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House of LORDS, July 1. which you have prosecuted the inquiries The Earl of Liverpool gave a state

into the state of Ireland, which be rement of the progress made during the commended to you at the opening of the present Session in disposing of the beavy Session. It is a particular gratification arrear of APPEAL CAUSES ; of 222 cases to his Majesty, that the tranquillity and on tbe list at the commencement of the improved condition of ibat part of the Session, 126 bad been disposed of, while United Kingdom, bave rendered the exbe nomber of new cases entered was traordinary powers wi'b wbicb you had bu: 99, being 10 less iban last year, and invested bis Majesty no longer neces30 less tban the year before. Thus it sary for the public safety. His Majesty might be seen, he said, that not only was is happy to be able to announce to you, the arrear rapidly diminishing, but the that he receives from all Foreign Puwers disposition to enter appeals was abating the strongest assurances of their friendly in proportion, doubtless because there disposition towards this Country; and was no longer a prospect of their afford- of their desire to maintain the general ing any opportunity for delay. The peare. While bis Majesty regrets the noble Earl concluded by paying a hand- continuance of the war in the East Insobe rompliment to the Deputy Speaker dies with the Burmese Government, he (Lord Gifford).

trusts that the gallant exertions of the July 4.-The Earl of Liverpool moved British and Native forces, employed in the Order of the Day for the House go- operations in the Enemy's territory, ing into Committee upon the Combina- may lead to a speedy and satisfactory tion Laws.-The Marquis of Lansdowne, termination of the contest. wbile be admitted the urgent necessity “ Gentlemen ofthe House of Commons, for some strong measures to repress the “We have it in command from his tyrannical assumptions of the combined Majesty to thank you for the Supplies manufacturers, complained of the late wbich you have granted to him for the period of tbe Session at wbich it was in- service of the present year; and, at the troduced. - The Earl of Lwerpool ex

same time, to express the satisfaction plained, that the necessity for introduc- which he derives from the reduction you ing the Bill at all bad arisen out of the have found it practicable to make in the wild and mischievous Law of last Ses- burthens of the people. sion, which bad been forced furtively

My Lords, and Gentlemen, through their Lordships' House; and Ibat ihe late period was ibe consequence

“ His Majesty has commanded us to of the length to wbich the Cummons'

assure you, that he is highly sensible of Committee protracted its inquiry.--The the ineasures you have adopted, in the

the advantages wbich must result from House i ben went into the Committee, the Bill was reported, and (tbe Standing

course of this Session, for extending the Order being suspended) read a third

commerce of bis subjects, by be retime, and passed.

moval of unnecessary and inconvenient restrictions, and from the beneficial re

laxations which you have deemed it exPROROGATION OF PARLIAMENT, July 6. pedient to introduce into the Colonial

Parliament was this day prorogued by system of this Country. These measures, commission to tbe 25th August, his Ma- his Majesty is persuaded, will evince to jesty being, from indisposition, inca. bis subjects in those distant Pussessions pable of attending. The Lord Chancel- the solicitude with which Parliament lor read tbe following speech on the oc- watches over their welfare. They tend casion :

to cement and consolidate the interests “My Lords and Gentlemen,

of the Colonies with those of the Mother “The business of the Session being Country; and bis Majesty confidently dow brought to a conrlusion, we are trusts i hat tbey will contribute to procommanded by bis Majesty to express mote that general and increasing prothe great satisfaction which he feels in sperity, on which his Majesty bad the seleasing you from your laborious at- bappiness of congratulating you on the tendance in Parliament. His Majesty opening of this Session, and which, by returns you bis warmest acknowledge the blessing of Providence, continues to ments for the real and assiduity with pervade every part of this Kingdom."


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and, when his assailant was renewing One of the most si upendous commer. . bis attack, one of the spectators cried cial undertakings the world has ever with a Stentorian voice, “Take good heard of is just organized in France; it care, Sombrero," (this was a niek-name is indeed, rather an European than a of the bull-tighter,) " for there is some French concern, as there are French, difficulty in killing the Negras," (a name English, Germani, Dutch, and Russian, given to the Constitutionalisis), " and among the founders. The object of the people can't do it as they wish." There Society is to embrace every opportunity was nothing more wanting to exsite disof employing capital to advantage, whe- order among all present at the exhibither for agriculture, canals, bridges, ma- tion, which ierminated only after several nufactures, or commerce, in all its stabs had been given by both parties branobes. The suciety is to receive pro- present. jects of all kinds. Now in France, it

ITALY. seems, there are nearly as many projec- All Naples, and its environs, have been tors as nuses, and it will be difficult for for some time in an entraordinary state a Committee of half a Juzen persons, of agitation, on account of sundry piesitting six lours a day, tu reail, only tures of Madonnas opening tbeir eyes, read, the whole of the projects and pro- or weeping, or shedding blood, or, from spectuses which will be presented to black and time-worn as they were, be'them.

coming bright and fresh as if they had SPAIN.

just been painted. This jufluenza arose A letter from Algesiras, dated the 1st froin the miraculous cales related of the of July, says : “The Columbian corsairs Caserta Mndouna, which bad caused are continually multiplying on the coasts sucb a sensation in every part of Naples of Andalusia'; they burn all the vessels as to call for the interseretice of Guvernwisieb fall into their hands. They bave ment to suppress the disturbances, and ever: burnt vessels in front of Gibraltar, apprehend the supposed promuters of because these pirates could not find any the plot.-On the 141h of July, a few one tu buy them. Six sailors, who week aller the first starting of the Caformed part up the crew of une uf these serta Madonna, all the low orders of the privateers, have been taken prisoners on city of Naples were put in motion by a a point of laud, where they had dared report that a Madonna, painted at the to debark. Gen. O'Donnell would have corner of a dirty lane, just above the shot ibem upun tbe spot, but be bas re. principal street of Toledo, had been seen ferred the mater to Government." to open her eyes, and to smile piryingly.

Madrid, July 7. Syme troubles, seri- Towards noon the rush of mad fanatics qus in their consequences, bave taken was really alarming; and the police place at Seville. In ihe bull-fights, there found itself obliged to apply to the are three sorts of actors: the first, those Austrian Guvernor for troops to place that combat with the animal on burse- abuut the spot. In tbe evening of the

back; ibe second, succeeding them, same day another miraculous Madonna stick darts, surmounted wi:h little ban- was discovered at the street of l'envino

ners, in his back; and the last kill him, (a Saint Giles's like part of Naples) ; by driving a sword down between his and on the following day two or three shoulders. Or the latter there are but other awkward creations of some miser. twu persons; and, on the present occa. able wall-dauber were said to have given sion, one of them was a liberal and the signs of life and commiseration; and a other a royalist. The liberal touk his respectable old priest was nearly murturn first, and, as he was very expert, dered by a 'mob, before the altar, bebe killed his bull with the first blow; cause he would not give an attestation the suyalisi, less successful, dealı five 'in writing that he bad seen a wouden blows against his pour victiin, with crucifix sweat blood. out succeeding in depriving it of lise ; The reign of Lev the Twelfth over the on the contrary, ibe furious creature Papal Siates is already marked with bicaught him after his last attempt, and guery and ultraism. He has instituted tussed hiin high in air, He fell, bowo an asylum fur assassins in Ostia and erer, without receiving any injury, and three other unbealthy towns. The Pareturned to the charge again. Now the pal Edict states, ibat it is for the purbull happened to be of black colour, puse of re-peopling these places. Every


1825.] Foreign News,

73 assassin who dies for refuge to one of ceeded in entirely cutting off the supply these towns, which are about ten'leagues of fresh water. from the spot where the greater number Barbadoes Papers are principally filled of travellers are murdered, is to be free with the proceedings of the Legislature, from furiber pursuit !

the Clergy, and the people, to carry into Not far from the ruins of Vesta's effect the diffusion of religious knowTemple at Rome, was lately heard a sub- Jedge after the forms of the Established terranean noise, wbieb foretold, accord- Church, by erecting a new churcb. So ing to superstitious people, a great cala- Strong is this feeling, that the Wesleyan mity. The Roman police went to the Clergyman, sent out to replace Mr. place; they dug, and discovered a sub- Shrewsbury, declined to land, and bad terraneous passage, and seized upon a proceeded to St. Vincent's, intending man who was surging pieces of money from thence to return to England. stamped with the effigies of Cæsar, Max

EAST INDIES. imilian, Caracalla, Heliogabalus, &c. This novel sort of coiner owned that he

The Burmabs (says the Bengal Hur.

karu) are in general men of low stature, had been carrying on this trade for more tban ten years, and that, thanks to his enduring great privation. They all wear

but stout, muscular, and capable of industry, the antique cabinets of many long hair, which they tie' in a knot on English, German, and French antiqua the forebead, and are generally clad in a Ties, had been enriched. As the law's did not provide against so extraordinary silk resembling plaid, which they fasten

round the middle, so as to make a large a case, this manufacturer of antiquities Jump in front of them. They are alhas been released, upon promising to

most all more or less tattooed ; some sell no more aboli for piastres, or talents

from the navel down to abuut a spau for louis d'ors.

below the knee, and others on one leg GREECE. Accounts from the Morea state that only. They are possessed of amazing Navarino surrendered by capitulation on

activity and strength, and the postures the 18th of May, after a desence of nearly while engaged in pugilistic and other

in wbicha Burmab throws himself, two months, on the condition that the athletic games, are scarcely to be cregarrison, having surrendered its arms

dited. In what we call button, they and ammunition, should be conveyed,

are not inferior to Englishmen; and with its private baggage, in Austrian and English ships, to Calamara. Previous they resemble us, likewise, in their love to ibis event, the Greek Admiral Miau- of boxing, and similar amusements. In lis made a successful attack upon the other Asiatics; as no one, wbo has ever

true bravery they take the lead of all Egyptian armament in the barbour of bad an opportunity of seeing them at Modon, on the night of May 12th, and Rangoon, will be disposed to deny. burned the Asia, a frigate of 44 guns, Touching their peculiar mode of warthree brigs, and three corvettes, all vesbels of war, and some transports. Short fare, we have as yet been able to learn ly after these events in the South-West but little, though we are in hopes of of the Murea, the other Turkish feet, acquiring more interesting and useful that of the Captain Pacba, wbich was

knowledge on that point ere very long;

but we know that every man capable of approaching the Westero cuast, was at. tacked and defeated, with the loss of a

bearing arms is compelled to do so,

when the exigencies of the State require great part of its force, between Andros and syra, by the Greek fleet under Ad- gulation which, with certain modifica

his assistance. This, however, is a remiral Sactouris.

jions, bas been common to almost every AMERICA AND WEST INDIES. nation wbere the art of war was yet in

By advices from Panama, dated early its infancy, and regular armies unknown; in May, we learn that intelligence bad so that it cannot be mentioned as cha reached Lima of an engagement in Up- racteristic of the Burmese. Every Euper Peru having taken place between ropean who may be married to a native Olaneta and Gen. Sucre, in which Ola- Christian is compelled to serve in perfela sustained a total defeat, followed son, on like occasions, or to provide a by the entire dispersion of the forces substitute; and, in prosecuting the preunder his command, Olanela himself is sent war, these rules will doubtless be said to have escaped, but was wander, rigidly enforced. We are informed, and ing as a fugitive, accompanied only by a we believe truly, that the Burmahs are bandful of his followers. The surrender famous for stratagems, and that in the of Callao bad not actually taken place, execution of the bi they display a won, but could not be long, delayed, as the derful degree of patience, coolness, and besieging force on the land side had suc. intrepidity. Hence an ainbusbed Bure GENT. Mag. July, 1825.


74 Foreign News.

(July, mah will not move, though the enemy's on the Aanks and shoulders. The head foot should be within an inch of his was well proportioned to the body, the person; and it must be allowed that

nose prominent, the eyes large, and the There are few who, at such a moment, mouth rather larger in proportion than would be equally still and collected. We that of man ; the chin was fringed with think this a species of information hy a curling beard, reacbing from ear to which our troops may eventually benefit, ear, and the visage by no means disas, by small detachments in particular, gusting. His cbest was wide and extoo much caution cannot be used, how- panding, and waist rather slender; bis ever quiet, and apparently free from legs rather short, as compared with bis enemies, the part in which ihey operate arms; the feet and bands had very nearly may be. One ruse was practised with the human form, except that the thumbs success at Doodpatlie, as appears by the were smaller, and situated bigber todetail wbich a correspondent enabled us wards the wrists, than in man, His lately to give of tbat affair: and, where walk was erect, but waddling and not a war is likely to be protracted, and simi. quick, unless when his hands were used lar stratagems employed in the course to assist, or a branch of a tree, to push of it, we are not sure that a slight check himself along - his chief agility being of the nature alluded to, at the com. shown in climbing trees, and springing mencement, may not prove in the end from branch tu branch, when pursued. more advantageous than otherwise, by The perfect state of his teeth sbewed the necessity which it inculcates, of that he was young, and in full vigour. mingling discretion in a due proportion He was witbout any vestiges of a tail. with chivalrous intrepidity. The bow

ASIA. and arrow, and a short sword called dah,

A Survey uf the Persian Gulf, under having a blade of about a foot and a the direction of Capt. Maude, is in prohalf in length, are weapons with the use

gress, on which two vessels, the Discoof which the Burmese are said to be

very and the Psyche, are employed. Alvery perfectly acquainted ; and tbey pos- ready, about 1,000 miles of a very insess abundant courage to use them

dented coast have been surveyed, from either in close or distant combat. Their Ras-Moosendem, at the entrance of the war-boats are generally from 60 to 120

Gulf, to the island of Bahrein. The feet in length, but very narrow, and

greater part of the rocks here are derowed, or rather paddled, by men who

scribed as basaltic, and thence are insit two abreast the whole length. They ferred to be of volcanic origin. In the are quick and dextrous in the manage. high and rugged cape, which the Ancients ment of them, and to any other than

denominated the Black Mountains, there British enemies must be exceedingly for

are two deep estuaries, whicb have been midable, either on land or water. Indeed, we believe it is owing to their for Cove. Several of the smaller valleys on

named Elphinston's lolet and Colville's mer successes in war that they at pre- this coast are in a high state of cultiva. sent bave su bigb, and, in our eyes, so

tion, by a mixed race of Bedouins and ridiculous a notion of their own belli.

Muscat Arabs. The survey is expected potence, as was evinced by their reply to

to be extended to ibe mouth of the Euour late Proclamation; but we conjecphrates, during the present year. ture that their ideas on that subject will be exceedingly qualified before the ap

PACIFIC OCEAN. proacbing campaign sball be brought to Capt, Hunter, of the Donna Carmea conclusion.

lita, has discovered an island in the An Qurang-Outang, or man-like ape, Southern Ocean, situated lat, 15° 31's. of the unprecedented height of seven and lon, 1760 11' E. from Greenwicb, feet, and of proportionate bulk, bas named Onacuse, or Hunter's Isle. Tbe lately been described by Dr. Abel, to complexion of the inhabitants nearly rethe Asiatic Society of Calcutta. It was, sembles the Malayan, but their expresafter many attempts, killed under a tree, sion of countenance approaches more to from which it had fallen in consequence European. Both men and women bave of several bullet-wounds, at Ramboon, the little finger of the left-band cut on the Western coast of Sumatra; hav. down to the first joint. Most of them ing, as is supposed, wandered from the are tattooed with red, and wear armlets. large and almost impenetrable forest The women have their faces cut, and situated about two days' journey inland, daubed with blood. They are excellent The skin of this extraordinary creature swimmers. In their traffic they shew is preserved in the Museum of the So- great probity, and a politeness very unciety: it is of a dark leaden colour, common. The island is, for the most covered, unequally, with brownish red; part, composed of lava, which, in some shaggy, and glossy hair, which is long places, resembles metal.


[ 75 ]



West of England, the following is the An aggregate meeting of Catholics average rate of earnings:---Pickers 38.6d. tas recently beld in Dublin, when it was a week; spinners from 6s. to 8s. a week; agreed to form a new Catholic Associa- weavers from 8s. to 168. a week: shear. tion. Lord Gormanston was in the chair, men from 10s. 6d. to Il. ls. a week; and the meeting was very numerous. burlers 10d. a day; billyboys from 2s. to The new Association is to be formed un- 38. a week; feeders from 3s. 6d. to 48. der the advice of a Committee composed a week; sioobers from 10s. 6d. to 15s. a of some of the leading members of the week ; millmen and gigmen, who bave Catbolic body. The Catholics disclaiın much night-work, earn about a guinea the intention of doing any thing which a week. In some branches of this trade can be supposed an infringement of the extraordinary good workmen may get Law, and they therefore propose that considerably more than is here stated; the new Association shall confine itself but a respectable manufacturer says to objects which are specially or virtutbat, upon the whole, the preceding ally legalized in the late Act, viz, the statement is rather above than below construction of chapels, the diffusion of the average. There was lately established education, and tbe promotion of Irish at Shepton Mallet a lace manufactory, agriculture; tbe encouragement of the but the earnings of the persons engaged consumption of Irish manusactures, and in it are not more than one-third of the extension of Irish commerce; the those paid in Nottingbam about last refutation of charges made against the March. The lace-machines have lately Catholics, and the promotion of mutual experienced a great depression in price; toleration and kindness, through the they bave fallen more than one balf. press. It is also agreed that the Asso- The crape-weavers at Shepton Mallet eiation shall ascertain the population of bave lately struck. According to their the several religions in Ireland, and par- masters' statements, they earned about tieularly the numbers of youth of each los. a week, but the men say not more persuasion in a course of education. It than from 6s. to 8s. Two hundred bands was also agreed to petition for a repeal are now wanted in this trade in the viciof the late Statute against the Catholic nity of Sheptun Mallet alone. Association; and a subscription was im- There are still many disciples of Jomediately entered into, to carry into ef- banna Southcott at Ashton-under-Lync, fece the purposes of the meeting. and one of them, John Wroe, bas as

sumed the character of a prophet, and

in a published rhapsody calls upon his INTELLIGENCE FROM VARIOUS fellows to assume the name of “True PARTS OF THE COUNTRY.

Israelites," to abandon such of their

garments as contain a mixture of linen As some workmen were lately em- and wool, and to put away all pictorial ployed in making a drain near Foss- representations. Five respectable genbridge, in York, ibey discovered three tlemen have actually signed their names distinct pavements, at various distances

to a paper recommending this rbapsody below the surface of the street, the to the obedient attention of mankind. lower one, at tbe depth of about twelve The Church built by the National feet, having the appearance of being Commissioners at Tildesley, Lancashire, formed upon a swampy ground, wbicb (see vol. xcii. i. p. 461,) bas been rein all probability bad formerly been the cently completed, and during the last bed of the river ; a conjecture which is month bas been epricbed with three fari ber strengibened by the fact that painted windows, executed by Willesome planks, evidently the sides of a ment, and presented by Mr. Ormerod, ship or other vessel, were found amongst the proprietor of the surrounding estate. the rabbish. Several clippings of leather in the central window is a copy of the were also found, and amongst them altar-piece at Magdalen College, Oxford, some sboe-soles, wbich prove to be (with some sligbt variations introduced, formed of untanned bides, and what is in order to adapt it to the general style bost singular i bey are made rights and of architecture,) and the others are com. lefts, an invention which we believe bas posed of tracery in imitation of antient been considered by “the craft" as ap- painted glass in Lincoln Cathedral, on pertaining to the present century, which are ranged shields and scrolls la the woollen manufacturies in the with brief inscriptions, forming a series


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