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OBITUARY. wards of 38 years chief night-constable of Nov. 1. Aged 75, Peter Thorne, esg. of the ward of All Saints, Bristol, and more Manor-house, Gunnersbury. than 40 years funeral featherman in the Nov. 5. Aged 82, W. Gosling, esq. of house of Messrs. Penton and their predeces- Edmonton. sors in High-street, Bristol.

Nov. 16. At his seat at Enfield, aged 66, Lately. Mrs. Gist, wife of Josiah Gist, Lieut.-Col. Riddell. He was appointed Lieut. esq. of Wormington Grange.

66th foot April 19, 1798 ; Captain Dec. 24, Lately. At his sister-in-law's, Clarence- 1802 ; Capt. 50th foot, May 25, 1803; place, Bristol, Mr. Joseph Grimes, late of fajor by brevet, Dec. 10, 1807, and Lieut. Hillgrove House.

Col. June 4, 1814. This officer had been Nov. 5. At his father's, in Park-row, many years on the Staff in different parts of Bristol, aged 30, Capt. Henry Lloyd, of the England, as an Assistant Quarter Master ship Sylvia.

General. HANTS.-Nov. 4. At Ashe Park, Jane, NORFOLK.-Oct. 20. At Norwich, aged third dau. of the Rev. Edw. St. John.

83, James Alderson, M. D. many years an Nov. 13. At Southampton, Ellen, eminent physician in that city. He was the youngest dau. of Zachary Langton, esq. of father of Mrs. Opie. Bedford-row.

Oct. 24. At St. Giles's, Norwich, John Nov. 16. At Portsmouth, the lady of Ditchell, esq. Sir George Garrett.

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE,- Oct. 26. Aged HEREFORDSHIRE.-Ocl. 17. At Drybridge 46, Mrs. Botfield, of Norton-ball, relict of House, aged 47, Hannali Maria, wife of Beriah Botfield, esq. and only dau. of the Thos. Bird, esq. F. A. S. Clerk of the Peace late Dr. Withering. for the County; and youngest surviving dau. Oct. 22. Aged 23, Mary, second dau. 'of of the Rev. Edw. Phillips, M. A. Rector of the Rev. R. W. Wake, Bector of CourteenPatching, and Vicar of West Terring, Sussex. hall.

HERTS.—Nov. 7. At Shenley, Charlotte, NORTHUMBERLAND.-Oct20. At his wife of the Rev. Tho. Newcome, Rector of house, in Ellison-place, Newcastle-uponShenley, and Vicar of Tottenham.

Tyne, aged 77, William Lloyd, esq. distinHUNTINGDONSHIRE.—Nov. 15. Aged 73, guished by his piety, benevolence, integrity, Mrs. Anne Dillingham, widow of the late and firm attachment to the present constituThos. Dillingham, esq. of High Park, Kim- tion both in Church and State, highly rebolton.

spected during his life, and deeply lamented KENT.-Nov. 1. Mary Walsh, widow of at his death. He has bequeathed legacies to James R. St. John Walsh, esq. of the Alien most of the charitable institutions in that town. Department, Gravesend.

OXFORDSHIRE.- Oct. 25. At Charlbury, Nov. 1. At Lydd, Mr. John Gilbert, aged 27, Geo. Cobb, esq. son of the Rev. aged 78. The deceased was walking out Jolin Cobb, D. D. Vicar of the above place. smoking his pipe, when he, from some un

Oct. 28. At his seat, Filkins Hall, known cause, fell down, and the pipe passing Edw. Francis Colston, esq. the representhrough his tongue, entered the roof of his tative of the family of the great benefactor mouth, where it broke and left the piece of Oxford, whose memory is now on the therein, which occasioned his death in two

point of annual commemoration. days.


--Oct. 20. Aged 19, LANCASHIRE.—Oct. 19. Maria Corbett, Sophia, eldest dau. of John Smith, esq. of wife of C. F. Vandeburgh, M. D. Bold- Walcot-terrace, Bath. street, Liverpool.

Oct. 20. Aged 64, Mrs. Pryer, of NorthOct. 22. At Oakhill, Accrington, aged ampton-street,

Bath. 22, Thos. Hoyle Hargreaves, second son of Lately. At Bridgewater, from a cancer in the late Thos. Hargreaves, esq.

his nose, Mr. Sam. Nixon, silversmith. At Orford, near Warrington, aged 78, Oct. 22. In Portland-place, Bath, aged Margaret, wife of Thos. Lowton, esq. late of 64, Mrs. A. Perfect. Appleton, Cheshire.

Oct. 25. At her residence in Pultney-st. Nov. 1. Aged 55, James Ormerod, esq. Bath, aged 60, Mrs. Brymer, relict of the of Chamber-hall, near Bolton.

late Alex. Brymer, esq. Nov. 14. Aged 20, Edw. Bayley, eldest Lately. At Sales House, Shepton Malson of Mr. W. Morton, of Oak Bank, let, Mrs. Tunstall, whose loss will be seChorlton-cum-Hardy.

verely felt by the poor. LINCOLNSHIRE.-At Grantham, Frederick Nov. 3. At Shepton Mallet, the wife of Newcome, solicitor, son of Richard New

W. Purlewent, esq. come, esq.

Nov. 13. At Bath, Eliz. the wife of S. Oct. 22. Aged 70, W. Etherington, esq.

Rolleston, esq. of Gainsborough.

SUFFOLK.-Sept. 17. At Crow Hall, Nov. 4. At Crowle, aged 87, Thos.

Geo. Read, esq. Lightfoot, esq.

Oct. 5. Ať Stratford-Lodge, aged 27, MIDDLESEX.-Oct. 28. In London-road, Frances, wife of Harcourt Firmin, esq. soliTwickenham, Mrs. M. Slaughter.



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(Nor. Oct. 11. At Chattisham, J. T. Hicks, esq. Nov, 4. A:Cornhill, Aberdeen, the seat of

Oct. 14. After a protracted illness, J. B. her son-in-law, David Young, esg. Helen, reR. Leake, esq. a solicitor at Hadleigh. lict of W.Baker,esq.of Fonthill Bishop, Wilts.

Oct. 28. At Bury St. Edmund's, aged 92, Nov. 6. Claud Neilson, esq. of Ardarden, Mrs. Eliz. Braham.

Dumbartonshire, SURREY.—At his house, Upper Tooting, IRELAND. -Oct. 15. In Jervis-str. Dubaged 79, Mr. John Bovill,

lin, aged 79, Elinor, relict of the late Rer. Sussex.-Oct. 10. At Brighton, aged Dr. O'Brien, and sister to the Ven. and Rev. 72, John Hughes, esq. of Abingdon-st. Dr. Ryan, Archdeacon of Lismore.

Oct. 27. At East Gate, Chichester, Nov. 14. At Warren's Grove, co. Cork, Sarah, wife of C, Wentworth Dilkc, esq. Mary, relict of Sir Aug. Warren, bart. for

WESTMORELAND._Oct 6. At Ambleside, merly M. P. for the City of Cork in the Irish aged 73, Mr. W. Baxter. In the same house Parliament, and sister of the Earl of Bandon, in which he breathed his last, he had re- Viscountess Doneraile, and Baroness Riverssided for half a century, and during that dale. time never slept out of it but one night. Nov. 16. At Dublin, aged 36, Martha

Wilts.-Nov. 2. At Mrs. D' Oyly's, Elizabeth, wife of Geo. Courtney Greenway, Crane Bridge, Jane, only dau. of the late esq. third dau. of the late John Green, of Wm. Peter Musgrove, esq. of Liskeard, Highbury Park, Islington, formerly of Cornwall.

Hinckley, Leicester. She has left an only Nov. 2. At Calne, after a long illness, child, Martha-Elizabeth. Jobo Gabriel, esq. formerly of the respect- In Dublin, George levers, esq. of the able firm of Atherton and Gabriel, solicitors Middle Temple. of that town.

ABROAD.-- April 24. At Moorshedabad, Nov. 10. At Calne, aged 67, truly re- Bengal, John Hyde, esq. formerly of Mangeetted, Daniel Baily, esq.

chester. He was in perfect health, a corpse, WorcesteR.- Lately. Mr. G. Nichol- and in the grave, in the short space of 24 son, bookseller, Stourport, whose intelligent hours. mind and rectitude of conduct acquired him June. Mr. Birkbeck, the author of a universal esteem.

book of travels in the United States, and YORKSHIRE.—Oct. 17. At Tupgil, near known as an emigrant to Illinois. He was Middleham, aged 63, Mr. John Lonsdale, drowned on his way home from Mr. Owen's the celebrated horse-trainer.

settlement at Harmony. The back-woodsOct. 26. At the Mount, near Whitby, men, it is said, had given him the name of Wm. Reynolds, esq. after a protracted con- “ Emperor of the Prairies," in consequence finement of fourteen years to his house. of his buying 16,000 acres of public land at

Oct. 28. Aged 77, Henry Yarburgh, one purchase. esq. of Heslington Hall, near York. His

Aug. 20. At Tobago, aged 33, Lieut. death was sudden, being attacked with the James W. Eyre, R. Eng. second son of the gout at his stomach while hunting, which late Rev. James Eyre, Rector of Wintercaused bis dissolution the same evening. bourne, Stoke, and Nettleton, co. Wilrs.

Nov. 1. At his son's house, near Sutton, Aug. 29. Benj. Scott, esq. of Jamaica, aged 70, Thos. Frost, esq. 48 years an emi- aged 91, who by his will gave freedom to nent solicitor of Hull, and nearly 40 years three negroes, in addition to 80 others whom solicitor to the Dock Company

he made free during his life. Nov. 4. Aged 48, Mrs. Lakeland, relict Sept. 4. At Kingston, Jamaica, of tyof Robert Lakeland, esq. of York.

phus fever, after an illness of four days, Jas. Nov. 7. At his house in Castlegate, Corne Pownall, esq. York, George Ellis, esq.

Sept. 7. At Jamaica, Capt. Charles Pi. Nov. 8. At Hessle, aged 38, Frances, gott, 77th reg. eldest son of the late Adm. widow of the late W. Boyle.

Pigott, of Beddington, co. Surrey. Nov. 10. John Hodgson, esq. one of the Oct. 9. At Troy, N. Y. America, aged Aldermen of York, to which office he was 42, Wm. Burridge, esq. late a partner in the appointed in 1824.

banking house of Burridge and Sons, PortsNov. 16. At an advanced age, Mrs. mouth. Coultburst, relict of the late Rev. H. W. Oct. 16. At Montreuil, in France, aged Coulthurst, D.D. Vicar of Halifax,

28, Robert-Wm. Fell, esq. of CavershanWALES.- Ocl. 21. At Energlyn, aged grove, Oxfordshire. 75, John Goodrich, esq. Justice of Peace for Oct. 19. At Florence, of apoplexy, the Glamorgan and Monmouth.

Marquis Lucchesini, who has equally distin. SCOTLAND.- Oct. 19. At Erskine-house, guished himself in literature and diplomacy. Renfrewshire, the Hon. Caroline-Henrietta Oct. 21. At Boulogne-super-Mer, on Stuart, youngest dau. of Lord Blantyre. his way for embarking to England, Dr. Hill,

Oct. 31. At Edinburgh, Emily, wife of of London-street, Fitzroy-square, London. Arch. Macbean, esg. Royal Art. and only Oct. 27. At Munich, the celebrated comdau, of Wm. Johnston, esq. of Muswell-hill, poser, Chevalier Peter Von Winter, Chapel Middlesex.

Master to the King of Bavaria.




PART I. 187.


Additions to Obituary-Bill of Mortality, &c. 479 Lately. On his passage from Calcutta tor. The personal estate was sworn under to England, aged 25, S. N. Legh, eldest son 250,0001. The will has 34 codicils annexed of the Rev. Legh Richmond, Rector of Tur- to it; they contain many legacies to friends vey, Bedfordshire.

and servants, particularly the latter, some of Lately.--At Jamaica, after a very short whom have handsome annuities. Lord NuMissionary labour in the Moravian con- gent has 30001. the Right Hon. Sir Watkin nexion, the Rev. D. G. Hague. But four Williams Wynn 6000l. the Hon. Thomas days afterwards, his decease was followed by Grenville, 80001. besides other bequests ; that of his amiable wife, to whom he had the Hon. Catherine Neville, 300l. per anbeen united about four months; and very The estates in the counties of Somershortly by that of another Missionary and a set, Surrey, and Bedford, are devised to the Mechanic belonging to the same establish- Hon. Thomas Grenville and his issue male.


The remains of the late Mrs. Mary Lovin were interred by the side of the late James

Bindley, esq. M. A. and F. S. A. as devised Lady Bayning was the widow of Charles, in her will, and a brief inscription placed on first Baron Bayning, of whom see a short the elegant monument she had erected to memoir in volume Lxxxi. page 594. She his memory in memorial of 59 years friendwas Annabella, daughter of Rev. Rich- ship. She left various legacies to different ard Smith, by Annabella, dau. of Wm. charities, and private persons, and a small Powlett, esq. (by Annabella, dau. of Charles, token of affectionate remembrance to Mrs. first Earl of Tankerville. She bore his Bindley's two nephews and nieces--the Lordship, three sons, Charles Frederick, the Bindleys and Belsons. second Baron (of whom see vol. xciii. ii. 468), William, who died young, and Henry,

PART II. p. 272. the third and present Baron ; and six daugh- The will of the Right Hon. Adm. Lord kers, four of whom died young.

Radstock was proved on the 12th of Septo P. 190. Lady Alvanley died Jan. 17. and the personal property sworn under She was Anne Dorothea, eldest dau. of 80,000l. A settlement is made upon Lady Richard Wilbraham, esq. (who assumed the Radstock, of 400l. per annum, and he bename of Bootle), and was married to Sir queaths her 5001, and the interest for life of Pepper Arden (then Attorney General) in 8,000l. to his son, a sum of nearly 2,000l. Sept. 1784, and bore bim William, the on his attaining twenty-one. The residue is second and present Lord Alvanley, two other left to all his other children. By the codisons and three daughters.

cils, there is a further bequest of 3,0001, PART 1. P. 641.

Consols to her ladyship for life, with reverThe will of James Baron Glastonbury, of sion to his son, who has also an immediate Burleigh, Som. has been registered in Doc- bequest of 5,0001. Consols, and a further tors' Commons, probate being granted to provision of one or two thousand pounds is the Hon. Thomas Grenville, the sole execu- made for Emily and her children.

BILL OF MORTALITY, from October 18, to November 22, 1825.


2 and 5 235

50 and 60 168 1 201

5 and 10 72 Males Males - 1079

60 and 70 173 2435

2130 Females - 1224 Females - 1051

10 and 20 94 70 and 80 155

20 and 30 174

old Whereof have died under two


80 and 90 39 years

30 and 40 173 90 and 100 8 Salt 5s. per bushel; 14d. per pound.

40 and 50 151

THE PRICES of NAVIGABLE CANAL, Dock STOCK, and Fire OFFICE SHARES, in November 1823, at the Office of Mr. M. RAINE (successor to the late Mr. Scott), AucLioneer, Canal and Dock Share, and Estate Broker, No. 2, Great Winchester-street, Old Broad-street, London.-Trent and Mersey, 22001.-Leeds and Liverpool, 500l.—Coventry, 12301.–Grand Junction, 303l.-Birmingham, 335l.-Monmouthshire, 2251.-Breckoock and Abergavenny, 1981.-Old Union, 981.--Ellesmere, 126.- Lancaster, 461.-Regent's, 52,-West India Dock, 2121.-London Dock, 926.-East India Dock, 1201.—Globe, 1671.— Imperial, 1151.- Chelsea Water Works, 181.


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AGGREGATE AVERAGE of BRITISH CORN which governs Importation,

from the Returns ending November 12.
Wheat. Barley Oats. Rye. Beans. Peas.

41 3 26 10


54 PRICE OF FLOUR, per Sack, Nov. 21, 50s. to 60s. AVERAGE PRICE of SUGAR, Nov. 16, 415. 91d. per cwt.

PRICE OF HOPS, IN THE BOROUGH MARKET, Nov. 22. Kent Bags .......... 141. Os, to 161.

Os. | Farnham Pockets .... 181. Os. to 201. Os. Sussex Ditto 131. Os. to 161. Os. Kent........

161. 16s. to 171. Os. Essex ........

.............. 131. Os. to 15l. Os. Sussex.................. 141. 15s. to 161. Os. Old ditto............. ol. Os. to ol. Os.

......... 146. 10$. to 161. 16s. PRICE OF HAY AND STRAW. St. James's, Hay 5l, 5s, Straw 2. 75. Clover 61. 6s.-Whitechapel, Hay 51. Os. Straw

21. 2s. Clover 61. Os. SMITHFIELD, Nov, 21. To sink the Offal—per stone of 8lbs. Beef .......... ...................... 4s. 4d, to 5s,

..... Os. Od. to Os. Od. Mutton. ............. 4s.

6d. to 5s. 2d. Head of Cattle at Market Nov. 21 : Veal ..................... 58. 6d. to Os. od. Beasts....... 3,921

Calves 170 Pork 5s. od. to 6s. Od. Sheep



190 COAL MARKET, Nov. 21, 36s. 6d. to 43s. Od. TALLOW, per Cwt. Town Tallow 478. Od. Yellow Russia 41s. Od. SOAP, Yellow 745. Mottled 825. Od. Curd 86s.-CANDLES, 9s. per Doz. Moulds 10s, 6d.


od. | Lamb......


From October 29 to November 26, both inclusive,

Ex. Bills, Ex. Bills

1000l. 500l.

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266413 pm.
265112 pm.

14 pm.


[blocks in formation]

29 225 86$ 3,878

944 103}

2 3 pm. 12 4 pm. 31 863 7 875 % 949 1034


1 2 pm. 2 1 pm. 1Hol. 2 224486$ į 87 of 947944 1033 121

1 2 pm. 1 pm. 82244 863 487$ 494194 1034 3,21 265


1 2 pt. i pm. 4 Hol. 5 Hol. 867 378

94 103 1
21 2654

1 3 pm. 3 pm. 8224 862 1873 944 945 103:

9 Hol. 10 223 86f 3874 4 944 94 1035 3 20%

1 3 pm. 1 3 pm. 11 863 6 87$ 694 93 10323 20 265

1 2 pm. 1 2 pm. 12 2224 85 86$ 938 102331 20

1 pm. par. 1 pm.par. 14 223 854 1863 493 934 1023 3 20g

1 2 pm. 1 3 pm. 15222 85$ 854 693 924 1024 820 2654 8 pm. 2 pm. par. 2 1 pm. 16221 85 486 53 93 92 102% 4 205

par 1 pm. par 2 pm. 17 220 845 485 924913 1025 1 205

par 2 pm. par 2 pin. 18 85' 4%85 924 924 1024 1204

par 1 pm. par ) pm. 19 22085$ 854 92 1021 20$

1 pm. 1 dis. par 1 pm. 21 222 85 47657 924 1025 4205

par 1 pm. par 1 pm. 22 221484$ 7851 928 92 101 723205

1 pm. 1 dis. 1 pm.. dis. 23 221 844 485 41 92g913 102 14 20%

par 2 dis. par 2 dis. 24 83$ 4834 4929913 1015 2 203

4 dis. 4 1 dis. 25 837 845 917 91 102 14204

8 1 dis. 13 i dis. 26 218783 2884$ 35 1909 1014 $19% 2 dis.

27 dis. 27 dis.

10 pm.

7 pm.
8 pm.
7 pm.
5 pm.
6 pm.
6 pm.

RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, and Co. 104, Corner of Bank-buildings, Cornhill.



London Gazette

Gloucest, 2--Hants 2 Times - New Times

Hereford 2--Hull 3 M. Chronicle Post

Hunts 2... Ipswich M. Herald--Ledger

Kent 4. Lancaster Brit Press-M.Adver.

Leeds 4. Leicester 2 Courier--Star

Lichfield.Liverpool Globe & Traveller

Macclesfi..Maidst. Sun-Brit. Traveller

Manchester 7 St James's Chron.

Newcastle on Tyne 3 Lit Gaz.Lt.Chron.

Norfolk Norwich Eng Chronicle

N.Wales. Northamp Coromer. Chronicle

Nottingham2.Oxf2 Packet--Even. Mail

Plymouth.. Preston 2 Evesiog Chronicle

Reading... Rochester Mereant. Chronicle

Salisbury..Sheffield 3 Courier de Londres

Shrewsbury ? B Weekly Papers

Sherborne... Stafford | 22 Senday Papers

Staffordsh Potteries? Bath - Berks.-Berw.

Stamford Stockport Birmingham 2

Southampton Slackburn-Bolton 2

Suff. Surrey... Boston-Brighton 2

Taunton...Tyne Pristol 4-Bucks

Wakefield. Warwick Bory 2-Cambrian

West Britop (Truro) Cambridge-Carlisle2

Western (Exeler) Carmarth-Chelms 2

Westmoreland 2 Chelten. 2.-Chest. 2

Weymouth Colchester-Cornwall

Whitehaven. Winds Coventry? Cumberl.

Wolverhampton Derby 2 -- Devon 2

Worcester 2 York Devenport-Devizes

Man 2...Jersey 34 Doncaster-Dorchest.

Guernsey 3 Dorset --Durham 2

Scotland 35
Essex. -Exeter 5

Ireland 60
Original Communications.

Review of New Publications.

Progresses, &c. of King James I..............521 Descendants of the Princess Mary Tudor, and Britton's Beauties of Wiltshire, vol. III......523

Errors in Debrett's Peerage, &c. 483, 484,485 Sharp's Coventry Pageants.... .......527 Genealogical Notices of the Croft Family....485 Sir R. C. Hoare's Modern Wiltshire.........529 Antiquities discovered at Milton in Kent ....486 Sir R. C. Hoare's Monastic Remains.........532

Epitaph on Thomas Sheridan....... ........487 Session of Parliament for 1825................534 On the Chronology of Herodotus.............. ib. Hansard's Typographia....

.....536 St. Michael's Church, Oxford, described.....489 Tour of a Foreigner in England and Scotland540

...541 Personification of Death

..490 Time's Telescope for 1826..... History of the Church and Priory of Swine...491 | Dr. Robinson's Magistrate's Pocket Baok...542 Description of some Ancient Seals ...........497 Boyd's Sermon-Kitto's Essays..............543 Bradninch, co. Devon, and its Antiquities...498 Lost Spirit-Cadijah—The Bar..............544 Innocent Laughter recommended.............502 LITERARY INTELLIGENCE-New Pubiications545 Vindication of Literary Ladies............. .503 Meetings of Learned Societies.........546-548 Indecorous Custom in certain Cathedrals....505 Antiq. RESEARCHES-On Aucient Vases....549

.533 COMPENDIUM OF County Hist.-Worcester.506 Select Poetry.. On Models of Stonehenge, Avebury, &c.....510

Distorical Chronicle.
On Ablution, Baptism, Fonts, &c. ...........511 Foreigu News, 555.-Domestic Occurrences 557
Hints for the Benefit of the Clergy.........512 Promotions, &c.—Births and Marriages.....559
Goodwin's Guile; or, the Nuns of Berkley 513 OBITUARY; with Memoirs of the Duchess of
Definition of the term “Void"... ......516 Rutland ; Mrs. Canning: Miss Shirley ;
On the Conquest of William the Norman....517 Adm. Sutton; Gen. Gifford; G. Chalmers,
Curious Monuments at Camberwell, Surrey..518 esq.; Dr. Nott; Benj. Harenc, esq. &c.,..561
Document illustrative of the Feudal Times..520 Bill of Mortality.—Prices of Canal Shares...575
On establishing a City Library................ ib. Prices of Markets.—Prices of Stocks.........576

Embellished with a view of St. Michael's CHURCH, Oxford;
Representations of some Ancient SEALS; MONUMENT of Thomas SHERIDAN;


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