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pre attefted copies, and the security for payment of money due, &c. Pay. rets for fubfilting contracts shall be made by the committee. When subsing contracts expire, committees may advertise for fresh contracts, by Her of the commissioners. Commissioners to advertise for contractors; al committees, with consent of commissioners, may make contracts. May xenforced by action at law. Commissioners and committees may compund with contractors for the penalties incurred, or non-performance of Antracts; and may employ workmen, carriages, and horses. Duty of utractors for cleanfing the treets. Not to sweep the slop, &c. into any canon fewer, &c. so as to lie within 10 feet of the grate, or 3 feet of 2 channel; once a week to collect duft by ringing a bell

. Contractors leting their duty, to forfeit not more than 1os. nor less than 35. Por zetting alhes being taken by any person but the contractor for cleansing. #ers of former acts for preventing nuisances, &c. repealed, and new Eseny granted. Hackney coaches not to stand or ply for hire in Picca. -., between Air Street and Sackville Street. Penalty on annoyances on foot ways, first offence 58. second ros. third il. Impowering comsingers and committees to enforce observance of building acts, so as to prent incroachments. For regulating bow windows and other projec. . Signs to be placed fat on fronts of houses. Water to be conveyed sa houses in pipes. Palisadoes broke or destroyed or defective, to be saired. Names of the streets to be wrote at or near the entrance, and

des and lamp irons to be numbered. Regulations of this act extended see liberty of the rolls, and part of Park Lane, Piccadilly, from Clarges bet to Hyde Park Corner, and from the south end of Park Lane to the wa fide of Hertford Street, in the parish of St. George Hanover Square,

Bridge Street, Lambeth, in the county of Surrey, but not to make Les on Piccadilly or Park Lane. Recovery and application of penalties. recedings not to be quashed

for want of form, or removed by Certiorari. pitreis not unlawful. * General power of appeal against penalties. Acnas not to be commenced against

commissioners or committees, until after karteen days notice, or tender of amends_is made, nor fix calendar caths after cause of action. General issue. Treble cofts. Costs, charges, tu to be paid out of money raifed by this or former acts.

CA P. LIV, head for vesting the estate and property of the trustees of Westminher fish market in the marine fociety, for the purposes therein mentioned; and for discontinuing the powers of the said trustees. HERE AS an act of parliament was made in the twenty- Preamble. second year of the reign of his late Majesty

, for making a free 22Geo.2.c.49. teket for the sale of fish in the city of Westminster, and for other perpoles in the said aet mentioned; and by the said ałt trustees were apfrented with power to erect and build a fih market within the said 13and certain duties were granted and made payable by all fishermen nd other persons bringing fijns to the faid market, and a piece of grounds Buate near Westminster Bridge, was conveyed to the said trustees, for the purpose of creating and holding the said filh market; and in the 29Geo.2.C.39.

gear of his said late Majesty an act was made for rendering the fir i-mentioned act more

effectual; and by an aɛt made in te thirty-rbird

year of the reign of his faid'late Majefty, certain du- 33 Geo.2.c.27.

granted upon all fishing vessels coming to The Nore, to be plied towards carrying the purposes

of the said several acts into exeraim: and whereas the said trustees endeavoured to eftablish a fish Barket agreeable to the directions of the said acts, but it was found impracticable to establish the same; and the design hath been abandoned several years ago, and the said piece of ground was let upon a building 14


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lease, at a certain reserved annual rent of fixty-five pounds, and the said trustees are now in the receipt of the said rent, and all of the duties granted to them as aforesaid; and are also poffefed of the fum of four thousand two hundred pounds, in the three per centum consolidated bank annuities, being the accumulated produce of the said rents and duties; but the said trustees are not authorised to make any application thereof: and whereas the providing apprentices for fishermen, masters of ships, or other persons employed

in the sea service, being one of the objects of the said act of the twenty-second year of the reign of his late Majesty, in case the said fish market had succeeded, and there had been any surplus money to be disposed of, it is expedient that the estate and property of the said trustees should be applied in augmentation of the fund of the marine society, to be disposed of for the purposes of the faid fociety, or, in such manner as is herein-after directed: may it therefore please your Majesty that it may be enacted; and be it enacted by the King's most excellent majesty, by, and with the advice and consent of the lords spiritual and temporal, and commons, in

this present parliament assembled, and by the authority of the fame, The money

That the said trustees, or any five or more of them, fhall and are belonging io hereby authorised and required, on or before the twenty-ninth the trustees to be transferred day of September one thousand seven hundred and ninety, to cause and paid to,

the said sum of four thoufand two hundred pounds three per cena and the tum consolidated bank annuities, belonging to the said trustees, to ground vested be transferred to the marine society, and also to pay, or cause to in, the marine be paid, to the said marine society, all such money as shall be in society.

the hands of the treasurer to the said trustees, and all other money which they shall be poffefled of or entitled to by virtue of the said acts at the time of making the said transfer (after deducting thereout all charges and expences attending the said trust); and that from and after the time of making the said transfer, all the estate, right, title, and interest, of or belonging to the said trustees, of and in the said piece of ground situate near Westminster Bridgez which piece of ground was conveyed to them by the commiffioners for building Westminster Bridge, by virtue of the power granted to them by the said act of the twenty-second year of the reign

of his late Majesty, shall be, and are hereby vested in the said ma. The duties ține fociety; and the duties granted or made payable to the said upon fishing trustees as aforesaid, by the said act of the thirty-third year of the vefsels to be payable to the reign of his late Majesty, shall also be, and are hereby vested in, Taid faciety.

and shall be payable to, the faid marine society; which money and other property are hereby directed to be transferred and paid to, and vested in, the faid marine society for the uses and purposes herein-after mentioned; (that is to say), The said sum of four thousand two hundred pounds, and the dividends and produce thereof, and the rent reserved by the said lease, and the other money aforesaid (except the produce of the said duties upon fishing vessels) shall be applied and disposed of in like manner as any other estate or money belonging to the said society is to be applied and disposed of; and the produce of the faid duties upon such filhing vessels as aforesaid (after the expences of collecting the same are deducted) shall be applied in binding apprentices to filhermen, or

a time of war, such produce may be applied towards fitting out sops or other persons to serve in the royal navy; and the said mase society shall have the like powers and authorities for appointing an inspector of the fishing vessels coming to the Nore, and of btaining payment of the said duties, as the said trustees had imsediately before the passing of this act; any thing in the said re, sted acts

, or any of them, to the contrary hereof notwithstanding. II. And be it further enacted, That, from and after the mak. The powers is the transfer of the said four thousand two hundred pounds as of the trustees

discontinued, foresaid, all the powers and authorities given to or vested in the and penalties tid truffees, by the said recited acts, or any of them, shall cease payable to the nd determine; and that all such penalties and forfeitures, or any truftees to be art or proportion of such penalties or forfeitures, which were pay- payable to the

marine foask to the said trustees, or to any person on their account, by vir

ciety w of the said recited acts, or any of them, thall belong to the

El marine society, and shall from time to time be paid to fuch - rolon or persons as they shall appoint to receive the same,

III. And be it further enacted, That all the charges and ex- Expences of

rices attending the obtaining and passing of this act ihall be paid the act. ch

of the money belonging to the faid trustees as aforesaid,

IV. And be it further enacted, That this act shall be deemed Publick act, and taken to be a publick act; and thall be judicially taken notice

* as fuch, by all judges, justices, and all other persons, without to facially pleading the same.

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CA P. LV. ad

An act to enable fir William Hamilton, knight of the most honourable or
der of the bath, his heirs and affigns, to make and provide quays, docks,
pians, and other erections; and to establish a market, with proper roads
and avenues thereto respectively, within the manor or lordship of Hub-

berton and Pill in the county of Pembroke.
34 & William Hamilton empowered to ere& quays and buildings, and exe

cate other works. Goods landed on the quays, to pay the same rate of
sha-fage as in the port of London. Penalty on throwing rubbish, &c.
into the creek, or causing

annoyances. Sir William Hamilton to appoint
ay masters. Goods may be landed at the quays to be made under this
t. From such quays on the ealt side of Hubberiton Pill, as are not legal
, sufferance goods may be shipped and landed. Proviso, if shipped,

or landed, and discharged, agreeable to the laws relating to the
Ling's revenue of customs, excise, or falt duties. The quay master's

duty al powers, to ftation Thips, and commanders refusing to obey, to forfeit 48. Regulations for goods landed on the quays. If ships. continue there zbore 2 days, to pay fir Wm.

Hamilton is. per ton, and the like for every 4 hours after. If the goods landed or lying on deck be gunpowder, tar, pitch, hemp, flax, faggots, spirituous liquors, turpentine, hay, straw, talow, or other combustible goods, and not taken away in 24 hours, to pay * Wm. Hamilton 58. per ton for every 24 hours after. A fufficient

number of persons may be appointed to watch the quays. For every offence, sol penalty. Matters or owners of vessels made answerable for damages done by their servants and others. Disputes refpe&ting damages or payments to quay mafter, to be settled by a justice of the peace for the county of Pembroke. For punishing

persona deftroying or injuring the works, as or may mitigate the same as in case of petty. larceny. For eftablishing a market, at the Priory

, or Pil

Farm. After market established, butchers meat and butter not to be sold in any other place within the banor. Market to be always open except on Sundays. Certain market


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payments on butchers meat to be made to fir William Hamilton, for cattle 8d. calves, sheep, &c. 2d. Certain market payments on butter to be paid to fir. William Hamilton, for every firkin, or less, one halfpenny, Penalty on sale of butter in firkins, &c. without its being searched and 'marked, 35. 4d. Penalties in 13 and 14 Car. 2. c. 26, on defective weight and false package of butter, extended to this market. This a& not to extend to quantities of butter under four pound weight. For appointing a clerk of the market. For appointing a publick weighing house in the market. For making bye-laws respecting the markets and works to be made and established by virtue of this act. Bye-laws not to have effect till approved by the judges of aflize or great feffions for the county of Pembroke. For setting out roads and ways. Treasury empowered to lease certain lands to fir William Hamilton. 'For recovery and application of penalties and forfeitures. Persons aggrieved may appeal to the quarter feffions. Proceedings not to be quashed for want of form. Limitation of actions. General issue. Treble costs. General faving,

CA P. LVI. An act to alter and amend an act, pafred in the last session of parliament,

for making and maintaining a navigable canal from or from near to Cromford Bridge, in the county of Derby, to join and communicate with the Erewalh Canal, at or near Langley Bridge; and also a collateral cut from the said intended canal, at or near Codnor Park Mill, to

or near Pinxton Mill, in the said county. 29 Gco. 3. C. 74, recited. No more than 1-20th of the water of the Derwent to be taken for the time allowed. Quantity of water flowing under Cromford Bridge to be ascertained ; and none to be taken for the canal, unless 570 tons per minute passes under the bridge. When that quantity passes under the

bridge, a certain proportion may be taken for the canal, 1-20th part of the average for 48 hours ; víz. from 4 every Thursday af. ternoon till 4 every Saturday afternoon. Cromford fough, and Bonfall brook, if diverted into the Derwent, below Cromford Bridge, or into another channel, to be deemed part of the water at Cromford Bridge. Mode of ascertaining the quantity of water in Cromford fough and Bonfall brook, to be measured on a certain day in 1790, and a certificate of the average quantity, by the engineer, tó be recorded at the firft general quarter féssions in 1791, to be signed by the clerk of the peace, to be evi: dence of the fame. Manner of taking water from the Derwent at four places on the ground belonging to the Cromford Čanal company only, on the surface or at the sides of the canal, and not at the bottom thereof. Water of the soughs running into the Derwent, not to be diminished by means of the canal. No water to be taken into the canal from mines weftward of the tunnel, except at the places and times mentioned. Weirs to be made westward of the tunnel three inches lower than the weirs on the summit level eastward of the tunnel, so that all the waste water may. Aow into the Derwent. Back drains to be made to the canal westward of the tunnel, in all places found to leak, so that such leakage water be con veyed into Derwent, or streams belonging. Bed of the river at Cromford Bridge to be made level before any water taken for the cana). Persons in. terested in the Derwent, to have access to the places where water shall be taken into the canal. An engineer to be appointed to examine the quan: tity of water taken from the Derwent, &c. * An engineer to be appointed by justices at the seffions, and to take the oath, &c. Owners of mills and works on the Derwent may appoint agents to inspect the taking the water. Engineers and agents to be paid by the Cromford Canal company. Verdicts of juries may be removed by Certiorari. If Cromford Canal company become unable to make good damages, the power of diverting the water of the Derwent to cease. Erewalho Canal company may open (huttles of the locks on the Cromford Canal, &c. And may open locks

when boats loaded

pafs from a higher to a lower level of the Cromford Canal. Times of holding general assemblies varied, as they shall appoint. Manner of appointing

committees varied, nine persons each, and five to at?. Sir


Richard Arkwright to be entitled to lead mines discovered in his lands." Darley weirs may be raised in certain cafes to the height of twelve inches: above the level they now are placed, making a compensation to the proprictor for damages. Publick act.

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Ar ał for making and maintaining a navigable communication between

Stowmarket and Ipswich, in the county of Suffolk.
Trutees. Trustees impowered to make the navigation of the river Gip..
pun trom Stowupland Bridge to two furlongs below Hanford Bridge; and
sarigable cut to join the Orwell; to scour the Orwell to Stoke Bridge,
and the common quay at Ipswich, &c. to dig and cut banks of the rivers ;
to erect bridges, &c. Stones or posts marked, to denote distances; and
other works; to alter, repair, and amend the works; to divert, alter,
and enlarge ways, bridges, &c. and do other necessary works; to take
lands adjoining or near the rivers ; making satisfaction for damages. This
ad an indemnity to trustees. No wharf, &c. to be made between Bor-
mere Mill and Hanford Bridge; or house, &c. to be taken, without con-
fent of owners and occupiers, except certain gardens, &c. in the parish of
Stowmarket. No lock to be made lo as to damage any mill, &c. Breadth
of the rivers, cuts, and towing-paths; rivers to be not above 18 yards,
except where cuts above 3 feet above surface of water, and there 20 yards.
Bodies politick, &c. impowered to sell lands. Lands separated into small
parcels may be exchanged or sold. Contracts declared valid, and to be
inrolled with clerk of the peace. Copies to be evidence. Commissioners
appointed for determining differences, who may ascertain damages to be
done to lands, &c. If trustees or others are diffatisfied with determina-
tons of commiffioners, or proprietors, &c. fhall refuse tender of satisfac-
tion, jury to be summoned. Jury to afTess damages, and sums or annual
rent to be paid. Commissioners to give judgement. Witness to be paid
for expences, trouble, and loss of time. Expences of jury and inqueft, if
they give more than previously offered, to be paid by trustees, if lefs, by
the party. Notice of injury to proprietors before complaint. Penalty on
giving false evidence, perjury. Verdicts, &c. to be recorded, and trans-
mitted to the clerk of the peace, and kept among records. On payment
e security for sums or annual rents, trustees may take and uie lands.
This act an indemnity for so doing. Commiffioners to settle proportions
to the several persons interested. Application of the purchase money be-
longing to corporations, &c. to the persons intitled to the premises. An.
nual rents charged upon the rates; and if not paid, commislioners may
qpoint a collector of the rates. Trustees impowered to sell land not used
for the purposes of the act. Towing paths to be separated from the ad-
joining lands and bridges, &c. by the truftees. Watering places for cattle.
Banks to be made against rivers and cuts. At fords rendered impaffable,
bridges, &c. to be made ; and to be maintained by trustees. In default
thereof, the same may be done by land owners, who shall be repaid the
expence by the truftees. If the water be raised, the banks to be propor.
tionably raised. Stones to be set up, and the heighth of the water marked
thereon. Overfalls to be made. Rates of tonnage to be collected. Por
corn, hops, stone, timber, and other goods (except coal), id. per ton
per mile: for coal, one halfpenny per ton per mile. Commissioners im-
powered to increase the rates of tonnage. Rates of wharfage as the com-

affioners shall appoint, and the order for the fame to be kept amongit the records of quarter feffions, and advertised in newspapers. Vessels of leis burden than 35 tons lading to be charged as having 35 tons. Manure exempted from rates, unless the commissioners direct to the contrary, and then to be subject to fame rates as coal. What quantity of timber fhall be deemed a ton; viz. 40 cubic feet

of oak, ash, elm, or beech timber, and so cubic feet of fir or deal balk, poplar, or birch, not cut into scantlings, to be deemed a ton

weight. Recovery of rates. Truftees may reduce the rates. Rates not to be altered until after three months notice. Rates not to be leafed. Masters of boats to give account of lading. In case of difference concern

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