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GEORGE W. NORRIS, Nebraska, Chairman.
FRANK B. BRANDEGEE, Connecticut. WILLIAM F. KIRBY, Arkansas.
PHILANDER C. KNOX, Pennsylvania.

ELLISON D. SMITH, South Carolina.
FRANK B. KELLOGG, Minnesota.

THOMAS P. GORE, Oklahoma.





Washington, D. C.
The committee met at 10 o'clock a. m., in the room of the Com-
mittee on Claims, Senator George W. Norris, presiding, pursuant
to call.

Present: Senators Norris (chairman), Knox, and Brandegee.
Also present: Edwin J. Prindle (Prindle, Wright & Small

, coun-
sellors at law, the Trinity Building, 111 Broadway, New York City),
member and secretary of the patent committee of the National
Research Council.

Wallace R. Lane, representing Patent Law Association of Chicago,
and chairman of patent, trade-mark, and copyright section of Amer-
ican Bar Association.

William Houston Kenyon, representing the New York County
Lawyers' Association, and chairman of the committee on patents
and trade-marks of that association. 61 Broadway, New York City. .

John Imirie; patent lawyer, Washington, D. C.

Thomas Ewing, ex-Commissioner of Patents, Washington, D. C.,
now a member of the New York bar.

Thomas E. Robertson, representing the American Patent Law

Arthur C. Fraser, from the committee on patents of the National
Association of Manufacturers.

Henry D. Williams, patent lawyer, 61 Broadway, New York City.
Lindley M. Garrison, lawyer, New York City.
F. D. McKenney, lawyer, Washington, D. Č.

Elmer A. Sperry, inventor of the gyroscopic compass, used on all
the allied war vessels.

Delos Holden, East Orange, N. J., representing Thomas A. Edison.

Robert Brannigan, representing the Automobile Chamber of

Dr. Charles L. Parsons, representing the American Chemical
Society, with whom were the following members: Prof. A. B. Lamb,
Harvard University; Dr. W. D. Bigelow, National Canners' Asso-
ciation; Dr. A. L. Day, geophysical laboratory, Carnegie Institu-
tion of Washington; Dr. George W. Coggeshall, Institute of Indus-
trial Research; F. F. Fitzgerald, Washington, D. C.; E. F.
Kohman, Indianapolis, Ind.

Prof. J. C. W. Frazier, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md.
Prof. Herbert L. Moody, College of the city of New York.
Dr. R. S. Tour, Berkeley, Calif.


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Dr. A. T. Larsen, professor Carlton College, Northfield, Minn.

Dr. E. G. Zies, geophysical laboratory Carnegie Institution of Washington.

Dr. Henry S. Washington, geophysical laboratory, Carnegie Institution of Washington.

William R. Ballard, representing the American Telephone & Telegraph Co. and the Western Electric Co.

Edmund G. Borden, representing H. L. Dougherty & Co., owners of 123 public utility companies and 35 oil production, refining, and pipe-line companies.

Milton Tibbetts, Packard Motor Car Co. and chairman of patents committee, National Association of Manufacturers.

George_A. Weschler, representing the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, with 12,000 members.

William J. Kent, representing the United States Rubber Co.

Maj. P. V. Hollenbeck, representing the International Paper Co. and the Mergenthaler Linotype Co., New York.

Maj. William Bowie, representing the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Prof. Charles F. Scott, professor of electrical engineering of Yale University and past president of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, representing said institute.

The following members of the National Association of Manufacturers;

Enos Paullin, of Ferracute Machine Co., Bridgeton, N. J.

G. L. Markland, jr., president of Philadelphia Gear Works, Philadelphia, Pa.

William J. Kent, of United States Rubber Co., New York City.

Edward Kerschner, Washington, D. C., of Standard Underground Cable Co.

D. E. Loewe, hat manufacturer, Danbury, Conn.

Charles Lyon Russell, of S. K. F. Industries (Inc.), makers of ball bearings, New York City.

The following representatives of the General Electric Co., Schenectady, N. Y.:

Mr. Charles E. Tullar.

R. B. Parker (Edison lamp works of General Electric Co., Harrison, N. J.).

A. F. E. Horn, Washington, D. C. R. P. Parrott (Edison lamp works, Harrison, N. J.). H. L. Davis, Washington, D. C. L. F. Blaisdell, Washington, D. C. Claude H. Mott. Russell A. Warner. Max Weisford. Wakeman Rider. William H. Atkinson. Wesley G. Carr, Pittsburgh, Pa., patent attorney for Westinghouse Electric Manufacturing Co., and chairman of the Electrical Manufacturers' Club, composed of electrical manufacturers throughout the United States.

S. Mortimer Ward, of New York City, representing the Curtiss Aeroplane Co.

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