Auxiliary Verb Constructions

OUP Oxford, 08.06.2006 - 496 Seiten
This is the most comprehensive survey ever published of auxiliary verb constructions, as in 'he could have been going to drink it' and 'she does eat cheese'. Drawing on a database of over 800 languages Dr Anderson examines their morphosyntactic forms and semantic roles. He investigates and explains the historical changes leading to the cross-linguistic diversity of inflectional patterns, and he presents his results within a new typological framework.The book's impressive range includes data on variation within and across languages and language families. In addition to examining languages in Africa, Europe, and Asia the author presents analyses of languages in Australasia and the Pacific and in North, South, and Meso-America. In doing so he reveals much that is new about the language families of the world and makes an important contribution to the understanding of their nature and evolution. His book will interest scholars and researchersin language typology, historical and comparative linguistics, syntax, and morphology.

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Über den Autor (2006)

Gregory Anderson is a researcher at the Department of Linguistics, University of Oregon, and at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. He is engaged in primary descriptive, typological, and comparative research on endangered languages of south-central Siberia, Turkic languages, the isolate Burushaski language of northern Pakistan, the Eleme language of Nigeria, and the Munda languages of India. He has written fieldwork-based descriptive grammars, bilingual dictionaries, and books on comparative/historical and historical/sociolinguistic topics in Turkic linguistics as well as numerous articles on a range of typological, areal, and historical linguistic topics.

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