Bulletin, Band 9,Ausgaben 45-48

University of the State of New York, 1901

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Seite 1 - A catalogue of the flowering and fern-like plants growing without cultivation in the vicinity of the falls of Niagara, by David F.
Seite 240 - Leverett (Frank). On the correlation of New York moraines with raised beaches of Lake Erie.
Seite 6 - Und es wallet und siedet und brauset und zischt, Wie wenn Wasser mit Feuer sich mengt, Bis zum Himmel spritzet der dampfende Gischt, Und Well' auf Well' sich ohn' Ende drängt, Und wie mit des fernen Donners Getose Entstürzt es brüllend dem finstern Schoße.
Seite 246 - The Age of Niagara Falls as Indicated by the Erosion at the Mouth of the Gorge.
Seite 2 - It is impossible to resist the effect on the imagination. It is as if the fountains of the great deep were being broken up, and as if a new deluge were coming on the world. The impression is rather increased than diminished by the perspective of the low wooded banks on either shore, running down to a vanishing point and seeming to be lost in the advancing waters. An apparently shoreless sea tumbling towards one is a very grand and a very awful sight. Forgetting there what one knows, and giving oneself...
Seite 148 - Hall. Zoarium discoidal, free or attached by the center of the base; under surface with one or more layers of small, irregular cells; zooecia radiating...
Seite 278 - Tamarix mannifera Shr., a large tree growing upon Mount Sinai, the young shoots of which are covered with the females, which, puncturing them with their proboscis, cause them to discharge a great quantity of a gummy secretion, which quickly hardens and drops from the tree, when it is collected by the natives, who regard it as the real manna of the Israelites
Seite 237 - Sci.,2d series, vol. 4, pp. 25-36, 1847. Observations on the Falls of Niagara, with reference to the changes which have taken place and are now in progress.
Seite 238 - Geol., vol. in, 1895, pp. 50-60, 169-197. -An account of the Middle Silurian rocks of Ohio and Indiana, including the Niagara and Ohio Clinton and the bed at the top of the Lower Silurian strata, formerly considered the Medina.

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