Writings of Charles Sprague: Now First Collected

Charles S. Francis, 1841 - 124 Seiten

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Seite 111 - Here the wigwam blaze beamed on the tender and helpless, the council fire glared on the wise and daring. Now they dipped their noble limbs in your sedgy lakes, and now they paddled the light canoe along your rocky shores. Here they warred ; the echoing whoop, the bloody grapple, the defying death-song, all were here ; and when the tiger strife was over, here curled the smoke of peace.
Seite 22 - High though his titles, proud his name, Boundless his wealth as wish can claim ; Despite those titles, power and pelf, The wretch, concentred all in self, Living, shall forfeit fair renown, And, doubly dying, shall go down To the vile dust, from whence he sprung, Unwept, unhonored and unsung.
Seite 56 - We are all here ! Even they — the dead — though dead, so dear. Fond Memory, to her duty true, Brings back their faded forms to view.
Seite 30 - In grateful adoration now, Upon the barren sands they bow. What tongue of joy e'er woke such prayer As bursts in desolation there ? What arm of strength e'er wrought such power, As waits to crown that feeble hour ? There into life an infant empire springs!
Seite 27 - Behold ! they come — those sainted forms, Unshaken through the strife of storms ; Heaven's winter cloud hangs coldly down, And earth puts on its rudest frown ; But colder, ruder was the hand That drove them from their own fair land ; Their own fair land — refinement's chosen seat, Art's trophied dwelling, learning's green retreat; By valor guarded, and by victory crowned, For all, but gentle charity, renowned.
Seite 12 - One voice that silence breaks — the prayer is said, And the last rite man pays to man is paid ; The plashing waters mark his resting-place, And fold him round in one long, cold embrace ; Bright bubbles for a moment sparkle o'er, Then break, to be, like him, beheld no more ; Down, countless fathoms down, he sinks to sleep, With all the nameless shapes that haunt the deep.
Seite 55 - We are all here! Father, mother, Sister, brother, All who hold each other dear. Each chair is fill'd - we're all at home; To-night let no cold stranger come: It is not often thus around Our old familiar hearth we're found: Bless, then, the meeting and the spot; For once be every care forgot; Let gentle Peace assert her power, And kind Affection rule the hour; We're all - all here.
Seite 111 - God of the universe he acknowledged in everything around. He beheld Him in the star that sank in beauty behind his lonely dwelling; in the sacred orb that flamed on him from His mid-day throne; in the flower that snapped in the morning breeze; in the lofty pine that defied a thousand whirlwinds ; in the timid warbler that never left its native grove ; in the fearless eagle, whose untired pinion was wet in clouds...
Seite 13 - Has left a spot where that poor drop can speak ; Blush to be branded with the slanderer's name, And, though thou dread'st not sin, at least dread shame. We hear, indeed, but shudder while we hear The insidious falsehood and the heartless jeer; For each dark libel that thou...
Seite 29 - Yet, strong in weakness, there they stand, On yonder ice-bound rock, Stern and resolved, that faithful band, To meet Fate's rudest shock. Though anguish rends the father's breast, For them, his dearest and his best, With him the waste who trod — Though tears that freeze the mother sheds Upon her children's houseless heads — The Christian turns to God ! vm.

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