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1825.) OBITUARY.-J. R. Syms, Esq. Dr. Taylor.-T. Bland, Esq. 187 JAMES Renat Syms, Esq.

the battle of Vimiera. See a character of July 30. At Edmonton, aged 73, James him in vol. LXXVIII. 963. He was M. A. Renat Syms, Esq. He was for many years of Christ Church, Oxford, and in that Ca. å wine merchant in Pudding-lane. Io thedral a handsome monument has beeti 1784 be was elected a representative io erected to his memory. Common Council for the Ward of Bridge, Dr. Taylor was brother to Charles and was a useful and intelligent member Taylor, M.D. the Secretary to the Society of that Court, where he was a regular at. of Arts, of whom see vols. LxxxvI. jí. 377, fendant and a frequent speaker.

LXXXVIII. i. 373.
In 1797 he was elected to the office of
Common Cries and Serjeant at Arms of

Tuomas BLAND, Esq. the City of London, an office both of dig- Aug. 8. At the Brew-house, in Chisnity and emolument, being one of the well-street, in bis 230 year, Thomas, eldest Esquires of the Lord Mayor's Household. son of Michael Blad, esq. of MontagueHe was for many years Treasurer of the place, Russell-square. His disorder was General Sea Bathing Infirmary established the small pox, twenty-two years after at Margate, which highly useful charity vaccination. The firmness of his religious was much indebted to his zeal and perse- principles, the sweetness of his disposition, verance in promoting its interests. The and his high and honourable sentiments, London Life Association was originally combined with the faithful discharge of formed at bis suggestion, and according every duty of life in which he was engaged, to his plan; and in 1823 the Directors lead those who knew him, to regret very voted that his portrait, ably executed, deeply that his race has been so short. and splendidly framed, should be placed No longer ago' than the month of Septemin their Council Room in Cannon-street, ber 1818, we recorded the death of his exwhere Mr. Syms was the resident Director. cellent grandfather, an old and valued At the age of 78, every faculty was unim- contributor to our Miscellany. paired, and the powers of his mind in their meridian brightness and strength.

DEATHS. His death was very sudden. On the Pri. LONDON AND ITS ENVIRONS. day preceding he had transacted business Lately. In Upper Seymour-street, aged with his usual talent and acuteness, at the 81, Georgiana Harriet, infant dau. of Hon. London Life Association. He slept that and Rev. Richard Carleton (brother of Lord night at his house near Edmonton, and Dorchester), by Frances Lousia, second dau. rose on Saturday morning, cheerful and of Eus. Horton, esq. of Catton Hall, Derbyapparently well. He conversed gaily with shire. a friend who was walking in his garden, July 10. In Keppel-st. Russell-sq. Emand who had passed the night at his house. ma Maria Elizabeth St. John, widow of He was shortly afterwards seized with an Henry Beauchamp, twelfth baron St. John attack in bis stomach : vomiting and ex- of Bletsoe. She was the secocd daughter haustion followed, and in about two bours of the elder Sam. Whitbread, esq. of Carhe calmly breathed bis last, without a dington, Beds. ; 'and was married to his struggle or a groan.

lordship, Dec. 2, 1780.

She had issue by

him four daughters (married to the Rev. Jons TAYLOR, M.D.

John Forster, Mr. Serj. Pell, Mr. Serj. Lately. At the house of Miss Manley, Vaughan, and the Rev. Thomas Bedford), Castle street, Reading, aged 83, John and one son, who died in 1791, at the age Taylor, M. D. an eminent physician, who of seven. On his lordship's death in 1805, practised at Reading and its neighbour- the title passed to his brother, the late Lord, hood for opwards of half a century, dis- who was succeeded by his son in 1817. tinguished for skill, atrintion, and success. July 18. Aged 8, Anna Maria, eldest To the poor his advice and assistance dau, of Visc. Folkstone (eldest son of the were gratuitously rendered, and his private Earl of Radnor), by his second wife Anne, charities were extensive.

third dau. of Sir Henry Paulet St. John He was born and educated at Manches. Mildmay, third bart. ter, whence he entered at Brazen-nose In Barton-st. Westminster, Cath. wife of College, Oxford, acquired a bigh character Arthur Easton, esq. of the Board of Control. for learning and general knowledge, and July 19. Aged 89, Francis Edmunds, #oceeded A. M, 1766; M. B. 1769, and esq. of Charles-st. Berkeley-sq. M.D. 1780.

July 21. Aged 44, Henry Harrison, esq. lo 1808 he sustained a severe loss by of Keppel-st. Russel-sq., the death of his only child Lieut.-Colonel Aged 65, John Smith, esq. of NottingTaylor, who was rising by his bravery ham-terracé, St. Mary-le-bone. and meritorious conduct to the bigbest In John-st. Fitzroy-sq. aged 77, Wm. military honours, when his country was deprived of his services, in a spirited Aged 76, Francis Underwood, esq. of charge which he made on the enemy at Brunswick-place, Ball's-pood-road.


Brown, esq.


(Aug. July 22. At Hampstead, Cornel. Dixon, Aug. 13. At Stockwell, aged, 60, Eliz. esq. of Bedford-st. Bedford-sq.

wife of W. Skilbeck, esq. of King-st. GuildJuly 23. Aged 62, John Church, esq. hall. of Bedford-pl. Bloomsbury-sq.

Aug. 14. At Brompton, Martha Patenæ, July 24. Joseph Hague Wagstaff, esq. of wife of Win. John Playters, esq. Highgate.

Aug. 15. In Nottingham-ter. Regent'sJuly 25. At Camberwell, aged 79, Joseph park, aged 44, Sarah Poole, wife of Philip Gough, esq. ; upwards of 50 years an inhia- Lyne, esq. formerly of Antigua. bitant of Gracechurch-st.

Aug. 16.

At his father's house, in StockJuly 28. Aged 21, Wm. Pratt Clagett, well-pl. (after a painful illness of inany years) esq. youngest son of the late Horatio Cla- aged 33, Henry Hodgson, esq. of the Tas gett, esq. of Clapham-rise. He was drowned Office. by the upsetting of a boat off Broadstairs. In Cross-st. Islington, aged 76, Anne, wi

July 29. In Grosvenor-st, aged 32, dow of Wm. Langston, esq. late of HighJohn Weyland, esq. of Woodeaton, co. Ox- bury-place. ford.

Aug. 18. Jn Charlotte-st. Bedford-sq. In her 91st year, Mrs. Mary Lynes, the aged 78, Joseph Crump, esq. lady to whom the late James Bindley, esq. Aug. 19. Augustine Despinons, wife of A.M. and F.S. A. and who was fifty years E. H. Desvignes, esq. of Hunter-st. Brunsone of the Commissioners of the Stamp Of- wick-sq. fice, left in Trust his valuable and most rare At Stoke Newington, aged 73, Mrs. Jael collection of books, prints, and inedals. In Barrow, relict of Jacob Barrow, esq. of memorial of fifty years friendship, she erected Devonshire-square. an elegant monument to his memory in the At Hampstead, aged 93, Mrs. Dinah New Church in the Strand (see vol. Lxxxix. Davies, i, p. 579), where also her remains are deposi- Aug. 20. At Brixton-hil!, aged 17, ted. She has left sums to very many Cha- Mary Anne Maria Noy. ritable Institutions.

Aug. 21. At Newington-pl. Kennington, July 31.

At Cannon Hall, Hampstead, after a hopeless illness of two years, Eliz. aged 70, G. Collings, esq. a Magistrate of wife of Peter Adams, esq. of Angel-court, Middlesex.

Throgmorton-st. solicitor. Sarah, wife of F. W. Stephenson, esq. of

At her mother's house, at Kensington, Larkhall-lane, Clapham.

aged 32, Caroline, dau. of late W. B. BourAug. 1. In Great Queen-street, aged 77, Peter Ludgate, esq. a Magistrate of Mid- BerksiiRE.- Lately. The wife of Sir dlesex.

Wm. Herne, of Maidenhead-bridge. She Aug. 5. At Kensington Gravel-pits, the was formerly Mrs. Stevenson, of Binfield-pl. widow of the late Dr. Callcott.

and was married to Sir Wm. Sept. 24,1818, Aug. 6. At Hythe, Mrs. Morris, of Aug. 9. At his daughter's, ShipponBrunswick-sq. relict of Robert Morris, esq. house, aged 85, John M.Combe, esq. of

Aug. 7. Aged 34, Juliana Frances, wife Walcot-place, Lambeth. of Rev. Henry Dawson, second sou of Wil. Aug. 11. At Manor-house, near Readliam Dawson, esq. of St. Leonard's Hill, ing, Sarah, wife of Robert Hopkins, esq. Berks. She was second daughter, third and Bucks.--July 29. At High Wycombe, youngest child of Sir Robert John Buxton, aged 59, James Gomme, esq. F. A. Š, whose first bart. of Shadwell, Norfolk, by Juliana urbanity of manner and kindness of disposiMary, second daughter of Sir Thomas Bea- tion bad deservedly attached him to an exvor, first bart. of Hethel, Norfolk.

tensive circle of friends. He was a frequent Aged 46, Michael Aug. Hely Hutchin- correspondent of Sylvanus Urban. son Donoughmore Nixon, Esq. cousin to Aug. 3. At his cottage, Great Brick-hill, the Earl of Donoughmore and Lord Hutch- aged 65, Walden Hen. Hanmer, esq. F.S.A. inson.

CHESHIRE --July 23. Of apoplexy, Et In Argyle-st. aged 38, Honry Harding, Horwich House, the seat of Walter Gisesq.

borne, esq. aged 44, Francis Dukinfield AstAug. 8. In Lower Seymour-st. aged 87, ley, of Dukintfield-lodge, esq. Amelia, widow of Sir Edward Lloyd, first July 28. At Timperley Lodge, aged 69, bart. of Pengwern, co. Flint. She was the Maria Louisa Adelaide, wife of Abraham H. fourth dau. of Sir W. Yonge, K. B. and Borel, esq. fourth bart. of Colliton, Devon, by his second CORNWALL.-Aug. 18. At Penkalenick, wife Anna, dau. and co-heir of Thomas, near Truro, aged 73, Mrs. Vivian, relict of sixth Lord Howard of Effingham. Sir Ed- Rev. John Vivian. ward Lloyd had no issue by this lady or his CUMBERLAND.July 15. At Penrith, former wife, but, by a special remainder, aged 70, James Forster, esq. banker, of Carthe title, on his death in 1795, descended to lisle, one of His Majesty's Justices of the his nephew, the present bart.

Peace for Cumberland, &c. Aug. 9. In the East India-road, aged DERBYSHIRE.- June 19. At Etwall, near 56, Captain John Hepburn, many years in Derby, Mr. W. Bosworth, of Queen's Colthe Jag aica trade.

lege, Cambridge, and youngest brother of


dillon, esq.

in his 74ch year.

1625.) OBITUARY.

189 the Rev.J. Bosworth, V. of Little Horwood, · HERTFORDSHIRE. - July 23. At HodBucks.

desdon, Thomas Edwards, esq. June 21. At Derby, advanced in years, Anthony Rowlaodson, esq. of WyddiallMr. Thomas Sanders, engraver and drawing hall, aged 67. master. He drew and engraved many views, Aug. 3.

Eliz. wife of T. W. Hearne, esq. &c. for Dr. Nash's Worcestershire. On of Deeves-hall. settling at Shrewsbury, about 1786, he Aug. 14,

Thomas Hughes, esq. of commenced drawing master, and attend- Hitchin, aged 74. ed the schools and families there, and Kent.--Aug.2. At her house, St.George's in the vicinity, for several years. During terrace, Canterbury, in her 62d year, Anna his residence he published four views of Maria Dancombe, only surviving dau. of the Shrewsbury, a view of the ruins of St. Chad's late Rev. John Duncombe, M. A. of the Church, two large views of the Free Gram- Precincts, and Susanna his wife, dau. of Jos. mar School and the Town Hall, a view of Highmore, esq. well known to the world, the town of Bridgenorth, and many small not only by his pencil, but by his other extopographical plates.

tensive knowledge, and literary pursuits. She DORSET.-At Dorchester, aged 56, the had suffered a painful and lingering illness, widow of Geo. Stickland, esq.

which encreased towards the time of her DURHAM.–At Bishopwearmouth, aged decease, and was an exemplary instance, 46, J. H. Johnson, esq. Captain in the throughout her life, of filial regard and veneNorth York Militia.

ration for her parents. Interesting memoirs Essex.-Aug. 20. At his bouse in Marsh- of both, and also of her grandfather the Rev. street, Walthamstow, James Corbett, esq. Wm. Duacombe, may be seen in vol. vüi.

of Nichols's Literary Anecdotes. GLOCCESTERSHIRE.Lately. At Chelten- Aug. 6. At Hythe, Mrs. Morris, of ham, Chas.-Townshend Wilson, esq. Capt. Brunswick-sq. relict of Rob. M. esq. 15th Foot. He was son of Rich. W. esq.

Aug, 20. At Ramsgate, aged 65, John of Tyrone, Ireland, by Anne, dau. of Chas. Green, esq. late of New Bond-street, Lonbrother of the first Marq. Townshend (by dou. Caroline Baroness Greenwich), and widow of LANCASHIRE.-July 13. At the house of the Earl of Dalkeith, eldest son of Francis Wm. Grant, esq. Springside, near Bury, second Duke of Buccleugh.

aged 74, Eliz. relict of Mr. Nicholas July 5. At lodgings in Montague-st. Thompson, mercbant, Whitehaven. Bristol, aged 98, Patience, widow of Geo. July 29. At her house in Mill-street, Drewet, esq. of Colerne, Wilts.

Manchester, aged 61, Helen, relict of Peter July 16. At the Hotwells, in her 21st Charnley, esq. of Warton-lodge, near Presyear, Elizabeth Anne, only dau. of late Josias ton. Clarke, esq. of Jamaica.

Aug. 1. At Lancaster, John Dowbiggin, July 19. At an advanced age, Anue, wife esq. an eminent solicitor, and registrar of the of Rev. R. Watson, Rector of Christ Church Archdeaconry of Richmond. and St. Ewens, Bristol.

- Aug. 3. At Gladehill, in Guxton, James July, 24. At Cheltenham, whither he had Layland, esg. in his 78th year, formerly a gone for the benefit of his health, aged 84, partner in the extensive cotton mills at PinMr. James Haworth Lisler, soliciter, late of cock, near Chorley. Leeds.

Aug. 14. At Oldham, Mrs. Ruth Sevill, July 29. At Faulkner Lodge, Chelten- aged 90, leaving two sons and six daughters, ham, Louisa, wife of Frederick Corfield, esq.

whose united ages are 449 years. July 31. In Park-street, Bristol, John LINCOLNSHIRE.- Aug. 10. At his house Charles Meredith, esq. of Brecon.

in the Minster Yard, Hezekiah Brown, esq. HASTS.—July 24. Sir Alexander Grant, of Lincoln. of Malshanger-house, Hants, and Bart. of MIDDLESEX.---July 25. At St. Alban's Nova Scotia.

Bank, Hampton, Catherine, relict of Dr. July 27. At Bentworth, T. W. Cooke, Horsley, Lord Bishop of St. Asaph. esq. of Polstead-hall, Saffolk.

Aug. 9. At Stanmore, the widow of July 28. At Middleton-house, Long- Rob. Bensley, esq. perish, J. Widmore, esq. aged 81.

Aug. 10. At Great Stanmore, Catherine, July 31. Aged 74, Eliz. relict of Major widow of the late Mr.Andrews, upwards of fifty Seward, and sister to Rev. Richard Mant, years a respectable surgeon of that place. D.D. late Rect. of All Saints, Southampton.

Aug. 15.

At his father's, at Hendon, Aug. 14. At Biddesden-house, near An- Herbert Ryder, esq. dover, John Gale Everett, esq. of Heytes- NORFOLK-July 1. Aged 80, Eliz. 2d wife bury, Wilts.

of Sir Elward Stracey, first bart. of RackAug. 15. At Barnfield, near Southamp- heath-hall. She was dau. of Edw. Bull, esq. ton, P. Hulton, esq.

of Frome, Som.; was married in Sept. 1777, HEREFORDSHIRE.—Lately. At Garnons, and had issue one son and two daus. aged 24, Henry, second son of Col, Sir J. Aug. 15. At Norwich, aged 61, Sarah, Geers Cottereli, first bart. of Garnons, and widow of the late James Vincent Mathias, M.P. for the county.

esq. of Stanhoe-hall, Norfolk.



[Aug OXFORDSHIRE.-Lately. Aged 22, Eliz. YORKSHIRE.— June 29. Aged 44, Chas.' eldest dau. of the late J. Nalder, esq. of Mavor, esq. of Nortbowram, near Halifax. Alvescott.

July 3. At Cornwallis House, Clifton, July 29. At Thame, aged 28, C. A. Frances Eliza, second dau. of late Richard Shepherd, esq. of Magdalen-hall. He was Zouch, esq. of Wakefield. a sincere friend, endeared by many amiable July 8. At her house at Spennithorde, qualities. His wife Martha died July 9, aged 68, Lydia, relict of Turner Straubenzie, aged 36.

esq. SHROPSHIRE. April 9. At Wem, Ar. July 14. At Ripon, Jane, wife of Mr. thur Beetenson, esq. surgeon ; a inan of E. Walker, solicitor, Ambleside, and only strict honour and integrity, and eminent for dau. of Rev. R. Poole, of Ripon. skill in surgery and medicine. He also evin- July 23. At Richmond, aged 77, Trisced great taste in rural scenery and decora- tram Hogs, esq. many years Alderman, and tive gardening, and will long be remembered three times Mayor. for his private virtues and social endearments.' July 25.

At Multon, in his 65th year, SOMERSETSHIRE: July 26. At her house J. Simpson, esq. M.D. an' eminent phyin the Circus, Bath, after a long and painful sician. illness, the widow of Sir Edward Leslie, Aug.1. In Gildersome-street, near Leeds, bart. of Tarbert, co. Kerry.

aged 75, Mr. Luke Crosby. STAFFORDSHIRE.--Aug. 14. At Burton- Aug. 10. At Harperley Park, in her 86thupon-Trent, Myrtilla, wife of Sir J. D. year, Elizabeth, widow of the Rev. T. BonFowler.

ness, Vicar of Nafferton, near Driffield. SURREY:- July 18. Miss Pritchard, of Aug. 11. At the Low Hall, Brompton, Upper Dunstable House, Richmond. near Malton, Mary-Louisa, dau, of John

July 31. At Banstead, aged 90, Anne, Cayley, esq. of the same place. relict of Peter Aubertin, esq.

Aged 42, John Bell, esq. a member of the Sussex.-At Brighton, whither she had Corporation of Scarborough, and a Justice gone for the recovery of her health, Mary- of Peace for the North and East-Riding. Cloudesley, wife of George Farquharson, Aug. 12. At the Manor House, York, esq. of Paradise-place, Stockwell.

Mary-Angelica, youngest dau. of Dr. Car July 24, At Brighton, aged 18, Mary, midge. eldest dau. of W. Stewart, esq. of Sloane-st. Aug. 19. At Beverley, Ebenezer Robert

July 24. Aged 38, Mr. Dennett Jacques, son, esq. stationer, of Chichester, librarian to his Aged 89, Francis Edmunds, esq. of WorsGrace the Duke of Richmond, and P. G.S. bro', near Barnsley. for the county of Sussex.

SCOTLAND.-April 13. At Makerstown July 27. At Holbrooke, near Horsham, House, co. Roxburgh, Sir Henry Hay MacCharlotte Elizabeth Bentinck, second dau. dougall, bart. of Adm, Sir James Hawkins Whitshed, July 31. At Edinburgh, the relict of K.C. B.

Sir Robt. Dalziel, of Bions, co. Linlithgow, July 30. At the Marine Parade, Brigh- bart. ton, John Meyer, M. D. many years an Aug. 3. At Ardgowan, Sir Michael Shaw eminent physician in Broad-street buildings, Stewart, of Greecock and Blackhall, bart. London.

of Nova Scotia, and Lord Lieutenant of the Aug. 22. At Brighton, aged 55, in con- County of Renfrew. He is succeeded in his sequence of a serious accident, in which his title and estates by his eldest son, Michael thigh was broken, George Aug. Nash, esq. Stewart Nicolson, esq. of Cornhill and Finsbury-square.

IRELAND.—June 22. At the house of WESTMORELAND.--Lately. At Brougham the Countess of Farnham, Rutland-square, Hall, the seat of H. Brougham, esq. MM. P. Dublin, Selina, wife of Jas. Saunderson, esq. on her journey from London to Scotlaud, R. N. of Castle Saunderson, co. Cavan, and suddenly, in the prime of life, Lady E. El- niece to the late Earl of Farnham. liot, dau. of the first and late Earl of Minto, July 26. At Clancoole Terrace, Bandoo, by Maria, eldest dau. of Sir James Amyand, Lieut.-col. Isaac Henry Hewitt, youngest bart.; and sister to the present Earl. son of late Rev. Chas. Hewitt, of Clancoole,

Lately. At Fowling, near Kendal, aged co. of Cork. He became Lieut. 85th Foot 67, John Gough, esq. Though deprived July 23, 1800 ; 38th Foot, Aug. 27, 1803; of sight by the small-pox in his infancy, he. Adjutant, Nov. 23, 1804 : Captain 6th became eminent as a linguist, mathematician, Foot, June 4, 1807; Major in the Portu naturalist, and botanist.

guese service, June 2, 1814, serving in July 30. At Temple Sowerby, the re- Spain and Portugal attached to the Portusidence of her brother, Joshua Marriott,' guese army; and Lieut.-col. Sept. 4, 1817. esq. Isabella, widow of W. Boardman, esq. Aug. 1. In Holles-street, Dublin, Monof Penzance, Cornwall, and formerly of Parr's tague Stepney, 2d son of Sir John Edm. Wood, near Manchester.

Browne, of Palmerston, co. Mayo, bart. Aug. 5. At Leasgill, near Milothorpe, ABROAD.—Dec. ... At Assam, East Inin his both year, Wm. Gardner, esq. dies; Lieut. Francis-Turnour Richardson,


1925 ] Bill of Mortality.-Markets, 8c.-Canal Shares. 191 Interpreter and Quartermaster to the 46th scripts an astronomy, politics, and literature. Regt. Bengal Native Inf. eldest son of The Sophi had just granted him a consiFrancis R. esq. of Devonshire-st. Portland- derable pension from the treasury; he was pl. by Elizabeth, 10th dau. of Edward ist very expensive in his living, bis principal Earl of Winterton ; and grandson of Wm. food being the flesh of larks, which were Richardson, esq. accountant-general to the brought from Europe, and he went very E. L. Company.

rarely on foot. He has left no children. Fel. 21. At Sea, on board the Lady June 22. At Spa, in the Netherlands, Raffles, on his return from India, Major aged 24, Maria, only dau. of Sir Claudius Róbert Durie, of the ulth Light Dragoons. Stephen Hunter, bart. by Penelope-Maria,

Lately.-At Ispahan, aged 96, Olab Phe- only dau. of John Free, esq. lair, the celebrated Persian poet. He was July 14. At Gibraltar, aged 14 months, the Voltaire of Persia, and has left behind Arthur Bletsoe, youngest child of Lieut.him a very considerable number of manu- coi. Payne, Royal Artillery.

BILL OF MORTALITY, from July 20, to August 23, 1825.


2 and 5 209 50 and 60 133 Males - 1168 Males 1043

5 and 10 86 60 and 70 138 2397

1964 Females - 1229 Females - 921

10 and 20 79 70 and 80 130 Whereof have died under two years old 672

20 and 30 143 80 and 90 14

30 and 40 169 90 and 100 1 Salt 5s. per bushel; 1d. per pound.

40 and 50 160


AGGREGATE AVERAGE of BRITISH CORN which governs Importation,

from the Returns ending August 13.
Wheat. Barley. Oats. Rye. Beans. Peas.


67 0 42 6 26 1 43 11

45 4 42 9

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....... 131.


PRICE OF FLOUR, per Sack, Aag. 22, Gos. to 65s.
AVERAGE PRICE of SUGAR, August 10, 41s. 10d. per


.......... 141. Os. to 161. Os. | Farnham Pockets .... 181. Os, to 201. Os. Sussex Ditto Os. to 161. Os.) Kent.........

161. 16s. to 171. Essex. 131. Os. to 151. Os.


141. 15s. to 161. os. Old ditto........... ol. Os. to ol. Os. | Essex........

141. 10s. to 161. 16s. PRICE OF HAY AND STRAW. St. James's, Hay 5l. 8s. Straw 21. 85. Clover 6l. 10s.-Whitechapel, Hay 51. 35. Straw 21. 8s. Clover 71. Os. Smithfield, Hay 5l. 2s.6d. Straw 21. 5s.

Clover 61. 05. SMITHFIELD, Aug. 22. To sink the Offal—per stone of 8lbs. Beef .......... 4s. Od. to 5s. od. | Lamb

4s. 8d. to 5s. 4d. Mutton.

43. od. to 58. 2d. Head of Cattle at Market Aug. 22: Veal.....

od. to 5s. 6d. Beasts....... .................... 5$.

2,744 Calves 224 Pork 45. od. to 6s. od. Sheep ..22,330

110 COAL MARKET, Aug. 17, 385. 6d. to 39s. 3d. TALLOW, per Cwt. Town Tallow 42s. Od. Yellow Russia 39$. Od. SOAP, Yellow 72s. Mottled 80s. Od. Curd 845.-CANDLES, 9s. per Doz. Moulds 10s.6d.


THE PRICES of NAVIGABLE CANAL, Dock STOck, and Fire Office Shares, in August 1825, at the Office of Mr. M. RAINE (successor to the late Mr. Scott), Auctioneer, Canal and Dock Share, and Estate Broker, No. 2, Great Winchester-street, Old Broad-street, London.-Trent and Mersey, 21501.-Leeds and Liverpool, 5201.-Birmingham, 3351.-Worcester and Birmingham, 521.—Peak Forest, 1751.-Lancaster, 44.Rochdale, 1201.-Huddersfield, 331, West India Dock, 2151.---London Dock, 995.Globe, 1711.-Imperial, 125).


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