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C723091TT, delivered betez rize Pri Beta Kuppe Society of Hari Cai-

Prize Ofe, delivered at the Boston Theta in Nw, at the Exhibitio of a

Pagrant in Sonor of Shakspeare

Ode, pronounced at the Centennial Celebrition of the Settlement of Boston,

September, 1999)

Odle, written fise the Fourth Triemal Celebratia of the Massachusetts

Charitale Mechanic Association, 1013

Art, an Ole written fise the Sinh Triennial Festival of the Massachusetts

Charitable Mechule Association, 1924

Lines on the Death of H. S. C.....

I see thee still

The Punily Meeting

To my Ciga.....

Look on this Pietere

The Winged Worshippers. Addressed to two Swallows that few into

Czasacy Place Chureh during divine Service

The Puneral

Dedication Hymn

Fifty Years Ago. For the Fourth of July, 188.

The Brothers

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Delivered before the Phi Beta Kappa Society of Harvard University. 1829.

It came from Heaven - its power archangels knew When this fair globe first rounded to their view; When the young sun revealed the glorious scene Where oceans gathered and where lands grew green; When the dead dust in joyful myriads swarmed, And man, the clod, with God's own breath was warmed. It reigned in Eden — when that man first woke, Its kindling influence from his eye-balls spoke; No roving childhood, no exploring youth Led him along, till wonder chilled to truth; Full-formed at once, his subject world he trod, And gazed upon the labors of his God; On all, by turns, his chartered glance was cast, While each pleased best as each appeared the last; But when She came, in nature's blameless pride, Bone of his bone, his Heaven-anointed bride, All meaner objects faded from his siglit, And sense turned giddy with the new delight;

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