The History of Henry Fielding, Band 3

Yale University Press, 1918

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Seite 22 - God, who placed me here, will do what he pleases with me hereafter, and he knows best what to do. May he bless you.
Seite 219 - Amelia pleads for her husband, Will Booth : Amelia pleads for her reckless kindly old father, Harry Fielding. To have invented that character, is not only a triumph of art, but it is a good action. They say it was in his own home that Fielding knew her and loved her : and from his own wife that he drew the most charming character in English fiction — Fiction ! why fiction ? why not history ? I know Amelia just as well as Lady Mary Wortley Montagu.
Seite 301 - Pasquin. A Dramatick Satire on the Times : Being the Rehearsal of Two Plays, viz. A Comedy call'd The Election ; and a Tragedy call'd The Life and Death of Common-Sense.
Seite 235 - Cain, of Byron, though the latter is a magnificent poem, and read the rest fearlessly ; that must indeed be a depraved mind which can gather evil from Henry VIII., from Richard III., from Macbeth, and Hamlet, and Julius Caesar.
Seite 48 - I did not suffer a brave man and an old man to remain a moment in this posture ; but I immediately forgave him.
Seite 327 - A | PROPOSAL | FOR | Making an Effectual Provision | FOR THE | POOR, FOR Amending their MORALS, | AND FOR | Rendering them useful MEMBERS of the | SOCIETY.
Seite 28 - On this day the most melancholy sun I had ever beheld arose, and found me awake at my house at Fordhook. By the light of this sun I was, in my own opinion, last to behold and take leave of some of those creatures on whom I doted with a mother-like fondness, guided by nature and passion, and uncured and unhardened by all the doctrine of that philosophical school where I had learned to bear pains and to despise death.
Seite 343 - An Act for the better preventing Thefts and Robberies ; and for regulating Places of public Entertainment, and punishing Persons keeping disorderly Houses," as relates to payments to 27 G.
Seite 212 - Of all the works of imagination to which English genius has given origin, the writings of Henry Fielding are perhaps most decidedly and exclusively her own."— Sir Walter Scott.
Seite 235 - Had I a brother yet living, I should tremble to let him read Thackeray's lecture on Fielding.

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