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of the rent. Rates how to be levied where houses are let to several families, &c. to be paid by the landlord. Saving to landlords. Persons to pay only for the time occupying. Empty houses not to be rated. Not to affect agreements between landlords and tenants. Payment of the rate not to gain a settlement Money lost by insolvency or otherwise, new rate to be made. Recovery of rates. Summons by a justice, and on nonpayment to be levied with costs by distress and tale. For recovery of rates from persons quitting the premises, rated on the parish. Power to fue for rates, penalties, and fines. Perforis aggrieved by the rate may appeal to the trustees. Money to be raised by annuities, or at 5 per cent. interest. Trustees to raise any fum not exceeding 12,500l. Money to be raised on the credit of the act. Annuities how charged and paid, 'out of the rates. Receipts and orders for payment of annuities to be given. Annuitits affignable. Annuities how recoverable, in 3 months, with interest and costs;

3 and if not paid in 20 days, annuitant to have the same power as the trurtees. Books to be kept of annuities, &c. Separate account to be kept of rates. All receipts, payments, and minutes of contracts, &c. to be entered in a book, &c. Collectors to account; and pay the money in their hands over to the trustees. Collectors, &c. neglecting to account, may be committed. Treasurer, collector, &c. dying or becoming a bankrupt, execu. tors or asignees to pay the money. Colts of this act to be paid. Distress not to be deemed unlawful for want of form. Penalties and forfeitures to be recovered and applied to the purposes of this act. Proceedings not to be vacated for want of form. General appeal to quarter sessions. Limitation of actions, after 21 days notice, within three months, and to be tried in Middlesex, General iflue. Treble costs. Publick act.

CAP. LXXII. An act for taking down the church, chancel, and tower belonging to the

pirish of Banbury, in the county of Oxford, and for rebuilding the same. Trustees, the mayor, aldermen, capital burgess, affiftant, and town clerk of Banbury, the vicar, churchwardens and others. If trustees die, or refuse to act, new ones to be appointed by ten trustees. Five trustees may act. Proceedings to be entered in a book, and signed by the clerk. Qualification of trustees (except the mayor, &c. and subscribers for sol.), unless rated to the poor at rol. per ann. Meeting clauses as usual. Clerk, treasurer, &c. to be appointed by the trustees. Rates to be made on all inhabitants in the parish (except the lands, &c. part of the prebend of Banbury, vested in the bishop of Oxford, and his leflee, and the glebe lands and allotment for tythes in Banbury tything, and part of Spital Farm, and the firit vetture of part of North Meadow, the property of Francis Eyre, and houses and lands of the vicar of Banbury) in any lum not exceeding 3s. 6d. per pound per ann. according to the church rates; and the money arising vested in the trustees for the purposes of this act, and to be collected by the churchwardens in their respective districts, and paid into the hands of the treasurer, and take place from Aug. 1, 1790. Rates may continue in force for several years, as long as any money borrowed is owing. Tenants to pay the whole, and deduct half the rate! out of the rent. Not to affect agreements. Rates where houses are let to several families to be paid by the landlord. Recovery of rates in 14 days, on demand in writing, and subject to distress and sale of goods, by warrant of 2 justices for the borough of Banbury, or the counties o Oxford or Northampton, rendering the overplus to the owner, atter de: ducting charges. Power to sue for rates above 201. in courts at Weft. minster. Power to borrow money by the trustees, and to afsign the rates as a security. Form of aslignment. Money to be raised hy annuities. Form of grant. Manner of transferring securities. Form of transfer Churchwardens and collectors to account, &c. Collectors, &c. neglect ing to account, may be committed. Church estates to be fold towards the purposes of the act. Chancel to be taken down. New church, chancel, and tower to be erected. Directions respecting taking down monitments. Allotment of pews to the mayor, aldermen, and capital burgesses


and the town clerk and their ferjeants at mace, and also to the bishop of Oxford

, or his leflees, and the vicar of the said parish ; and for women coming to be churched, and for schools, and for persons repairing the darch

, and those subscribing 10l. or upwards, for taking down and rebuilding the church, chancel, and tower; and the trustees may sell the restor let them, and the rents to go towards defraying the expence, and a aid of the rates. Allotments to fubfcribers to be in claffes. Pews to k numbered. Subscriptions to be transferrable. Banns may be published, Le previous to building the church, by the vicar or curate, to be in er place appointed (with approbation of the vicar) for publiek worship, the church is finished. Remedy for recovery of fubferiptions as trufuts hall direa, by action in courts at Westminster. Application of mos raised, first to charges of this act, and after in taking down the preat church, &c. and in erecting a new one, and paying debt and interest, ad for an allowance to the organist, clerk, and sexton, as trustees think 1. Appeal to quarter sessions. Limitation of actions after 14 days nohce

, in 6 months in the county where the cause of action thall' arile. General issue. Treble costs. Publick act.

CA P. LXXIII. An aê for forming a junction between the Forth and Clyde navigation and the Monkland navigation; and for altering, enlarging, and explaining several former acts pafled for making and maintaining the said 'navigations. la & Geo. 3. C. 63. Act 10 Geo. 3. C. 105. Powers to form a junction between the two canals. Powers of former acts continued for that purpole. Powers of the former act extended to the collateral cut. To con

water into the Monkland canal, and to use the same as an aqueduct. Monkland canal to be kept in repair by the proprietors. Ascertaining the toanage of ships paffing without unloading. Officers to give a copy of the coket, transire, let-pass, or other clearance, upon being paid for the fame. Afcertaining the quantity of goods on board vessels, and for laying a penalty on persons producing false manifests, treble the amount of the oils. How vessels may pass at reduced rates ; the company may reduce the tolls for goods carried on the canal without going through a lock, and to increase the tolls not above 2d. per mile on vesiels passing Mort óttances and through locks. Duty of tonnage laid on vessels for uting the balon and wharfs: British veffels, per ton, id. foreign vessels, per ton, 2d. timber, per ton, 2d. per month. Goods above 24 hours on the wharfs, per ton, 1d. per day. Powers given by the former acts for regulating birthing of vefiels, &c. extended to basons now made or hereafter to be Erected. Company empowered to regulate persons on land employed in the towing of vefsels. Tolls may be leasedPower to plant trees, and to use land unoccupied by the canal or towing paths. Former acts continued in force, 8 Geo. 3. c. 63. 11 Geo. 3. C. 62. 13 Geo. 3. C. 104. 4 Geo. 3. C. 59. & 27 Geo. 3. C. 55. New powers to continue and complete the Monkland canal to the river Calder. Powers in former acts continued. Powers to raise money, not exceeding 10,000l. Tolls to be lefied, not above id. sterling per mile for coals, stones, timber, dung, fuel, and other goods. Powers of former act to levy tolls extended to the Monkland navigation. Exemptions from tolls shall be allowed ; for lime, and limestone to pay only 1•4th, iron stone 1-2; paving stones, gravel, and other materials for repairing roads (lime stone excepted), and also cung, foil, marle, and all sorts of manure for land, not to be charged with any rates, provided they do not pass through any lock, only when the waters of Monkland are discharging at the point of partition. Powers to lefsen rates upon the whole or any part of the canal. Goods palling less than a mile, to pay tonnage for a mile. Goods, &c. remaining. beyond 24 hours on the wharfs, to pay wharfage dues. For reducing, the number of the committee of management of the Monklard canal to three, and not to exceed nine. Power to plant trees on the banks of the canal. Powers of former ac continued (except where the same are altered, or inconsistent, or repugnant to this act). "Publick act.


CAP. CAP. LXXIV. An act to alter and amend an ad, made in the fourteenth year of the reign of his late majesty King George the Second, intituled, An act for the effectual draining and preservation of Waterbeach Level, in the county of Cambridge; and to establish an agreement made between the lord of the manor of Waterbeach cum Denny, and the commoners within the

said manor. A&t 14 Geo. 2. C. 24. Agreement that Joyft Fen Moull be cleared of cattle from Candlemas day to March 25, yearly, horses excepted; Midlott, or Midload fen, from Candlemas to May 1; for each common the owner might feed 15 milched cows, or dry neat cattle, and 8 Theep, or 10 cows, and 5 mares or geldings, and to abate a cow for every colt of one year old, and 3 weanling calves of the ist year deemed as one cow; and for every 4 commons to be kept one bull, from May 1, to October 10; and for every beast fed contrary, the owner to forfeit 105. to the lord of the manor, for every offence, to be levied by distress and fale, and the agreement to be valid. New regulations as to the stocking of Joyst Fen and Midlott. Joyft Fen to be cleared of all cattle (except horses) from Candlemas-day old stile, to April 20, yearly, and of Meep from Candlemas-day old file, to November 20; and Midlott cleared of cattle from Candlemas-day old file, to May 12, and of all dry cattle (except weanling calves under one year old) from Candlemas-day old ftile, to Aug. 12, and sheep from Candlemas-day old ftile, to December 31. New regula. tion as to the stocking of commonable lands, to feed 12 milched cows or dry neat cattle, and 4 mares or geldings, and 8 sheep, and one cow for every yearling colt or filly, and 3 weanling calves of the ist year deemed as a cow, and one yearling neat beast the like ; for every 8 commons to be kept one bull, from May 11, to November 10. Regulations for mowing all the bouts and little hollows of the commonable or fen grounds, and the management of the other parts. For scouring ditches and mowing thistles on the residue of the commons (except The Back Ditch). That four fifths of the occupiers of the commons may, from time to time, make regulations for the use of and enjoyment thereof. Every occupier of a common to have a vote. Penalty on persons depafturing cattle contrary to the regulation, instead of penalty by former act, to pay 205. for each beast fed thereon, and may distrain such cattle, and detain them 5 days; and if such penalty and costs be not then paid, to sell, and one moiety of penalty to go to the lord of the manor, for his own use, and the other moiety to he retained by the fenreeves, and applied towards expences of the annual drift. Payment for cattle beyond the allowed stint, without wil:ul default of the owner, to pay the fenreeves 4d per head. For driving the commonable waste and fen grounds. Account of the number of cattle found on the drist to be given annually to the vicar of Waterbeach. Occupiers of commons depafturing other people's cattle shall be deemed the owners, &c. Por paying the expences of the act. Where owners reside out of the parish of Waterbeach, their proportion to be paid by the tenants, who Thall deduct it out of their rent. Powers of former act, unless where al. Lered by this act, confirmed. Publick act.

CAP. LXXV. An act to enable the company of proprietors of the Staffordshire and Wor.

cestershire canal navigation to improve the navigation of the river Severn, from Stourport, in the county of Worcester, to a place called

Diglis, near the city of Worcester. A& 6 Geo. 3. C. 94. by which the company of proprietors of the Stafford. Thire and Worcestershire canal navigation were incorporated, and the navigation of the river Severn is affected by fhoals, from the said canal at Stourport to Diglis near Worcester. Staffordshire and Worcestershire canal company coabled to improve the navigation of the river. Company


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not to make locks or weirs. Paying the expences of passing the act, and carrying the same into execution. Power for company to raise a further fun of 12,000l. by assignment of their rates. Form of assignment. Al. ligaments may be transferred. Form of transfer. Intereft to be paid half. early. For making satisfaction for damage done in improving the river. The company to maintain the works, so that they shall not be a prejudice to navigation. If satisfaction for damages not paid, commissioners to levy it and costs, by diftress and fale. Penalty on persons obstructing works, to forfeit 308. at discretion of the justice. River not to be under the commisfineers of sewers. Recovery of penalties, offenders may be committed to ramon gaol for 3 months, if penalty not paid, to go to the company of proprietors for the purposes of the act. Distress not unlawful for want of tum. Form of conviction. Appeal to quarter seflions. Limitation of adions, 3 months. General issue. Double costs. Publick act.

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CAP. LXXVI. da z&t for forming and keeping in repair the streets, and other publick pallages and places, within a certain district in the parish of Saint Luke Chelica, in the county of Middlesex, called Hans Town, and for other. wife improving the same. Henry Holland intitled to a large piece of ground in the parish of St. Luke in Chelsea, for a long term of years, under Charles Sloane, lord Cadogan, Welbore Ellis, and Christopher Doyley esq; on the fouth fide of the village of Knightsbridge, fronting to north, partly on the high road leading through Knightsbridge, partly on the Swan inn yard, and land of Wm. Brown esq; and towards the south on White Lion Street; and bounded in part, on the east, by a rivulet or wateş creek, encompassing great part of the said ground on the east lide, and on the west, on lands of Wm. Bufhnell, and others, and contains 89 acres; and the said H. Holland bath made a carriage way, called Sloane Street, from Knightsbridge; and it would be beneficial to pave the said streets. Qualification of commisLoners zol. per ann. land, or occupier rated at 301. or possessed of 2,000 l. personal estate. The oath. Mectings of the commiflioners; clauses as ufaal

. Reftri&ion as to revoking orders not to be altered, unless more commissioners attend than before. Proceedings of the

commissioners to be entered in a book, and figned by a commiftioner. Officers to be appainted by commissioners. Officers to account. Penalty on neglect, commitment to the house of correction for 3 months, &c. Property of pavements, &c. vested in commissioners. Commissioners to cause the streets to be repaired, &c. Inhabitants to form, &c. the streets, in the first infance

. Lamps to be set up. Commissioners may contract for performing the works. Încroachments to be removed. Penalty on occasioning nuiances

, for every offence, 58. Penalty on leaving carriages, &c. in the treets

, ss. each offence. Hoards, &c. may be erected. Watchmen to be appointed by commiffioners. Duty of watchmen, the fame as other watchmen, and to secure suspicious persons, and persons for affaulting or refifting watchmen, penalty sl. and victuallers permitting watchmen on duty to remain in their houses, to forfeit 20s. each offence. Power to water the Atreets. Annual lum to be paid to the surveyors of the highways for the parish, in lieu of the highway rate, 41. on Sept. 29, yearly, The freets and highways within the limits of the act to be repaired diftiad, from the

other parts of the parish. Money to be raised by a rate of 14. 6d. in the pound on houses and gardens, and is. in the pound on other laad, according to the poors rate, from June 24, 1790, to be paid to the breafurer. Empty houses to be charged with half rates. Proportion of males to be paid by persons removing. Recovery of rates by distress and ák. Landlords to bear so much of the rate as shall exceed 28. in the pound. Commissioners may borrow money, and assign the rates as a security. Form of assignment. Money may be raised by annuities at 101.

cent. per ann. Form of grant. Security may be transferred. Form of transfer. Application of the money. Recovery

of penalties, by war


rant, to commit to gaol for three months. Inhabitants may give evidence. Appeal to general or quarter sessions on 5 days notice, in 4 months. Limi. tation of actions, on 31 days notice, in 3 months. 'General issue. Treble cofts. Publick act.

CAP. LXXVII. An act for the better paving, clcansing, lighting, and watching the city of

Coventry, and the luburbs thereof, and removing and preventing nuisances and annoyances therein; and for regulating the publick wells and

pumps within the said city and suburbs. 3 Geo. 3. C. 41. Former act repealed. Commissioners appointed, the mayor of the city and others. Election of new commissioners upon vacancies. Qualification of commissioners to be appointed in future. Lands, &c. 20l. per ann. personal, 400l. Commissioners not to act if interested; but may act as justices, Meetings of the commissioners. Notice of meet. ings. Proceedings of the commissioners to be done at meetings, and the majority at meetings (not being less than five) may act. Proceedings to be entered in a book signed by the commiffioners. Commissioners to appoint officers; and to take security from their treasurer. Officers to account. On failure of accounting, &c. to be committed. Pavement, materials, &c. vefted in the commissioners. Commissioners to cause the streets to be paved, &c. Wells and pumps to be regulated. Commissioners to cause lamps to be provided. No person to carry away foil

, except contractor. Inhabitants may keep dung, &c. for their own use. · Penalty on wilfully breaking lamps, or damaging the works, 4os. for each offence. Penalty on breaking lamps negligently or accidentally, to pay damage. Commissioners may contract for performing any of the works. Penalty on canfing annoyances in the streets, each offence 2os. (except stalls in the women's market place, on market or fair days, and the croficheaping, for elections of members to parliament). Penalty on carriages, &c. left in the streets, 205. for each offence, (except the butchers rows). No swine to be kept or slaughtered within the city. Time of emptying necessary houses directed. Commissioners may remove projections, &c. Spouts and gut'ters of buildings not to project. Pofts, fteps, rails, palisades, &c. to be removed. Notice to be given to occupiers before removing of projections, &c. Commissioners may permit occupiers to remove projections, &c. and allow them the expences. Not to extend to rubbish occafioned by building. Owners of water pipes may take up the pavement to repair the pipes. Commissioners impowered to contract for the purchase of houses, &c. Persons interested impowered to sell. Purchase inoney belonging to corporations, &c. to be laid out in purchase of other estates. Commissioners to caule buildings, &c. to be taken down; and the ground to be laid into the freets. Regulation of the watch (as usual). Rates to be made by asesfors to be appointed by the commissioners, not above is. 6d. in the pound. Rates on divided houses. Publick buildings to be rated. By whom rates for publick buildings shall be paid, by the proper officer. Al fessors impowered to inspect, &c. vicars rates. Rates to be examined and confirmed by the commiffioners. Affeffors and collectors to obey commisfioners orders. Recovery of rates, by distress and sale of goods, by warrant. Collectors to collect arrears of former rates, and to pay the money to the commissioners. No collector to serve more than once in five years. St. Michael and St. John deemed one parish. Exemptions from rates, gardens and orchards, in the city for fruit, &c. for sale, lands and empty houses, stock in trade, money, and personal estate. Rates apportioned between occupiers quitting and coming into the premises. Power to mitigate rates, where rents do not exceed 31. a year.” Rates not to be less than 1s. 6d. in the pound, unless the creditors consent. Appeals against rates to the quarter feffions. No alteration in rates, but where over of under-rated." Three days notice of the time of appeal. Inhabitants paying the rates, discharged from repairs of the strects. Commirfioners may borrow money, and assign the rates as a security. Form of

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