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ing weight, collectors may weigh vessels. Weight of the lading to be marked on the vessels. Navigation to be free, upon payment of the rates. Power to compel payment of money subscribed to be lent. Rates to be assigned for securing

such money. Power to raise a further fum of 14,300l. at interest, or by granting annuities. Securities may be transferred. If the trustees borrow a further sum than subscribed, a preference shall be given to the subscribers. Application of the money, to pay annuities, principal and intereft. Mortgages may be paid off by lot, if the trustees think fit. If more money be borrowed than the sum fubfcribed, the subscribers not to be paid off till the other money be discharged, unless they defire it. When mortgages and annuities are paid off, rates to be reduced. Lords of manors and land owners may erect warehouses, &c. on their lands; and

may take the like rates as taken by the trustees. Commissioners impowered to fix the rates of freight and porterage. Truftees, in their private capacity, not to be concerned in carrying goods for hire, without consent of commissioners. Trustees may, with consent of the commisfioners, carry goods for hire. Boats to be gauged. Penalty on floating timber, overloading boats, or not shutting drawbridges ; or throwing ballaft into the river, 40. and on obftructing the navigation, ss. an hour. Penalty on opening locks, &c. sl. and not less than 405. Damage done by the boats or crews to be made good. Punishing persons wilfully des ftroying works, guilty of petty larceny. Truftees may make rules for regulating the navigation. Millers authorised to let off the water for repair ing their flood gates or suices. Rivers not to be under the power of commissioners of fewers. Right of lords of manors to fisheries referved. Penalty on carrying fishing tackle on board any boats, sl. Land owners may ufe boats free of the rates, in certain cases. If boats laden, to pay for ten ton. Trustees impowered to extend the navigation above Stowa upland Bridge. Appointment of truftees upon vacancies by the commif. foners. Meeting of the trustees within five miles of the navigation. Trustees may appoint officers; and shall take security from their treasurer and collectors." 'Viêtuallers not to hold places of profit under the act. Officers to account. Penalty on refufal, may be committed to gaol. Accounts and proceedings of trustees to be entered, and accounts to be anpually, audited by the commissioners. In whose name actions may be brought. Trustees in their private capacities, not liable to any debts, &c. Commissioners to take an oath. Meetings of the commissioners. Com. miffioners may hold meetings upon emergencies. Meetings to determine disputes, &c. Commissioners to appoint a clerk. Proceedings of the commissioners to be entered. Commiffioners may act as juftices. No justice or commiffioner to act where interested, or holding a place of profit under the act. Penalty on trustees and commissioners acting, not being qualified. Recovery of forfeitures. Diftress not deemed unlawful for want of form. Persons aggrieved may appeal to the quarter feflions, Limitation of actions. General ifsue. Treble costs. Rights of the corpo tion of Ipswich faved.

CAP. LVIII. An act for draining, dividing, and inclosing certain moors, commons, or Penalty on witnesses not attending, commitment to gaol for 6 months. Penalty for giving false evidence, lame as perjury, Draining powers into the river Bruc, in Somerfet hire. Satisfaction for damages done to private property. Survey to be made. Roads 40 feet broad. Appointment of Surveyor to repair roads. Parish roads, &c. to continue. For enabling saamiffioners to borrow money. Allotments for sale to defrag expences. Application of overplus monies, to be laid out in lafting improvements. Gimmitooners to account. Allotment in lieu of foil equal to one twenbitke part of the lands undisposed of. Allotment of residue of moor sually. Allotment for turbary rights on Weft Heath to be adequate to ht. Allotments to be in bar of right of common. Regulation of the

wafte lands, called Edington, otherwise Burtle Moor, East Heath, Welt Heath, and Clyde Batch, within the hamlet of Edington, and pa

rifh of Moorlinch, in the county of Somerset. Commissioners, Thomas Davies, Samuel Kingdon, and John Silke. New commissioners, in the room of any of them dying, or refusing to act, to be elected in one month. Commissioners not to be interested. Commissioners to take an oath. The oath, Allowance to commiffioners. Regulations for commiffioners meetings. Notice of meeting. Incroachments made within 20 years to be deemed part of the moors. Commiffioners to perambulate. Claims affecting the boundaries. Time of delivering in claims. Claims not objected to the 2d, 3d, or 4th meeting of commissioners, to be allowed, and final. Claims objected to, to be examined into by commiffioners. Notice of trial to be given, and allotments suspended. On neglect to proceed to trial, commiflioners to determine.


of copyhold or leasehold allotments. Repair of rhines, ditches, and rber fences. Power to exchange mesluages, farms, &c. Wills, &c. not a be prejudiced. Leases at rack rent, &c. to be vacated. Award. Apo

to feffions. Saving rights of lords of manors. General faving. Pube

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CA P. LIX. bu za for more effe&tually embanking the marsh called Malldraeth and Corddaugau, in the county of Anglesey, and draining and preserving the same, and the inclosed low lands contiguous thereto. See 28 Gco. 3.

. 71. Framble recites act 28 Geo. 3. Power to make a further rate upon the zh, and alfo a rate upon such inclosed lands as will be benefited by the mbankment and drainage of the marsh. Commissioners impowered to ter upon the inclosed lands, to ascertain improved value. Expences of the act. Publick act.

CAP. LX. do zą for effe&tually carrying into execution two acts, of the fixteentu and twenty-fifth years of his present Majesty, for making and main. taining a navigable canal from the Stourbridge navigation to the Bird mingham and Birmingham and Fazeley canal navigations, in the counties of Worcester and Stafford. Gco. 3. C. 66. 25 Geo. 3. c. 87. Power to raise 10, 100l. upon the a proprietors. Power to recover fubscriptions by action at law. Pro. prietors may hold 33 shares. If fractions of shares be afligned to trustees, They may act as proprietors. Interest to be paid to the new proprietors as per cent. When the extenfion is complete, a further sum may be borrowed, and the rates afligned as a security. Form of allignment. alignments may be transferred. Form of transfer. Interest to be paid prior to dividends. Power to open communications with coal and other mines near the canal. Clause in the 16 Geo. 3. reftraining the making reservoirs on Penfent Chase, or on the south-eait fide of a boundary leading from Knowle Brook House, in the parish of Dudley, repealed. Expences of the act. Publick act.

CAP. LXI. do a&for authorifing and enabling

the right honourable George carl of Mount Edgcumbe, and Reginald Pole Carew esquire, to establish and maintain a common ferry over and across the river Tamer, between a certain place north of Plymouth Dock, in the parish of Stoke Damarels in the county of Devon, and Torpoint, in the parith of Antony Saint Jacob, otherwise Antony in the East, in the county of Cornwall. Doe earl of Mount Edgcumbe and Reginald Pole Carew efq: authorised

eftablish a ferry, as mentioned in the title of the act, and to remove
obftru&tions, &c. Paffengers in the ferry to pay the following tolls: for
hot passengers each id.
- Horses, mules, or alles

, laderd
' or unladen,

1d. Carriageo-drawn by one horse, &c. 18. 6d.-By a horses, 28. 6d. By4 horses, 58.- Por an hearse, 108. 6d. -Por carts drawn by r or a hortes, mod-By-3 08 4 biorles, 58.-By cattle cach, with person attending, 6d


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-For a calf, and do, ad. For a hog do, 2d. -Por a score fheep, tid.~
For a score hounds, sd.

- An hogshead of beer, or other liquor, 6d. Other goods, per ton, 6d.-Corn and grain, per bag, 1-2d. - Hampers, pots, or crooks, per pair 1-2d.–To pay double on Sunday. Power of ditress. Ferry not to ply before four in the morning, and after ten at night, between March 24, and Sept. 29; and before fix in the morning, and eight in the evening, between Sept. 28, and March 25. Penalty for defrauding the ferry, 208. Exception in favour of the office of ordnance. Penalty on finking or damaging any boat or vessel, &c. besides damage, sl. and not less than 208. Maiters and owners answerable for damage done to ships, &c. Ads to be deemed wilful and negligent injuring ferry boat. Persons not to obstruct the ferry: No person liable to damages for landing at other than the regular landing places. Ferry boats may ply at North Corner. Property, &c. of the ferry vested in the earl of Mount Edgcumbe and Mr. Carew. Ferry not to be rated. Distress not to be deemed unlawful for want of form, &c. Personis aggrieved may appeal to the quarter sessions. Saving the rights of the prince of Wales. Limitation of actions. General issue. Treble costs. Publick act.

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An a&t for paving, cleanfing, lighting, and widening the Atreets, Ianes, and

passages; for removing and preventing encroachments, nuisances, and
annoyances; and for regulating the porters and drivers of carts, within
the borough of Truro, and part of the adjoining parishes in the county

of Cornwall. Meeting of the commissioners: to defray their own expences. When commissioners die new ones to be chosen. Number of commissioners not to be less than 60. Qualification of commissioners, 20l. per ann. or sool. Oath. Commissioners may act as justices. Proceedings of the commisSioners to be entered in proper books to be kept for that purpose. Com. miflioners to appoint officers, and required to take security from their treasurer. Property of the pavements, &c. vested in the commiffoners, who may order the streets to be paved, cleansed, and lighted. Power to get materials. Penalty on obstructing the works, 205. Pavement not to be altered without the consent of the commifloners, or 7 of them. Power to provide lamps. Penalty on accidentally damaging lamps, &c. to pay damage. . Commissioners are empowered to contraa for paving, cleanling and lighting the streets. Surveyors to inspect the works. Scavengers duty. Inhabitants to sweep the pavement before their houses. No person to carry away any foil, except the scavengers. Persons at liberty to keep or dispose of for their own use, dung, &c, made or kept in their houses or yards. Penalty not to extend to rubbish occasioned by erecting or repairing any building. Scavengers may lodge dirt in vacant places in the street, with the commissioners consent Regulations touching the emptying of bog-houses. Penalty on causing annoyances in the streets, ros. belides other penalties by law. No carriage to be left in the street. Commissioners may remove nuisances and annoyances. Power to take down the bow windows now erected. Expence of moving signs, &c. to be paid by the owners. Houses, &c. to be built or new fronted, to be made to rise perpendicularly. Nuisances to be removed. Limiting the number of horses drawing on the new pavements, fame as turnpikes, and wheels regulated. Names of the streets to be set up, and the houses to be numbered. For regulating the porters and carmen, and the carriages to be used by them. Commissioners authorised to lay affefiments for defray. ing the expences attending the execution of the act, not above is. 60. per pound. Buildings not subject to be affefled while unoccupied. Power to recover the assessments by distress and sale. Commissioners empowered to borrow money upon the credit of the rates, not exceeding 1,000l. Mo. ney borrowed on the rates to be charged with intereft on the rates. Apo plication of the monics raised for payment of money borrowed with interest, and then for repairs, &c. Commissioners to cause their accounts to be stated annually. Surplus money to be placed in a banker's hands.


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Commissioners not personally answerable for contracts, &c. The act not to discharge the commissioners from payment of the rates. No action to be discontinued on account of the death of the treasurer, Directing the recovery and application of penalties. Inhabitants may give evidence. Inhabitants discharged from statute work when streets are new paved. Jurifdi&tion of the mayor, &c. extended to Kenwyn, Calenick, and Clement Streets. May treat for the purchase of houses, &c. Incapacitated persons citpowered to sell and convey. If such persons refuse to treat, &c. a jury to be fummoned. Jurors may be challenged. Verdict of jury, &c. to be biading, and to be registered. Sheriff, &c. neglecting his duty, may be fined iol. Compensation for premises held for life or long terms of years. Ou payment of purchase money, premises to be conveyed; on default thereof, or if any dispute in the title, the purchase money to be placed out for the use of the persons intitled thereto. Purchase money for premises is settlement to be laid out to the like uses. Market house and Middle Row to be pulled down, and laid into Fore Street. Market that may be built to be coufidered as a publick market. County rates to continue to te raised in Kenwyn, Calenick, and Clement Streets. Right of the cor. poration to hold fairs referved. Appeal to the quarter feflions. Persons distraining not to be deemed trefpaflers on account of defect in proceedings. No plaintiff to recover after tender of amends. Proceedings not to be removed by Certiorari. Limitation of actions. General issue. Treble costs. Publick act.

CAP. LXIII. An ad for preserving the works made for supplying the town of Bradford, in the county of York, and part of the township of Horton, in the parish of Bradford aforesaid, with water; and for the more easy recovery of the rents for the faid water, and to enable the proprietors thereof to borrow money for the improving fuch works. from the spring at North Bierley. Proprietors incorporated by the name of The Company of Proprietors of Bradford Works. For laying the water isto houses in Bradford and Horton. Pavement injured by laying down pipes

, to be made good. No pipe to be affixed, &c. without the consent the proprietors. For ascertaining the rents to be paid for water. Houses under 31. per ann. 38. --above 31. and not 61. per ann. 68.--of rol. per Ma. 105. - under 15l. per ann. 155. — above 15l. and not more than 20l. per ann. 11.-above 2012 per ann. il. 58.-Inn of iol. per ann. sl.--doof Isl. fer ann. sl. 105.--do of 20l. per ann. 21.-above 2ol. per ann. 31. Brewers and other trades to be charged additional rents for water. Occupiers of boules under 31. to pay no more than 2s. Persons paying water rents, št

. not to gain settlements. Penalty on persons taking water, not having agreed with the proprietors for it. Pipes may be taken away from persons sot paying the rent, or letting the water run wafte. In case of fire, water may be taken without making any fatisfaction. For recovery of water trats not paid when due and demanded. Water rents exempt from all taxes or rates. Rents to be divided among proprietors, &c. "Punishing perlons damaging or destroying works, to forfeit 20s. and not under ss. Informations, &c. to be before one justice. Distress not unlawful for want form. Form of

conviction. Appeal to quarter fefiions. Proceedings Tot to be qualhed for want of form. Act not to affect agreements made with owners of lands through which the water is conveyed: The progrietors impowered to borrow 2,000l.; and to assign the water works as a Security. Form of affignment. Grants and assignments to be entered with the clerk; and may be transferred. Form of transfer. Interest to be paid balf-yearly. General saving. Publick act.

CAP. LXIV. 47 248 for establishing a chapel at Ramsgate, in the parish of Saint Lau. rence, in the Isle of Thanet, in the county of Kent, as a chapel of ease to the church of the same parish.

Ground Oround and chapel verted in Mr. Harvey, Mr, Fagg, and Mr. Holman; upon trust to be used as a chapel of eate to the church of St. Laurence. Chapel to be for ever a chapel of case to the church of St. Laurence A curate to be licensed to officiate in the chapel. Trustees to nominate a temporary curate during a vacancy in the curacy of the chapel. Curate made liable to the penalties of non-refidence. His duty described, to read prayers twice every Sunday, and to adminifter the facrament as the law requires, and read prayers every Wednesday and Friday from Lent to Michaelmas, and all saints days, and preach twice every Sunday, except on fa. crament days. Trustees to make allowance to the curate out of the profits to be made by letting out pews. Clerk, and servants of the chapel, to be appointed. Truftees to make profit by letting out the pews, and to keep the chapel in repair. Truftees to receive the rents of pews, upon trult to keep the chapel in repair, and to divide the remainder in ftated proportions. New trustees to be élected, in case of vacancy by death, or otherwise. Trustees to be answerable for their own acts. 'Exemption from parochial rates. Legal estate of the ground and chapel to descend to heirs, according to common law. Saving the rights of the archbishop and archdeacon of Canterbury, and of the vicar and parish clerk of St. Lau. reace. General Saving. Publick act.

CA P. LXV. An act to enable the company of proprietors of the canal navigation from

Leeds to Liverpool, to vary the line of the said canal navigation; and to raise a further sum of money for the purpose of compleating the faid

canal navigations and for other purpofes. AG 10 Geo. 3. C. 114. for making the Leeds and Liverpool canal from Leeds Bridge through the township of Leeds, and through the several townships, parishes and hamlets of Holbeck, Wortley, Armley, Bram. ley, Calverley, Ecclefall, Idle, Shipley, Bingley, Morton, Silfden, Kildwick, Farnell, Bradley, Skipton, Sterton, Thorlby, Gargrave, Bank New. ton, Marton, Coats, Barnolswick, and Salterford, in the county of York, and Foulridge, Coln, Marsden, New Laund, Filley Close, Padiham, Simonftone, Read, Whalley, Billington, Salisbury, Clayton, Ofbaldiftony Balderftone, Samlíbuy, Cuerdale, Walton, Cuerden, Farrington, Leyland, Ulneswalton, Eccleston, Mawdesley, Bispham, Wrightington, Parbold, Newburgh, Latham, Burscough, Scarisbrick, Halsal, Down Holland, Ly. diate, Aughton, Maghull, Melling, Aintree, Netherton, Ford, Litherland, Bortle and Kirkdale, in the county of Lancaster, to the North Lady's Walk, in the town or port of Liverpool, and from thence to communicate with the river Mersey. And for completing the faid navigation, the company might raise 260,00ol. and if not fufficient 60,000l. more. 23 Geo. 3; c. 47. for incorporating the river Douglas navigation with the Leeds and Liverpool. Proprietors impowered to make a deviation from the original line, and to complete the canal from Marsden, Pendle Foreft, Ightenhill Park, Gowthorp otherwise Gawthorp, Padiham, Hapton, Altham, Clay. ton, and Harwood otherwise Great Harwood, until the same shall communicate with the original intended canal at Nab or Banks Wood, in the township of Great Harwood. Company may enter lands for that purpose; and may erect buildings, and do other works. Breadth of the canal and towing path at Dean Člough in Harwood, not above 130 yards in breadth. Powers of former acts to extend to the deviation hereby authorised to be made. Company not to ere&t any other buildings, or do any other acts than what they are authorised to do by the former acts. Two parts of the plan and book of reference to be certified by the speaker. Canal to be made pursuant to the plan and book of reference. Names of land owners not being in the book of reference, to be no prejudice in making canal. Water not to be taken out of the river Aire, nor out of the streams flowing into the said river above Gargrave bridge. After the head level of the canal is navigable, Howden brook to be turned into the river Airc. Water not to be taken out of the river Ribble. Company not to take any water into the deviating cut from the river Henburn. Company not to


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