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Domestic Occurrences.

[Sept. consequence was, that about 300 more of posed a square about the size of ChathamMr, Dunlop's men in his lime and iron works place, at the west front of St. Paul's, in the were thrown out of employment, exclusive centre of which, the committee for erecting of their families.

the statue of the late King bad consented the

statue should be placed. A series of resoluLONDON AND ITS VICINITY. tions were then agreed to, to the effect that

it was desirable to throw open the view of Public IMPROVEMENTS.

St. Paul's Cathedral. The Gazette of Sept. 13 contains a no

The workmen are employed in raising a tice, that application will be made to Par- new back to Buckingham House, by which liament in the ensuing Session, for leave to the depth of the structure will be increased. bring in a Bill to form a new street, so as to The projections in front of the Palace will continue Pall-Mall-East eastward from the form a colonnade of Corinthian pillars. King's Mews as far as St. Martin's Church, Nothing but the external walls of the old and to widen the communication between Palace are standing. Cockspur-street and Craven-street, between The grand front erecting at Whitehall, the south front of the Union Club House in begins to shew the plan of the architect. Cockspur-street and the north side of the That part of Whitehall, near the BanStrand opposite Craven-street; also to form quetting-house, will soon form a stately streets on the north and south sides of St. avenue to the British Senate. The building Martin's Church till they intersect the now raising, promises not only to become a Strand nearly opposite the end of Villiers- public ornament, but to benefit the nation, street; also to widen St. Martin's Jane on . by forming a sufficient pumber of Governthe east and west sides thereof south of ment Offices, in which the more important Hemming's-row and Chandos-street; and duties of the State will be conveniently disalso to form a square or open space opposite charged. The Secretaries of State hate Charing-cross, which said square or open been for years packed up, as it were, in space is to bave the Union Club House for Downing-street, with offices not larger than its boundary to the west, and west side of the room of a Police Magistrate. St. Martin's lane for its boundary to the The vast increase of building about Reeast; also giving powers to form a new geut's Park, has suggested the necessity of street from the south end of Spring-gardens constructing a reservoir for the supply of wato White ball and Charing-cross, in the line ter to the new neighbourhood. A work of of the court yard called Buckingham-court ; this kind has been going on for some months, also giving powers to widen the south side and being now near its completion, attracts a of Downing-street, and to improve and alter good deal of curiosity. It is advantageously the south side of Downing-square and the situated on Little Primrose Hill, from which north side of Fludyer-street; and also to elevation, being 175 feet above the level of alter and widen such parts of the present the Thames, the liquid body will flow from streets as will form entrances into the said a point higher than any building in Maryintended new streets.

le-bone, and be enabled, consequently, to Sept. 14. A public meeting was held at invade the topmost chamber in the parish the Horn Tavern, Doctors'-commons, to with ease. The fluid will be brought from the take into consideration a plan proposed by Thames above Hammersmith, a distance of James Elmes, esq. architect, to render St. not less than seven miles. The increase of Paul's church-yard regular throughout its

houses in the parish of Mary-le-bone has whole extent, to form a new street from New been from 9,000 to 14,000 within the last Bridge-street, Blackfriars, in a direct line to two years. The cost of the work has been the west grand front of the Cathedral, and computed at 25,0001. two lateral streets to open full views of the Sept. 3. A dreadful explosion took place north and south porticoes. The Chairman, ou the premises of Mr. Brock, fire-work maMr. Slade, said he was in possession of the ker, in Baker's-row, Whitechapel. Mr. B. original plan of that great architect, Sir C. and his men had quitted the factory to go to Wren, which was to make a street from St. breakfast, leaving two apprentices at work Dunstan's church to Whitechapel, by which filling rockets, when by some accident a they might see St. Paul's and Whitechapel, spark, caused by friction, communicated to and quays from London-bridge upwards., the combustible materials around them and These, however, had been frustrated by to the Powder Magazine, when the whole petty and partial jealousies, and he trusted, premises were blown up, the two boys were that would not be the case with the present much injured, the roofs of the factory and of project. Letters were read from the Abp. of an adjoining house were blown up a great Canterbury, the Earl of Liverpool, the height, and the falling materials hurt a great Dukes of Devonshire and Bejford, the number of persons: inany persons sitting at Chancellor of the Exchequer, &c. &c. some breakfast were shaken from their seats, and consenting to become Vice-Presidents, and the tables upset and tea-things broken 10 others declining, but all approving of the plan. pieces. Upwards of 70 houses had their Mr. Elmes then explained his plaus; he pro- windows demolished.






Cormick, M.D. to wear the insignia of the War Office, Aug. 26.—19th Reg. Capt. Persian Order of the Lion and Sun of the Turberville to be Major, vice Hare.-13th

second class. Foot, Brevet Major Audian to be Major, rice Hook.-Ceylon Reg. Brevet Lieut - Ecclesiastical Præferments. col. Hook to be Lieuto-col.-Unattached: Rev. J. Hill, Archdeacon of Bucks. Brevet Lieut.-col. Hare, 12th Foot, to be Rev. R. Cockburn, a Prebend of WinchesLieut.-col. of Infantry: -Capt.Campbell, 8th

ter Cathedral. Light Drag. to be Major Infantry, by Rev. J. Allport, Atherstone P. C. Warwickpurchase.

shire. Sepl. 9.–Staff: Brevet Major Macleod, Rev. J. H. J. Chichester, Loxhorę R. co. 59d Foot, to be Deputy Adj-gen. in Ja- Devon. maica, with rank of Lieut.-col. in the Army. Rev. E. Hardman, Westport C. Ireland. -Major Shaw, 4th Foot, to be Deputy Rev. J. Hodge, Bolnhurst R. co. Beds. Quartermaster-gen. in the Windward and Rev, J. Jervois, Ballinadee R. Ireland. Leeward Islands, with rank of Lieut. col. ip Rev. F. C. Johnson, Whitelackington y. the Army.-Unattached : Brevet Lieut-col. Vyse, 2d Life Guards, to be Lieut.-col. of Rev. W. Johnson, Bilsby V. co. Lincoln. Ink-To be Majors of lof. by purch. : Capts. Rev. J. Knight, Huish R. co. Devon. Freer, 48d Foot.--Hewett, Rifle Brig. Rev. Mr. Knox, Ballimodan V. Ireland. Northcote, 1st Drag. Guards.-- Pipon, 6th Rev. R. H. Leeke, Longford R. Salop. Drag. Guards. Swinburne,3d Drag. Guards. Rev. W. Moore, Spalding P.C. co. Linc. -Brevet Major Macdonald 42d Foot - Rev. D. Nantes, Powderham R. Devon. Capt. Dwyer, 67th Foot.

Rev. S. Payuter, Hatford R. Berks. Whitehall, Sept. 16.–Wm. Brent Brent, Rev. R. Pretyman, Alverstuke and Havant esq. Barrister at Law, to be Steward and one RR. Hants. of the Judges of his Majesty's Palace Court Rev. J. Stewart, Lislee R. co. Cork. of Westminster, vice Morice, dec.

Rev. S. Barker, Chapl. to the Duke of York. Sept. 20. Edward Augustus Parker, Lieut. of the Windsor Castle, to wear the insignia

Civil PREFERMENT. of a Kuight of the Royal Portuguese Mili- Rev. H. A. Greaves, Devenport Grammaro tary Order of the Tower and Sword.—John school, co. Devon.

.co. Som.

BIRTHS. Aug. 5. At Scarborough, the wife of Wilson, a son.-In Suffolk-place, Islington, Charles Wion, esq. of Nostel Priory, twin Mrs. Wm. Bentley, a son. daughters. — 12. In Upper Grosvenor-st. Sept. 1. In Stratford-place, the wife of the lady of Sir Gore Ouseley, bart. a son J. A. Warre, esq. a son.-4. In Cross-street, and heir.-15. At Nuttal-hall, co. Lanc. Islington, Mrs. John Bentley, a dau.-6., the wife of J. Grant, esg. a son and heir.- The wife of the Rev. Dr. Goodenough, a 18. At the Vicarage House, Tunstall, Lan- dau.—13. At Aberystwith, the wife of Morcashire, the wife of the Rev. W. Carus Wil- gan John Evans, esq. of Llwynbarried, co. son, a sog.–23. At Wistow Hall, Leic. Radnor, a son.-16. At Tunbridge Wells, Mrs. Henry Halford, a dau.—At Carlton the wife of Henry Alexander, esq. a dau.-Hall, Northampt. Hon. Lady Palmer, a son. 17. In Mount-street, Grosvenor-square, the --The wife of Joseph Feilden, esq. of Whit- lady of Sir Rich. Twineham, a dan.-23. ton-House, near Manchester, a son.-27. In Salisbury-square, Mrs. R. Bentley, a In Manchester-square, London, Mrs. Hen. son.

MARRIAGES. Lately. The Count de Niepperg to the Eliza-Mary, 2d dau. of Rev. A. Richardson, Arcbduchess Maria Louisa, -the widow of D.D. Vicar of Great Dunmow.--George, Buonaparte.

- At Brighton, Thos. Lisle eldest son of Christian Appold, esq. of WilFollett, esq. of Lynne, barrister, to Letitia, son-st. Finsbury-sy. to Maria, only dau. of widow of Maj-gen. Norton Poulett. Alex. Illman, esq. of Risper-house, Sussex.

ding, 3. Jos.-Fraser, only child of Fran- --At Brighton, Rev. Wm. Sherlock Ca€ Lightbourne, esq. of Bermundsey, to rey, Vicar of Ashburton, Devon, to Eliza


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970 Marriages.

(Sept. Caroline, dau. of late Rich. Schneider, esq. Guernsey, Wm. Peter, 3d son of late John of Putney.-4. At Westminster, Jobn- Carey Metivier, esq. Sol.-gen. for that IsGurney, eld. son of Joseph Fry, esq. of land, to Julia-Anne, ad dau. of Thos. PriPlasket-house, Essex, to Rachel, 3d dau. aulx, esq.- .-29. At Kedleston, John of Jacob F. Reynolds, esq. of S. Lambeth. Beaumont, esq. of Barrow-upon-Trent, to --10. At Greenwieh, Wm. Woodgate, Hon. Mary Curzon, dau. of Lord Scarsdale. esq. of Lincoln's-inn-fields, to Harriet, 2d At Old Windsor, John W. Howard, dau. of late Lt. col. West, R. Art.- esq. of Heathcote-st. Mecklenburgh-sq. to At Lancaster, Ric. Godson, esq. of Woburn- Anna-Cath. only dau. of late John Rowley, pl. Russell-sq. to Mary, only dau. of late esq. of the Madras civil service.--Au St. Jas. Hargrenves, esq_of Springfield Hall, Marylebone, Col. Clitherow, 3d Foot, to Lanc.--12. Fred. Dixon, esq. of Great Millicent, eld. dau, ; and, at the same time, Coram-st. Russell-sq. to Maria, dau. of Edw. John, eld. son of Edw. Rudge, esq. of Rich. Grant, esq. of Dean's-yard, Westm. Abbey Manor House, Worc. to Felizarda,

At Weymouth, Thos. White, esq. of youngest dau. of C. Pole, esq. of WyckSevern-house, Worc. to Susan, dau. of Jas. hill House, Glouc.-30. At St. George, Webster, esq. of Anchrennie, co. Forfar.— Bloomsb. John P. only son of Mr. Ald. At13. At Stillorgan, co. Dublin, Ld. Mas- kins, to Anna, dau. of J. G. Children, esq. kerry to Louisa-Dorcas-Deane, dau. of Hen. of Brit. Mus.- -At St. George, Han.-sq. Deane Grady.

:--15. At Westbury, Glouc. John Alex. Hankey, esq. of Grosvenor-sq. Rev. Chas. Ward, Rector of Maulden, Beds.' to Ellen, 3d dau. of Wm. Blake, esq. of to Susanna, dau. of Rev. Robert Foster, Portland-pl. --At Lambeth, Henry HopPreb. of Wells -At Kendal, T. J. Man- ley White, esq. barrister, to Cath. Sarah, ning, esq. of Barbadoes, to Anne-Catharine- 30 dau. of late Col. Dacre.-—31. Rev. Ruse, dau. of Fred. Nassau, esq. of St. Horace Geo. Cholmondeley, to Mary Eliz. Osyth Priory, Essex.--16. At Walcot dau. of late Godschall Johnson, esq. and Church, Bath, Lieut.-col. Chitty, E. I. C. grand-dau. to late Sir Philip Francis. to Mary-Anne, dau. of late J. Ć. Baseley, Sept. 1. Rev. Andrew Irvine, of Charteresq. of Norwich.

-At St. James's, Maj. house, to Eliza, eld. dau. of Jobn RawlinHenry Barrington, late 3d Drag. to Miss son, esq. of Russell-sq. ---At St. MaryleBrent Foote, of Barnes.- -17. At St. bone, the Rev. Rich. Board, of Westerham, George's, Bloomsbury, Wm. Gordon, Wri- Kent, to Eliz. sister of John Jones, esq. of ter to the Signet in Scotland, eld. son of Portland-pl. and 2d dau. of late John J. of David G. esq. to Agnes-Maria, 3d dau. of Dery Ormond, Card At Leamington, John Hyslop, esq. of Upper Bedford-place. Warw. the Rev. Peyton Blackiston, son of

18. At St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, Jno. late Sir Mathew Blackiston, bt. to Frances, Thos. eld. son of Francis Justice, esq. of eld. dau. of John Folliott Powell, esq. Abbey House, Berks, to Mary, dau. of late 3. At St. Marylebone, Right Hon. StratHarry Wormald, esq. of Woodhouse House, ford Canning, Amb. at Constantinople, to Yorkshire. - 19. At Dorchester, Walter Eliza Charl. eld. dau. of Jas. Alexander, esq. Jollie, esq. of Edinburgh, to Hannah Ly- of Somerhill, Kent, M.P.--At Milford, cette, dau. of late Lt.-gen. Avarne, of Roge- Hants, Rev. Henry Jones, Vicar of Norley, Stafford. -20. At London, Lieut.- thop, Flint, to Mary-Frances-Ford, eld. dau. col. Hon. Geo. Lionel Dawson, brother of of late Jas. Mapp Allen, esq. of Lymiugton. Earl of Portarlington, to youngest dau. of –8. At St. George, Han.-sq. John Willate Lord Hugh Seymour.- --22. At Glou- liams, esq. M. P. for Lincolo, to Harrietcester-pl. the Rev. John Coker, Rector of Cath. only dau. of D. Davenport, esq. M.P. Radcliffe, Bucks, to Charl. Sophia, dau. of for Cheshire.-12. At Sculcoates Yorksh. late Maj.-gen. Dewar. -23. At Wells, John Vincent Thompson, barrister-at-law, Rev. J. Sandford, to Eliz. dau. of late R. J. to Margaret, only dau. of John Alderson, Poole, esq. of Sherborne.--24. At St. M.D.At Uppark, Sir Harry FeatherPaul's, Cov. Gard. W. R. Gurden, esg. of stonhaugh, bart. to Miss Mary-Ann BulKingsthorpe, Northamp. to Harriet, eld. lock.- -Dr. Robt. Sillery, Med. Staff, to dau. of Capt. Henry Cavendish, late R. I. Frances, dau. of Rev. Rich. Williams, RecArt. -25. At Daventry, Abr. Turner, tor of Houghton, Northamp. 13. At esq. barrister, and of Areley House, Worc. St. Giles's, Norwich, the Rev. Henry Harto Jane, 2d dau. of late Bradford Wilmer, rison, Rector of Shimpling, Norfolk, to M.D. - At St. George's, Hanover-sq. Jane-Sarah, dau. of late Rev. T. Deeker.Aug. 2d son of Sir Geo. Pocock, bart. to 14. At Hanover-square, Dr. J. W. Davies, Julia-Cath. 2d dau, of late Hon. Thos. W. of Great Dover-road, to Eliz, only child of Coventry.At Cheltenham, Rev. John late John Addison Newnuan, esq. of BarthoLightfoot, Vicar of Ponteland, Northumb. lomew-close.—At All Souls Church, Mato Cordelia, dau. of late Rev. Dr. Kettilby, rylebone, Capt. Lewin, R.N. to Jane, widow Rector of Sutton, Beds, At Leeds, John of late Wm. Plumer, esq. M.P.-15. As Henry Fletcher, esq. Surveyor of Gen. Post Castle Forbes, Aberdeerish. Sir John Forbes, Office, to Marianne, eld. dau. of C. C. Co- bart. of Craigieoar, to Charlotte-Eliz. dau. ventry, esq.- --- 26. At Montville-house, of Lord Forbes.

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Duke Of Sr. ALBAN'S.

more generally and deeply lamented than July 17. At his house in Sr. James's- ber Grace and his Lordship-kindness, square, in his 60th year, the most noble humanity, and benevolence marked every William Beauclerk, seventh Duke of St. action of their private lives; while his Alban's, Earl of Burforid, Baron of Hed- Loruship's public services had obtained dington, and Baron Vere of Hagworth, for him, honours, rank, and titles. Her co. Middlesex. Hereditary Grand Falconer Grace was inconsolable for the death of of England, Hereditary Registrar of the ber busbaod, to which may in a great Court of Chancery, aod Lieutenant of the measure be attributed her own dissoluRoyal Nary.

tion. The poor in the neighbourhood of He was the second son of Aubrey fourth their late residence, have now 10 deplore Duke of St. Alban's, by Catharine, daugh- a double loss, wbich will be long and ter of Wm. Ponsonby. Earl of Besbo- deeply felt by the innumerable objects rough; was boru Dec. 18, 1766. Onibe of iheir bountiful charity. 20:h of July, 1791, he married first Char. The expenses of the funeral of the loite-Carter, daughter of the Rer. Robert Duchess of Dorset were estimated to Carter Thelwall, of Redbourn, who died amount to 2,0006. The interior of the Oct. 19, 1797, without issue. He mar- Churches of Knole and Sevenoaks, in Tied secondly, March 4, 1799, Maria. Kent, were hung in black; and, beJanetla, only daughter of Joba Nelthorpe, sides 160 of the leuants, by whom her esq. of Little Grimsbg-house, co. Lincoln, Grace was well beloved, 22 horsemea ata by whoin, who died Jan, 17, 1822, he tended the remains of this distinguished had issue 12 children.

lady to the grave. On the death of his nephew, Aubrey, the 6th Duke, who died an infant, Feb.

EARL OF CRAVEN. 19, 1816, the late Duke succeeded to the July 30. At his lodgings, West Pa. titles; and is binself succeeded by his rade, Cowes, Isle of Wight, after a lin. eldest son Wm. Aubrey de Vere, Earl of gering illness, occasioned by rheumatic Burford.

gout, in bis 55th year, the Right Hon. The remains of the Duke were removed William Craven, Earl of Craven, co, in the 25th from St. James's-square, for York, Viscount Uffington, Baron Craven interment in the family vault at Lincolo. of Hempsted Marsbal, Berks, Lord LieuToe procession consisted merely of the tegant and Custos Rotolorum of Berkbearse and six bor-es, followed by one shire, Recorder of Coventry, Trustee of mourning coach, containing the butler Rugby School, and a Lieuto-general in and housekeeper of the deceased. The

the Army. funeral was privale, that having been tue His Lordship was the eldest son, but wish of the deceased nobleman.

third cbild, of William sixit Baron Cra

ven, by Elizabeth, second daughier of DuchESS OF Dorset.

Augus'us, fourth Earl of Berkeley; was Ang. 1. At Knole, io Keot, the Duch- born Sept. 1, 1770. ess Duwager of Dorset. Her Grace was His Lordship having taken a passion Arabeila-Diana Cope, daugbier of Sir for a military life at an early period, ob. Charles Cope, of Orion Longueville, bart. tained a command in the Berkshire Miby Catharine 5th daughter of Sir Cecil licia ; but resigning his situation, entered Bishop, of Parham, co. Sussex, bart. (who soon afterwards the regular arwy. afterwards married Charles first Earl of On the death of his father, Sept, 26, Liverpool). She married on the 4th of 1791, he succeeded to the family lille ; January, 1790, Joho- Frederick Sackville, and his mother (a la ly celebrated for 3rd Duke of Dorset, nephew of Charles, her taste and accomplishments) in the 24 Dake, and son of Joho. Philip Sack fullowing mouth inarried the Margrave of yille (2) mod of Lionel. Cranfield, 1st Duke Aospach and Bareuih. of Dorset) by Fraoces, 4ib da'ghter of lo 1793 his Lord,hip was appoin'ed to Joho Earl Gower. By this nobleman, an Ensigncy in the 430 fool; and the who died July 19, 1799, her Grace had same year to a Lieutenancy in an Inde. issue George John-Frederick, 4111 Duke, pendent coinpany, and to a company in ao wo daughters, both nobly alianced. the 80ih, In the following year he was

Oa the 7th of April, 1801, her Gace appointed Major of the 841h and Lieut.. married Charles Earl Whitworth, G.C. B. colonel, for which last he is said to have D. C. L. the distinguished diplomatist, given a larger sum than was ever paid bo died recently. See p. 79.

before. In this year he served in the These is hardly to be found a couple campaign in Flanders, and was present


OBITUARY.-Admiral Lord Radstock.

(Sept. at the siege of Nimeguen, and some less mausoleum at Coombe Abbey, by a important affairs; he subsequeotly serv. bearse and six, and two mouroing coaches ed in the West Indies, and was present and four; the hearse was preceded by at the capture of Trinidad. He was also mates, and the coronet of the noble Earl removed from the 84th to the Buffs, aud was borne on a cushion by a man on from the latter to the 40th foot.

horseback: the procession noved through Oo the first of January, 1798, he was the town about eight o'clock, and arrived appoioted fid-de Camp to the King, and at Oxford, Aug. 6, where the body lay in received the Brevet of Colonel. lu 1799 state at the Star Inn. ne served at the Helder, was io most of His Lordship's will was ove in the the general action's; and subsequently Prerogative Office, Aug. 29, grant of served in the Medilprranean. On the probate being made to the Right Honour. eighteenth of June, 1801, he was ele- able William Philip, Earl of Sefton, his vated to a Viscounty and Earldom by Lordship's brother-in-law, as one of the the titles of Viscount Uffington, co. Berks, executors, power being reserved for the and Earl of Craven, co. York. In 1803 like purpose to the Hon. Henry Augustus he was appointed Colonel of the 9th bat. Berkeley Craven, and the Hon, Richard talion of Reserve ; on Jan. 1, 1805, re- Keppel Craven, the brothers, the other ceived the rank of Majos.geoeral, and executors, whenever they apply for the served on the Staff of Great Britain from

The estales in Berks and Wilts the commencement of the war vill 1809. are made subject to debts and legacies, He received the rank of Licuitnanı-Ge- but not so as to exonerate personal properal June 4, 1811.

perty. The testator confirms the settleLord Craven appears to have been ment of 20001. per annum made to the equally fond of a nautical, as of a mi. Countess subsequently to their marriage, litary life, for in 1806 be launched a fine and bequeaths to her besides an additional vew pleasure-yacht, the Louisa, from the 20001. per annum for life. Also a priodocks at Shoreham, brig-rigged, carrying cipal sum of 40001: and the house, fur. two twelve and six-pound carronades. He niture, and the grounds at Hampstead may be said to have originated the Yacht Park, for life, the wine, &c. there, and Club, which now forms su delightful and all her jewels. The real estates in Wila serviceable a portion of our national shire and Berkshire are devised to the tesamusements ; at least be was one of its tator's eldest son, Lord Uffington; those principal early munificent patrons. in Middlesex to his second son ; and to

On the 12th of December, 1807, his his third son, charged on the Middlesex Lordship married Lovisa *, second daugh estates, 15001. per andum, and a separate ter of Jobn Brunion of Norwich, gent. sum of 10,0001. The pictures, plate, and an elegant actress of Covent Garden The. furniture at Coombe Abbey, and at Ashatre. (See vol. LXXVII. 1172.) By ber he had down Park and Hainpslead Lodge, are to be issue the present Earl, born July 18, 1809, cousidered as heir-looms, and to accompany and three other children, two sous and a the devise of those estates accordingly. daughter.

To Lady Georgiana Craven, his Lordship's In November, 1815, his Lordship had sister, he has left 500l. per annum while the hovour of entertaining his present Ma. she continues unmarried; and to Dr. Eden, jesty, then Prince Rugent, at his house, “for bis atiention and kindoess during his Coombe Abbey, in Warwickshire, whence residence in my family, 300l. per annum he visited the Marquis of Anglesea, at for life." The Countess is appointed sole Beaudesert, and Lichfeld ; but returned guardian of the children during their mito Coombe Abbey on tbe eleventh. nority, and Lord Ufington residuary lega

When his death was known, all the tee. The will is daied the 26th of July, yachts and vessels in Cowes Harbour and 1825. The personal estate is sworn under roads carried their dags and burgees half- 70,0001. mast high, out of respect to his Lordship's memory, and the usual salule which was to ADMIRAL LORD RADSTOCK. have been fired on the arrival of their Royal Aug. 20. ln Portland-place, of apaHiebuesses the Duke and Duchess of Cam- plexy, aged 72, the Right Hon. Wilhem bridge ou a visit to Mr. Nash at East Waldegrave, Baron Radstock, of Car. Cowes Castie, was, from a similar feeling, letown, Queen's County, Admiral of the dispensed with.

Red, K. G. C. B.; President of the Naval His remaios were received at the Quay, Charitable Siciety, Commissioner of the Southampton, on their way to his family Church and Corporation Laod Tax; a

Vice President of ihe Asylum, and of the She lost her eldest sister, Mrs. War- Mary.le-bone General Dispensary ; and ren, another accomplished actress, June also a Vice President of several other be. 28, 1808. See vol. LXXVIII. 749, and some nevolent institutions. lines addressed to her, p. 725.

The family of Waldegrare, formerly


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