logs, 2 mahogany logs, 500 tricks

, sco tiles, 2 pipes of wine, 2 puncheons of rum, 2 pieces of brandy a genera, 8 packs of wool, ten tods to the pack, half

a lait of wheat, rye, pale , beans, barley, rapeseed, linseed, coleseed, mustard seed, or hempoats, barley, or bigg, per laft; reed, sedge, hay, flax, or hemp, per

20 hundred weight to the load; a dozen of flag stones, 2 thousand urtes, and 20 feet of tone, and all other goods, per ton weight, haled by borbes between King's Lynn and Denver sluice. Table of tolis to be hung 22. Watermen to give

account of cargoes to collectors. Collectors, trearers , &c. to be appointed. Collectors

to give constant attendance. Por towing between Salters Load and Denver Sluice only, to pay id. Persons paying tolls to receive tickets of officers, &c. Punishment for trespasses, w forfeit 208. and not less than 58. or one month's imprisonment. Land summers not to feize horses. One horfe only to tow from one line, &c. er

pt from St. German's Bridge to Cam's Gool; and from the file north of Labock's 9 acres in Wiggenhall, as far as his

mesfuage ; and from Parick's Stile, north of Chadd's

6 acres, to the north side of Polver Gool; ed from Plestow's Bank, in Skinner's Drain, to the south end of Edgar's etak

, and from the bridge of Wiggenhall to 30 yards beyond Chadd's ele, alfo from Plestow's melluage, to the ift.jetty, and from the ift. She at Bell's house, to a place opposite the workhouse, and from Bell's th, to Vernon's land, and from Holme Gool to the south end of Holme town bank; and from lady Harris's Stile, to opposite Crabb's Ab



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