Iron: An Illustrated Weekly Journal for Iron and Steel Manufacturers, Metallurgists, Mine Proprietors, Engineers, Shipbuilders, Scientists, Capitalists ..., Band 12

Perry Fairfax Nursey
Knight and Lacey, 1830

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Seite 392 - Or it may perhaps extend also to a new process to be carried on by known implements or elements, acting upon known substances, and ultimately producing some other known substance, but producing it in a cheaper or more expeditious manner, or of a better or more useful kind.
Seite 40 - The young of animals were to remain with the Dam 7 days, and at the close of the 7th to be taken away — By the old law, man was commanded to forgive his offending brother 7 times ; but the meekness of the last revealed religion extended his humility and forbearance to seventy times 7 — If Cain shall be revenged 7 fold, truly Lamech 70 times 7...
Seite 337 - MORTAL man, who livest here by toil, Do not complain of this thy hard estate ; That like an emmet thou must ever moil, Is a sad sentence of an ancient date...
Seite 136 - The time of performing every trip shall be accurately noted, as well as the time occupied in getting ready to set out on the second journey. Should the engine not be enabled to take along with it sufficient fuel and water for the journey of ten trips, the time occupied in taking in a fresh supply of fuel and water shall be considered and taken as a part of the time in performing the journey. JU Rastrick, Esq., Stourbridge, CE Nicholas Wood, Esq., Killingworth, CE John Kennedy, Esq., Manchester. Liverpool,...
Seite 14 - It has been discovered, however, that finding the true distance between the sun and moon, or between the moon and a star, is the best at sea that can be practised at present.
Seite 136 - ... o'clock in the morning, and the load assigned to it shall be three times the weight thereof. The water in the boiler shall be cold, and there shall be no fuel in the fire-place. As much fuel shall be weighed, and as much water shall be measured and delivered into the...
Seite 137 - The fire in the boiler shall then be lighted, and the quantity of fuel consumed for getting up the steam shall be determined, and the time noted. The tender-carriage, with the fuel and water, shall be considered to be, and taken as part of the load assigned to the engine.
Seite 106 - ... before mentioned; the ship itself being entirely beyond the horizon. Appearances of this kind I have before noticed, but the peculiarities of this were, — the perfection of the image, and the great distance of the vessel that it represented. It was so extremely well defined, that when examined with...
Seite 33 - ... and fitness, and durability, some form, the pattern of which originated in his spirit. All things without us, nay I may add, all things on us, are mere elements: but deep within us lies the creative force, which out of these can produce what they were meant to be; and which leaves us neither sleep nor rest, till in one way or another, without us or on us, that same have been produced.
Seite 12 - Inspector-General of Ionian Ports and Coasts. " Corfu, April I, 1825." Currents of the Ocean.— "In the voyage between Cape Mount and Cape Three Points, captain Sabine says that the Pheasant's progress appears to have been accelerated 180 miles by the current, which, in the season when the south-west winds prevail on this part of the coast of Western Africa, runs with considerable velocity in the direction of the land round Cape Palmas, to the eastern parts of the gulf of Guinea. In the passage...

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