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take any water that flows to Martholme mill. The company to make and repair bridges, &c. The company liable to be indicted at common law, for not making stone bridges over the canal; or for not keeping bridges, &c. in repair. The justices at seffions, in certain cases, to determine what bridge shall be made. Liberty to place trunks and tunnels in Rufford. Company not to be liable to damage, after trunks placed between Sollom and Rufford locks, in case food gates are kept thut. Directions relative to laying tunnels. Power for the company to raise a further sum of 300.000l

. for compleating the canal, and to allign tolls as a security. No pseference to be given in respect of the priority of any money lent. Secu.“ rities to be entered in books, and may be transferred. Interest shall be pid half-yearly. Limitation of the lúm to be raised in act 23 Geo. 3. pealed. Directing what shall be done on alienation of shares by marriage a death, to pass by will or administration. When and where the general affembly of the proprietors shall be held in Lancashire, the third Friday in September yearly. So much of a claufe in 23 Geo. 3. as relates to the advertising the letting or altering the tolls, repealed; and another notice thereof to be given. Tonnage per mile on coals got in Lancalhire and brought into Yorkshire, to be the same as upon those which come down the Bradford navigation. Appointment of a committee clerk on the Lancashire fide; reservation of rights of the corporation of Liverpool. Publick a&t.

CAP. LXVI. An ad for paving, and otherwise improving, the city and township of

Peterborough. Commissioners. Penalty for acting not being qualified. Power to proFide lamps. Provifo for holding fairs and markets. Not to extend to Minfler Close, nor to pave Boongate, &c. Trustees of certain estates šable to pave and light certain parts of the city, to pay a composition in lieu thereof, of sool. Turnpikes may be erected. One acrols the road from Stilton to Peterborough Bridge, over the river Nene, at the junction with the road from Oundle to the faid bridge ; another turnpike across the road from Lincoln to Peterborough, at the north end of Boroughbury Lane, with a side bar across the lane, leading to Crawthorn Hill; another kcrofs Westgate, near the workhouse; another across Cowgate, and another in Peterborough, across Boongate, between Swanspool and the common pound. Tolls; coaches drawn by 3 or more horses, ed. - 2 korres

, od. I horse, zd. --waggons by 6 or more horses, 8d. -under 6 horses

, 3d. -carts, 2d. - horses laden, id. -not laden, 29.-oxen, &c. per score, sd.-heep, &c. 2d. Recovery of tolls. Tolls payable once a day. Perfons changing horses, &c. or fopping all night, not subject to pay toll a second time. Exemption, going to or returning from fairs in the city, or at Fletton, inhabitants of the parilh of St. John Baptist, Peterborough, or of Minfter Close, or for carriages in husbandry, &c. or poor, army on march, or mail carriages, or expresses. Power to compound

for the tolls.

CAP. LXVII. An aa for paving, cleansing, lighting, watching, and regulating the streets, lanes, ways, and publick passages and places, within the city of Durbam, and borough of Framwelgate, and the suburbs thereof, and streets thereto adjoining ; for removing and preventing nuisances, annoyances, encroachments, and obstructions therein; for widening and rendering more commodious several of the said streets, lanes, ways, and publick passages and places; and for regulating and improving the markets within the said city and suburbs. Commissioners names. Qualification of commissioners, a real estate of 201. per ann, and personal of sool. Commissioners to be sworn. First and other meetings of commiffioners, on June 24, at the guildhall or toll booth, and after in the city or suburbs, as any , thall appoint. Chairman to be VOL. XXXVII.



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clected annually: to have a casting vote. For electing another chairman when requisite, by 7 commissioners. For chuling new commissioners, 7 may chule another. Commiflioner not to vote in such cases, unless he has acted within twelve months. Commiflioners being justices may act as fuch. Appointment of officers by 7 commissioners. For compelling payment of the rates, and obliging officers to account. Officers negleding to account may be sued; or justices may commit them. For appointing temporary collectors. Collectors dying, or becoming bankrupt, executors, &c. to account. Officers not to take any fees or rewards, except as allowed by act, nor be concerned in any bargain or contract. Proceedings to be entered in books. Office of surveyor, where no roads, to cease. Treasurer to pay money. Rates, not more than 8d. in the pound annually, from May 12, 1790. One half of rate to be allowed by landlord to tenant. Only one moiety of the rate to be paid hy persons not rated to the poor. Regulations relative to certain occupiers in Crofigate, Framwelgate, and Elvet barony and borough, in the parishes of St. Oswald, and St. Giles, and farmers of lands, &c. Lands not to be rated for the purposes of this act, but houses only. Tenants to pay the rates. Affeffors to be appointed. If affeflors neglect' to levy the rates properly, commissioners may do it. Rates to be allowed by commissioners. For recovery of rates in case of removal of occupiers, may be levied on the owner by distress and sale. Rates to be paid by tenants quitting and entering, to be paid in propor. tion to the time each occupied, and in case of disputes, to be settled by 1 commissioners. Persons aggrieved by rates may apply to commissioners. For augmenting the fund, commissioners may collect the following tolls; coaches with 6 horses, 1s. 63.–4 horses, 15 —3 horses, 6d.- 2 horles, 4d. i horse 2d.-waggons with 8 horses, 1s. 40.-6 horses, IS.-other carriages with 4 horses, &c. 60.3 horses, 4d.—2 horses, zd.-1 horse, ad.--empty waggons, 4d.-horses, &c. not drawing, 29.- -cattle per score, 3d. calves, swine, &c. per score, id. 29. and they may appoint persons to collect them, within the streets; or commissioners may ere& toll gates or turnpikes; two on the great north road. Toll gates, &c. vested in the commissioners; who may bring actions against persons injuring the same. Exemptions from toll, poít, mail carriages, or expresses, or carriages laden with coals, lime, manure, corn in the Itraw, hay or materials of agriculture, milk, cattle going to or from pasture occupied by inhabitants of Durham or Framwelgate; waggons carrying goods to_Newcastle, or Stockton, or Sunderland, or where toll hath been paid. Tolls to be paid but once a day. When all debts are paid, &c. the tolls to cease. Power to demise the tolls. Commiflioners may borrow money. Money may be borrowed on annuities. Notice to be given of the intention to borrow money: Securities for money lent, and annuities, may be transferred. Securities to be entered in a book. Money raised vested in the commilfioners for the purposes of the act. Commissioners empowered to purchafe houses, &c. Notice to be given in a newspaper of meeting to purchase houses, &c. Three months notice to be given to owners, &c. For making satisfaction to owners of houses which shall be damaged. Power to sell houses, &c. To ascertain value, &c. of houses, buildings, and grounds, by a jury. Warrant to summon jury, &c. Challenge of jury. men. Penalty on sheriff not returning jury, &c. sl. Penalty on jurymen, 108. Fees to the theriff and jurymen, 28. 6d. per day: Expence of the jury, &c. is to be paid, if verdict' for more than offered, by order of the commissioners, but if for less, by the owner. Upon payment of the purchase money conveyances to be executed. Payment being made, commissioners may enter into poffeffion. Owners, &c. may compel purchase of the whole house, &c. Money payable to bodies corporate, &c. to be invested in purchase of other eftates. Mifnomers, or wrong description in the schedule, not to prevent the execution of the act. Commissioners empowered to sell ground not wanted for the purposes of the act. Pavements, sewers, and drains, vested in the commissioners. Commissioners may order streets, &c. to be paved, and fewers and drains to be made. Commislioners may contract with persons for paving, &c. Surveyors to inspect works. Power to dig gravel and get materials. Penalty of interrepting workmen, for the first offence, 20s. --second, 305,-third, 4os. Pavements not to be altered without consent of commiffioners. Branches into drains not to be made without leave. Private drains to be repaired, &c. under the inspection of the surveyor, at owner's expence. Persons liable to repair any part of the said streets to remain fo. Commissioners may compound with persons for work to be by them done. Differences about repairs to be fettled at the feflions. Foot pavements to be Twept 3 times a week, 4 feet from the house, (Sundays excepted) on penalty of ss. for every neglect. Contractors to cleanse the other parts of streets, &c. No person to carry away foil but contractor. Persons at liberty to keep or dispose of dung made or kept in their houses, yards, &c. Penalty not to extend to rubbish, &c. occasioned by building. Penalty on breaking lamps, not above 205. nor under 105. To prevent nuisances, not to kill or at up beasts or twine in the strects, on penalty of 1os. besides other pe. balties by law. Commiffioners may take down signs. Penalty for making certain nuisances, sl. and power to remove the same. For preventing carts, &c. Atanding in the stretts, &c. No wheelbarrow to be rolled on the foot pavements, &c. To prevent accidents by driving carriages, penalty los. Power to compound penaltics by 7 commiflioners. Power to apa point watchmen, &c. who may act as conftables. Watchmen not to gain fettlements by appcintment. General power to levy penalties. Applica. tion. Limitation of recovering penalties, one calendar month. Commis; woners may fue or be sued in the name of their clerk. No action to be brought but by order of ten commisioners. For regulating the sale of corn, not to be fold five in the market place, or in houses or shops of dealers


. A&t not to prejudice the right of any person to demand toll on corn, &c. within the limits thereof. Inhabitants may be witnesses. Appeal againft rates and penalties to the feflions. Distress not to be deemed unlawful for want of form. Notice to be given before commencing actions. Proceedings not to be quashed for want of form. Limitation of a&tions. General issue. Treble costs. Publick act.

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An act for the better supplying the town and neighbourhood of Leeds, in

the county of York, with water; and for more effcctually lighting and cleansing the streets and other places within the said town and neighbourhood, and removing and preventing nuisances, annoyances, encroachments, and obftručtions therein. Commissioners of the water works appointed. Manner of appointing the fucceeding commiflioners in the veltry of the parish church of St. Peter, and 13 inhabitants to be commissioners. Commissioners incorporated. Meetings of the commissioners annually, on Wednesday after nominated, and s may act. Commissioners to appoint officers. Commiflioners im. powered to purchase or erect works, lay pipes, &c. The commissioners 50 make good the pavement, and level the ground. Corporations, &c. impowered to fell. In default of agreeing the value of the premises to be fcertained by a jury; whose verdict mhall be final. Upon payment of purcafe money, parties to convey. No fire engine to be erected within the bishop of Bristols lands, or above Bondman's Dam. Mr. Sagar's right to Pitíáll Mills, not to be affected. Present water works to become vested in the cominillioners, upon making compensation. Restrictions respecting John Pate Neville's property, the pipes from the river Aire, to be 40 yards ditance, and not to affe & the tenters upon his ground or roads thereto, &c. and if damage done, the commissioners to amend the same on a month's notice, or he to cause the same to be done at the expence of the commiffioners. The power of purchasing lands, not to extend to the King's Mills or Flaycrow Mills, or the property of John Pate Nevile. Nothing to be done to the injury of the King's Mills, and Flaycrow Mill. The interest of the present occupier of the wood mill at Pittfall not to be dicted, without his confent. Purchase money belonging to corporations, ke to be laid out in the purchase of other estates, to be settled to the same biez

. Commissioners may fell lands, &c. not necessary for the purposes of the a. Iohabitants impowered to lay pipes to communicate with those




laid by the commissioners. Such persons to give 2 days previous notice to furveyors of the highways, and to pay him 4d. per square yard broken up, and it no notice given, penalty 5s. Power to take and use the water in cases of fire. Penalty ou obstructing the works, sl. and not less than 5s. one moiety to the treasurer for the works, and the other to the informer. Commissioners may make rates on tire second Saturday in May yearly. No person to be rated, but such as give notice to be supplied with water. Rites to be signed by commissioners, and confirmed by two juftices. Recovery of rates after 10 days demand, by warrant of 2 justices, by distress and file of goods Brewers, distillers, &c. to pay an additional rate, to be fixed by the commisioners. Poor persons exempt from rates, for rent un. der 583. per ann. and may take water from the publick cisterns in the town. Power to borrow money, and to align the works, &c. as a security. Securities may be transferred. Application of the money. Ratcs, &c. to be made exempt from taxes, &c. Proceedings of the commissioners to be entered. Accounts of the commissioners to be closed at the end of every year. Commissioners may act as justices. Act 28 Gev. 2. C. 41. for light. ing the streets, &c. of the said town, recited. Provisions of that act extended to such parts of the town as are not comprised therein, and to the neighbourhood. Signs, &c. projecting into the streets, to be removed. Penalty on occasioning annoyances in the streets, or within 1,000 yards of the hars, 20s. tor every offence. Water spouts regulated, to come within 6 inches of the ground, penalty ss. per week. Power to cause the streets to be cleansed. Recovery of penalties by distress, to be redeemed in s days, or fold, and if not fufficient distress, 2 juftices to commit offenders. Penalties to go one moiety to the informer, and the other to the poor of Leeds. Inhabitants deemed competent witnesses. Appeal to the quarter sessions. Limitation of actions on 30 days notice, and within 4 months to be laid in the county of York. General illue. Treble costs Rights of the corporation saved. Expences of the act to be paid out of constables rate. Publick a&t.

CA P. LXIX. An act for amending and enlarging the powers of, and rendering more

eflectual, an act made in the twenty-tighth year of the reign of his prefent Majesty, intituled, An act for pulling down the church of Saint James at Clerkenwell

, in the county of Middlesex, and for building a new church, and making a new church yard, or cemetry, in the faid parish, with convenient avenues and pallages thereto; and for purchas, ing Pentonville chapel, and making the fame a chapel of eale to the laid

church. 28 Geo. 3. C. 10. Trustees have proceeded in the execution of the act. Trustees empowered to purchase certain premises to enlarge the church yard, and the usual clauses relating to such purchates. The tėgal estate of premises vested in the trustees. Purchase monies to be paid out of the bank, upon application to the court of chancery by the parties intitled, to be laid out in other purchases: and in the mean time dividends to be paid to the parties intitled. Money agreed for may be paid. Truftees iinpow. ered to purchase Pentonville chapel and burial ground. Lease for 21 years at 40l. per ann. renewable every 21 ycars; purchased at s,cool. Trustees to give so bonds for zool. each,' with interest at 4 per cent. The bishop of London to confecrate the fame, and the parish' to renew the leafe, se: curing to Mr. Penton certain pews, No. 39, 40, and 41 in the west gallery, in the chapel, and a vault under the same. To convey to trustees one acre of ground in the parish of St. Mary Illington, at the northwest end of Winchester Street. Clerk of the chapel to pay to the clerk of the church a proportion of the fees. Trustees may fell the vaults under the church and chapel, and may demise premises purchased under the former and this act. Trustees may sell such premises as are found to be unnecessary for the purposes of the act. Truitees may raise a further sum, not exceeding 13,000l. Apportioning the rates between persons removing from, and perlons coming into any house, &c. Allowances to the veftry clerk, 201,


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and to collector sol. Trustees to pay balances due to the churchwardens. Legal eltatrs of premises left in trutt for the parish to be divested out of the heirs at law, &c. and velted in the trustees. Powers of the former act not altered by this act) extended to this act. Expences of the act to be paid. Publick act.

CAP. LXX. An act to amend an act of the last session of parliament, for providing an additional burial ground for the parish of Saint James, Weftininfter, and recting a chapel adjoining thertto, and also a house for the refilence of a clergyman to officiate in burying the dead. 29 Geo. 3. C. 47. Trustees may remove the reader, preac':er, and offcers. Additional trustees. Bishop of London, vilitor. If the money to be raised by the former act is intuficient, the defiçiency to be made up cut of the church rate. Trustees impowered to charge the church ratis and the pews with the money to be borrowed. Power to raise all or part of the money by granting annuities at 10l. per cent. Annuities n'ay be trarsferred. "The manner of disposing of the overplus, varied as the veftry laall direct

. How the chapel, &c. is to be built, according to a plan. Expences of the act. Publick act.

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CA P. LXXI. An ad for taking down the church and tower belonging to the parish of Saint John at Hackney, in the county of Middletex, and for building another church and tower for the use of the said parish, and for making an additional cemetry or church yard. Trufces. If trustees die, or refuse, or become disabled to act, new truftees to be appointed by the parishioners. Qualification of trustees, rated 4 gol. per ann. Not to act where interested. Meeting claufes as utual. All acts done by five trustees to be valid. Proceedings to be entered. Trustees in the commission of the peace may act as justices. Trealurer, daca appointed. Actions in the naine of treasurer. Power to trustees to purchate land in Church Field, for the scite of the new church and the ditional burying ground, containing

6 acres, 1 rood, and 4 perches. To. Thomas Ryder and Mary Ryder, 800l. and to Richard Benyon, and Peter Beauvoir, 17sl

. Purchase monies to be paid out of the monies to be raised under this act. Tenants to quit on three months notice. New church to be built, and additional church yard provided. New church not to be begun building until a plan, estimate, &c. shall have been formed and ap. çaored of. Refidue of the said close or field may be let. Old church, de to be taken down, and materials fold, and such part of the

scite of the olid church as may not be built upon to remain as confecrated ground. Power for trustees to inclose the old chancek. Building in the old church paid to be taken down. Church to be completed within three years. Name of new church and church yard, the parish church and church yard of St. John at Hackney, in the county of Middlesex; divine service, matrimony, baptisms, burials, &c. to be performed by the rector, vicar, a curate, in the old church and church yard. Old church yard to remain as such. Rights of the rector, and right of presentation, preserved. Church and church yard to be vested in trustees. 'Allotment of pews to the vicar and churchwardens. Dues and duties payable at the old church, fach and the fame to be paid and received at the new church. Pews or seats may be let to schools. Monuments to be taken down; and placed in the ate of the old, or in the new church. Marquis of Downthire's chapel and vault to remain on its present scite, and to be made good out of the aaney raised, as by agreement with the trustees. No burials in the new church; nor within twenty feet of the walls. Right of rector in new ciacel, and may be used by him. Affefiment for rate to be made for paling money to answer the purposes of the act, not above sd. per pound. Pates payable quarterly. Tenants to pay the whole, and deduct half out

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