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272 Foreign News,

fAug. so powerful in their effects, that persons Letters from Quebec state that the often lose their senses even after their great timber-ship, the Baron of Reninnocence has been recognized, and they frew, had been launched at Quebec. She are restored to liberty. This was lately is 1,400 tons larger than the former the fate of a poor monk of the name of raft, tbe Columbus. She measures about Gabrielli, of the convent of St. Andrea 5,400 tons, and would carry nearly 8,000 delli Fratti; his delusion consists in the tons of timber. firm persuasion that he is again arrested,

SOUTH AMERICA. Another monk of the same order has been sentenced to three years' confine

From the Mexican Extraordinary, Ga

zette, dated June 15th, we learn that ment. RUSSIA.

the Spanish ship of the line, the Asia, The Petersburgh Gazette mentions tia, have gone over to the Mexicans,

carrying 68 guns, and the brig Constanthe arrival of dispatches at Petersburgh They were surrendered, by, treaty; and from Lieut. Kotzebue, who reached the it stipulated that the crews were to re port of St. Peter and St. Paul, in Kams.ceive from the Independent Governchatka, in the sloop of war Predpriæ- ment the pay due to them from Spain, tige, on June 9, 1824, in his voyage with permission to reside in any of the he corrected the reported longitude and South American States, or go elseybere. latitude of several places in the Pacific Ocean. He describes, in his report, Na

AFRICA. vigation Island. He

in his voyage,

On the 2d of August a violent earththe island of Karlshof, seen in 1722 by quake was felt at Alg rs. 'It did no Ragewin, the latitude of which is 15. damage; but the inhabitants were so deg. 27 min. S. and the longitude 145 alarmed, that many families fed into deg. 24 min. 22 sec. W. He discovered the country, and took refuge under three islands, one of wbicb, called after tents. The effects were much more his vessel, Predpriætige Island, is situ. dreadful ten leagues from Algiers, the ated in latitude 15 deg. 58 min. 18 sec. earthquake having destroyed the town S, and longitude 140 deg. 2 min. 38 sec. of Belida, and swallowed up balf the W. Another of which, called Bulling- · inhabitants : of 12,000, 6,000 were bubausen, is in 15 deg. 48 min. 7 sec. $. ried under the ruins. This is the third latitude, and 154 deg. 30 min. W. longi- town in twenty years. Colea and Mastude. The third, which he called Kor. cura perished in the same manner. dakew, after his first lieutenant, is in

EAST INDIES. 14 deg: 32 min. 39 sec. S. latitude, and 168 deg. 6 min. W., longitude. The lat

- The intelligence from India is of the ter island, it appears, was discovered by most favourable nature. The fort of M. Freycinet; but this was not known Rungpoor, in Assam, has been reduced, to Lieut. Kotzebue.

and is now in possession of the Com

pany's forces. Lieuto-col. Richards, in NORTH AMERICA.'

bis Dispatch, represents this place to be Québec paper's announce the arrival of such importance that be considers of two vessels direct from China, with himself in entire possession of Assam; 19,000 chests of tea on-board. They becauses it secures a key to all points are the first ships that ever entered the from wbence any focure irruptions may St. Lawrence from Asia, and their ar- be attempted from the Eastward. As rival forms a new era in the commercial sam itself is a recent conquest of the history of the Colony.


DOMESTIC OCCURRENCES. INTELLIGENCE FROM VARIOUS lowered, and the steep and dangerous ascent PARTS OF THE COUNTRY. at Stonar Hill, between Petersfield and Al

ton, is removed or avoided by a new cut Continued exertions in various parts of round the other side of the hill. New roads Hampshire are making for the improvement are likewise in contemplation from London in old roads, and the formation of new ones. to Portsmouth by way of Farnham; also Already is the new road from Winchester to Chichester to Petersfield, Midhurst to PePetersfield in considerable progress; the tersfield, and Alton to Liphook, the latter road from Basingstoke to Alresford, through uniting the Portsmouth and Gosport roads Preston Candover, is repaired, and from Al. within a distance of nine miles. resford to Petersfield nearly completed. The The manor of Sway Quarr, near Lyminghills at Hindhead and Portsdown are much ton, was lately sold for 13,0001.; and the


Domestic Occurrences.

173 adjoining manor of Arnewood, for 11,000l. subscribers to the building and endowment That part of the beantiful estate of Cliefden, of the chapel. There are three galleries ; formerly the property of the Countess of one at the west end, another on the south Orkney, which contains about 150 acres, has, side, and a capacious private gallery of Lord also been sold for 11,000l.

George Henry Cavendish on the north. The A new sect of Christians, called Sabbatans, edifice is calculated to contain 700 persons. has lately arisen,

and niade many converts The ground was given by the Rev. Richard in Lancashire. They insist that there exists Meade, the Incumbent of the parish ; and no authority, either in the Old or New Tes- John Grubb, Esq. the Patron of the parish tament, for changing the sabbath from Sa- church, also gave 10 acres of freehold land, torday, the seventh day, to Sunday, the first in part of the endowment requisite for conday of the week. This sect is already so secration and the maintenance of a minister. norcerons in one district, that much incon. The above endowment has been augmented venience was lately felt on a market-day, by Lord George Henry Cavendish with 8 kept on the Saturday, or seventh day, from acres of freehold land, and by John Grubb, the number of persons who refused to open esq. by a further donation of 84 acres of their shops, or pursue their usual occupa- freehold land. The other contributions tions.

have amounted to about 20001. exclusive of A specimen of Crocodile has been found benefaotions in furniture, ornaments, &c. in the alumn shale in the neighbourhood of July 26. A fight, which has excited pubWhitby, by Mr. Brown Marshal, -and has lic execration, took place in the factory yard. been purchased by the Whitby Literary and at Warwick, betwixt the lion Nero, belongPhilosophical Society. The length of the ing to Mr. Wombwell, and six mastiff dogså animal, which is a species of Gavial, is 14 ft. In the first assault, three dogs were. let, 6 in. following the curvature of the spine; loose, who rushed upon the lion, and seized but when it was alive it must have been him in different parts of the body. The lion, more than 12 ft. long.

however, acted entirely upon the defensive, June 1. A walrus, or sea-horse, was dise and contented himself with resisting the covered on the rocks at Fierceness, Orkney; attacks of his adversaries with his paws, by and being shot at and wounded by a sbep- which means he inflicted very severe, wounds herd, it took to sea, and was followed by upon them. The noble animal soared with him, and some others, in a boat. The man paid ; but he was destined to undergo a still fired a second time, and pierced the animal severer trial, for the first set of dogs having through the eyes : it then lay on the water been removed, a second set was brought apparently lifeless, but on the boat coming forth, who caught poor Nero by the nose., alongside, and one of the men catching hole Nero roared terrifically, and, as before, endea. , of the fore-paw, the walrus made a suddenvoured to paw them off

. He succeeded with plunge, and carried the man to the bottom some little difficulty, inflicting some severe with him; and he was with difficulty saved seratches. He then came round the bars, upon his rising to the surface. Another as if endeavouring to find an avenue for shot killed the animal, and they towed him escape ; but the dogs followed him, and asbore in triumph. The skin of the walrus, rushing to his front again, seized him in the which is now dried, measures 15 ft. by 14 ft.; tender place. Once more did Nero shake ad the tusks, which are much worn at the them off, inflicting sundry wounds with his ends, protrude from the head about 12 in. talons. Nero pursued his retreating system,

The entire skull is sent to the Edinburgh and ran round the den, amidst cries of “ He's Museum. This is the first instance of any beaten, he's beaten!" At this moment he of those formidable inhabitants of the polar was bleeding profusely from the nose and regions having been seen off the coasts of mouth; and the seconds of the dogs watchGreat Britain.

ing an opportunity, drew them out, and inJuly 3. The new parochial chapel at sisted that they had won. Mr. Wombwell Lacey Green, in the parish of Prince's Ris- denied that his lion was beaten. At last, it borough, county of Bucks, was consecrated was agreed on a third encounter. The dogs by the Bishop of Lincoln. The chapel is attacked the lion with increased ferocity, about 60 ft. long and 30' wide, and is a plain and instantly pinned him by the nose to the building, of the Grecian style, in the form Aoor, when he roared with agony. It was of a Cross. It is situated within an enclo- then acknowledged that the dogs were vic*sure on the Green, and is built of flints, torious ; they were taken off, and Nero supported by stone dug in the neighbour- rushed into bis sanctuary. hood. At the western end is a small neat Mr. Wombwell has since matched his porch. The inside of the building is fitted " Wallace," a ferocious lion, cubbed in up with seats neatly painted, and with 4 Scotland, against six of the best dogs that pes. The communion table is placed at could be found ; his temper being the very the east end, under a window of six com- opposite to that of the gentle Nero. The partments, iu two of which, on stained glass, dogs were Tinker, Ball, Billy, Sweep, Turappear the arms of the Bishop of the Dio- pin, Tiger. In the 1st round, Tinker and cest, and some others of the munificent Ball were let loose, and both made a gallant ?


Domestic Occurrences.

(Aug. attack; the lion having waited for them as enacted in its stead :--" That no person if aware of his foes. He clapped his paw shall acquire a settlement in any parish or upon poor Ball, took Tinker in his teeth, township maintaining its own poor, by or by and deliberately walked round the stage with reason of settling upon, renting, or paying him as a cat would with a mouse. He at parochial rates for any tenement, not being length dropped Tinker, who crawled off the his or her own property, unless such tenestage. The lion then seized Ball by the ment shall consist of a separate and distinct mouth, and played the same game with him dwelling-house or building, or of land, bona as if he had actually been trained to it.- fide rented by such person, in such parish Turpin and Sweep were vanquished in less or township, at and for the sum of 101. a' than a minute.-Billy and Tiger next went year at least, for the term of one whole to work. Wallace seized Billy by the loins, year; nor unless such house or building, or and when shaking him, Tiger ran away. land, shall be occupied under such yearly Billy, however, escaped with his life. hiring, and the rent for the same, to the

Aug. 4. A meeting was held of the pa- amount of 10l. actually paid, for the term of rishioners of Kibworth, Leic. (see p. 113), one whole year at least. Sir Henry Halford, bart. in the chair, when A young man, born in the province of it was resolved to apply to the celebrated Champagne, in France, and whose form is architect Mr. Smirke, to superintend the emaciated in a most extraordinary degree, rebuilding of the tower and steeple of the has been purchased for exhibition in this Church.

country, and has been for some time exhiAug. 10. A serious riot took place among biting in London. He is accompanied by the Seamen of Sunderland. The Union his father and stepmother, and he has been Club, who have been at war with the Ship examined by Sir Astley Cooper and other Owners, observing a vessel going out of the anatomical professors, who feel it difficult port laden with coals, and manned with sea- to account for his unnatural affliction. He men not belonging to the port, determined is 28 years old, 5 feet 6 inches high, and on an attack; the principal Ship Owners, grew to his present height when 14 years who had been sworn as special constables, of age, having never had a day's illness, exwent out to protect the vessel, and when cepting a pain in his side, supposed to arise they had neared her they were boarded by from a diseased liver. His face is somewhat near 400 seamen, who threw the Ship Owners cadaverous, but it is when he is disrobed and the crew of the vessel overboard, ex- that his wretched form shocks the spectator : cepting the captain and mate. The rioters his ribs are plainly seen, as is the action of afterwards got up in the rigging. The mili- the heart ; the abdomen is greatly wasted,' tary (the Dragoons), having arrived, the and the thigh bones merely covered by the riot act was read, which not producing the common integuments, and possess neither desired effect (the mob pelting them with fat nor muscle. He possesses scarcely more stones, &c.), they fired, when five persons muscular power than enables him slightly to were killed. The seamen have since re- elevate the extremities, and it is supposed turned to their duty.

that he could not raise a pound weight in

his hand. Op level ground he can walk a LONDON AND ITS VICINITY.

little, but his step-mother is obliged to

carry him up stairs. To the observer he has The fifth Report of his Majesty's Com- the appearance of being wasted by long-conmissioners for building and promoting the tinued famine, or more dreadful, of some rebuilding of “ Additional Churches in popu- animated corpse that has lain for months in lous Parishes," announces that 20 other a charnel-house. It is said his daily food Churches and Chapels have been completed does not exceed three ounces, and his drink since last Report, by which accommodation is cider. has been provided for 13,681 persons in July 28. At the Mansion-house, a flour. pews, and for 17,287 poor persons in free, factor was charged with having served seats, making, in the 45 Churches and Cha- baker in the Hackney-road with adulterated pels now completed, a total provision for Aour, composed of plaster of Paris. It was 72,578 persons (including 44,313 free seats stated by Mr. W. Clarke, of Apothecaries' for the use of the poor). The Report goes Hall, who analysed the flour in question, on to state, that 30 Churches and Chapels that there was very little wheat in it; and are now in progress, and that 20 of these that there was a great deal of beans and other Churches and Chapels will le completed in things in it, which, although not destructive the course of the present year.--Exchequer to health, were exceedingly stimulating, and Bills already issued to carry the object into unfit for use in bread. Mr. Clarke meneffect, amount to the sum of 645,900l. tioned that adulteration in flour was carried

By an Act passed on the 22d of June to a shameful height. He also stated he last, the Act of 59th George III, respect- had lately analysed some caper souchong ing Settlements being gained by renting tea, and found that there was 25 per cent of tenements, was repealed, and the following lead ore in it.



[ 175 )



Rev.'J. D. Coleridge, a Prebend in Exeter War Office, July 29.9th reg. Dragoons: Cathedral. Capt. H.'J. Richardson to be Major, vice Rev. J. Lonsdale, a Prebend of Lincola Herst.- 13th Ditto, Major J. F. Patterson Cathedral. to be Lieut.-coli; Major W. W. Higgins, Rev. T. Gaisford, 2d Prebend of Worces21st. Drag. to be Major.-85th reg. Brevet ter Cathedral. Major G. H. Dansey, to be Major-Unat- Rev. G. Chandler, D.C.L. All Souls R. St. tached : to be Lieut.-colonels, Majors R. N. Mary-le-bone. Niekle, from 88th Reg. and Benj. Harding, Rev. G. S. Evans, Temple Grafton V. co. from 6th Drags.—To be Major, Capt. John Warwick. Hewett, 520 Foot.

Rev. J. Gordon, Bierton V. co. Lincoln. Aug. 2.-The Hon. Algernon Percy, to Rev. H. Hubbard, Cheriton R. Hants, with be Minister Plen. to the Confed. Swiss Can- Kilmaston and Titchbourne Chs. annexed. tons ; Hamilton H. C. Hamilton, esq. to be "Rev.Wm.James, East Sambrook R. co. Som. Sec. to the Embassy at Paris ; and Hon. Rev. J. Johnson, Houghton V. Notts. John Bloomfield, to be Sec. to his Majesty's Rev. S. Lloyd, Horsley V. co. Glouc. Legation at Stutgardt.

Rer. Wm. Marsh, Gwenap V. Cornwall

. War Office, Aug. 12.—28th. Reg. Major Rev. J. B. May, St. Martin R. Exeter. Oaslow, 290 Reg. to be Major.--Unattach- Rev. R. B. Paul, Long Wittenham V. Berks. ed: Capt. Hall, 3d Foot Guards, to be Rev. Sam. Paul, Tetbury V. co. Glouc. Lieut-col. ; Capt. Beauchamp, 7th Foot, Rev. G. S. Penfold, Christchurch R. St. to be Major.

Mary-le-bone. Foreign Office, Aug. 13.-John-Tasker Rev. B. Puckle, Graffham R. Hunts. Wiliams, esq. to be Commissary Judge to Rev. Wm. Pyne, Pitney R. co. Somerset. the several Mixed Commissions established at Rev. C. T. Simmons, Shipham R. co. Som. Sierra Leone, for the prevention of the Rev. G. W. Smith, Bawdsey V. Suff. illegal traffic in slaves.

Rev. H. Strangways, Rowe V. Devon. William-Sharp McLeay, esq. to be Com- Rev. C. Tripp, D.D. Kentisbeare R. Devon. missioner of Arbitration to the Mixed Brit- Rev. E.W. Wakeman, Claines C. co. Worc. ish and Spanish Court of Commission esta- Rev. A. Ward, Eastrington V. co. York. blished at the Havannah.

Rev. G. H. Webster, All Saints with St.

Julian R. Norwich. Aug. ...

The Hon. and Rev. Geo. Neville, Rev. Jos. Algar, Chaplain to Lord Clinton. Master of Magdalen College, Cambridge, to Rev. D. Clementson, Chap. to Dorch. Goal. use the name of Grenville, in addition, and Rev. W. H. Dixon, Chaplain to Abp. of York. after that of Neville, and also to bear the Rev. P. Gurdon, Chaplain to Lord Bayning. erms of Grenville.

Rev. C. D. Wray, Chaplain to Ld. Balcarras,


CIVIL PREFERMENT, Ref. Jas. Hooke, LL.D. Deanery of Wor- Rev. E. Daniel, Helston Grammar-school,



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BIRTHS. July 11. At Roseheath, Cheshire, the the Rectory, North Bradley, Wilts, the wife wife of Rev. Henry Tomkinson, a son.—The of Rev. G. R. Orchard, a son. wife of Joho Gardner, esq. of Sion Hill, Aug. 1. At Forston House, near DorGarstang, a son.—15. The wife of Dr. Bods chester, the wife of George Peach, esq. a ley, Hall, a sod.-19. At Walkington Lodge, son and heir.-4. At Goldsboro' Hall, YorkYorkshire, the wife of John Ditmas, esq. of shire, Lady Louisa Lascelles, a son.-5. At twins.- At Edwinsford, Carmarthenshire, Radway, Warw, the wife of Lieut.-col. F. S. Lady Mary Hamlyn Williams, a dau.—24. Miller, C. B. a son.-8. In Hamilton-place, At Paris, the wife of Hon. Hercules-Lang- Countess Gower, a dau.“At Shugborough, ford Rowley (eldest

son of Lord Langford), Viscountess Anson, a son and heir.- The à son and heir.-30. At Morestead, near wife of W. Hulton, esq. of Hulton Park, a Winchester, the wife of Edw. Mount Gale, son.-12. In Tavistock-squ. Mrs. Benj. B. esg, a son.

Williams, a son.-16. In Dublin, the wife Lately. At Garboldisham, Norfolk, the of Capt. Fred. Arabin, R. Art. a son18. March. of Blaudford, a son. At Allcannings At Leppitt's-hill, Essex, the wife of Rev. Rectory, Wilts, Mrs. Methuen, a son. Åt Dr. Stedman, a dau. --20. The wife of Chris

topher-James Maguay, esq. & son.


[blocks in formation]

lean, esq.

July 9. Wm. Bowden, esq. of Southwark, Souls Church, Peter, eldest son of Sir Peter to Anne, only dau. of late Jonas Shaw, esq. Pole, bart, M.P. of Wolverton Park, Hants,

-10. Abr. Dunn, esq. Solicitor, of He- to Lady Louisa Pery, fourth dau. of the don, to Miss Hanna, dau.-in-law of R. Fow- Earl of Limerick.At George-street, Haler, esq. Solicitor, Gainsborough, 11. nover-square, Alex. Rob. Stewart, esq. M.P. At Chester, Alured, second son of Mr. Wood to Lady Caroline-Anne Pratt, youngest dau. Gibson, of Liverpool, merchant, to Eliz. of the Marq. Camden.At Windsor, Rev. Charlotte, youngest dau. of late Dr. Jardine. J. Moultrie, Rector of Rugby, to Harriet

-12. At Worcester, Fred. Maw, esq. of Margaret, dau. of Dr. Ferguson, Inspector Green Hill-place, to Jane, dau. of the late 'of Hospitals.- -30. At Paris, at Viscount Rev. Rich. Roe Walton.- -At Glouces- Granville's, Jas. Townsend Carlow, esq, to ter, Rev. T. Brigstocke, Rector of Whitton, Elizabeth-Anne, dau. of Captain Rowed, Radn. to Caroline, dau, of late Rev. R. R. N. Whish, of Northwold.-13. Henry-Gally Aug. 1. At Lord Clifford's, Mansfield-str. Kaight, esq. of Firbeck, Yorkshire, to Hen- the eldest son of Lord Stourton, to Hon. rietta, relict of Rev. J. H. Eyre.—At Lucy Clifford, dau. of Lord Clifford.Bristol, Capt. E. B. Gapper, R. A. to Kath. George Heald, esq. of Lincoln's Inn, to Anne, dau. of late Charles Hamilton, esq. of Emma, dau. of S. Trafford Southwell, esq. the Leasowes. 14. At Accrington, near

of Wraxham Hall.-2. At Hanover-sq. Blackburn, the Rev. W. Villers, of Kidder- W.-Fowle, only son of Sir W. Middleton, bt. minster, to Susannah, dau. of Jon. Peel, to Hon. Anne Cust, sister of Lord Brownesq. of Accrington House.- 16. At Mary- low.—At Hanover-sq. Geo, Pouney, esq. leboue, John Jackson, esq. of Queen Ann- of Grosvenor-sq. to Jane, dau. of Sir John st. to Anna-Dodsworth, fifth dau. of Sir Wm. Robinson, bart. of Albemarle-str.-Chas. Beechey.-18. At the house of the Brit- Ellis, esq. M.A. Barrister, of Lincoln's Inn, ish Ambass. Paris, the Rev. W. H. Bury, to Mary, 2d dau. of Wm. Peath Litt, esq. of to Mary-Anne, dau. of the late John Mac- Devonshire-st. Portland-pl.-3. At An

19. At Kensington, Capt. F. dover, Charles Pressly, esq. Secretary to the Clements, R. Afric. Corps, to Alicia-Frances, Irish Board of Stamps, to Anne, dau. of eldest dau. of Rev. Richard Brickenden, and Geo. Thompson, esq.5. At Hanoverniece to Earl of Cavan, -21. At St.George- sq. John-Jacob Buxton, esq. M. P. to Eliz. st. Hanover sq. Walter Burrell, esq. M.P. dau. of Sir M. Cholmeley, bart. M.P.for Sussex, to Mrs. Chisholme.-Thos. 8. Lieut.-col.Whish, Bombay Est. to Frances Le Breton, esq. Att. General for Jersey, to Hill, eldest dau. of Hannibal Sandys, esq. of Frances, dau. of Tho. Jekyll Rawson, esq. Great Queen-st. Westminster. 10. Sir of Ashborne, Derby.--Ai Edmonton,

Rev. Gilb. Heathcote, bart. of Normanton Park, Vyell-Francis Vyvian, son of late Sir Vyell to Mrs. Eldon, of Park-crescent, PortlandVyvyan, bart. of Trelowarren, Cornwall, to place.- -At St. Marylebone, Philip Wiss, Anna, dau. of J. V. Taylor, esq. of South- esq. 6th Drag. Guards, to Margaret, dau. gate At St. James's, Capt. E. M. Da- of T. Chambre, esq. of Nottingham-place. niell, E. I. C. to Emma-Isabella, dau. of T. -At Berne, Capt. Jasper Hall, Coldst. Ferrers, esq. of Cowes.-22. At the house Guards, to Lucy, dau. of Wm. Alves, esq. of the British Ambassador, at Brussels, Rev. of Enham-place, Hants. - 11. Horatio E. Jenkins, to Eliza, dau. of John Jay, esq. Beeching, esq. Banker, of Tonbridge, Kent,

-23. At All Souls, and afterwards at the to Susanna, dau. of Cruttall Pierce, esq. of Swedish Minister's Chapel, Chevalier de. Bath-place, Peckham. 13. At North Kantzow, Swedish and Norwegian Charge' Aston, Oxf. Edw. Goulburn, esq.

of Middle d'Affaires at Lisbon, to Emma, dau. of late Temple, to Esther, sister of Visc. Chetwynd. Wm. Bosanquet, esq. At Bermondsey, At the house of the Duke of Clarence, John Coates, esq. Solicitor, to Emma; widow London, Philip Sidney, esq. 1 st Reg. Guards, of late N. Legge, esq. -26. At Islington, son of Sir J. Sidney, of Penshurst, to Miss W. Quick, esq. of Hornsey-row, Solicitor, Fitzclarence.-14, At St. Marylebone, to Harriet-Caroline, dau. of J. D. Webb, Martin Wm. eldest son of Capt. Wm. Beesq.Rev. Spencer Madan, to Louisa- cher, of Monks House, Oxf. to Susan, only Eliz. dau. of Rev. Wm. Gresley, of Nether- dau. of John Dobree, esq.--15. At St. seale Hall, co. Leic.At Abbeyleix, Ire- George's, Bloomsbury, Jas. Bradshaw, esq. land, Lord Clifton, son of Earl of Darnley, of Grosvenor-place, to Miss Anna-Maria to Emma-Jane, dau. of Sir H. Parnell, bart. Tree, late of Covent Garden Theatre. M.P.At Henbury, Bickham, eldest son 18. At St. Pancras, John, eldest son of Lord of Rev. Thos. Escott, of Hartrow House, John Townshend, of Balls Park, Herts, to Som. to Anna, dau. of Rev. Walter Trevee Eliz. Jane, eldest dau. of Lord Geo. Stuart. lyan, and grand-dau. of Sir John T. bart. -20. At St. George's, Lieut.-col. the 27. Wm. Orton Aikin, esq.of Devonshire-st. Hon. Geo. Lionel Dawson, brother of the Portland-place, to Mary-Anne, dau. of Wm. Earl of Portarlington, to Miss Seymour, Mason,esq.Somersham, Hunts.-28.AtAli dau. of late Lord Hugh Seymour.

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