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Seite 197 - Glasgow, who nursed it as if it had been his own child, and when a motion was made to relieve him of it, replied, "No! I have not had nearly enough of it — it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life.
Seite 172 - The Committee on Science and the Arts constituted by the Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania, for the promotion of the Mechanic Arts, to whom was referred for examination a Solar Compass, invented by WM.
Seite 183 - I presumed that your engine would require money, very accurate workmanship and extensive correspondence to make it turn out to the best advantage, and that the best means of keeping up the reputation and doing the invention justice would be to keep the executive part out of the hands of the multitude of empirical engineers, who from ignorance, want of experience and want of necessary convenience, would be very liable to produce bad and inaccurate workmanship; all of which deficiencies would affect...
Seite 185 - ... which I look upon as a capital saving ; and it will answer for double engines as well as for single ones. I have only tried it in a slight model yet, so cannot build upon it, though I think it a very probable thing to succeed, and one of the most ingenious simple pieces of mechanism I have contrived, but I beg nothing may be said on it till I specify.
Seite 366 - On the Conversion of Dynamical into Electrical Force without the aid of Permanent Magnetism," by CW Siemens, FRS The author says, " An experiment has been suggested to me by my brother, Dr.
Seite 209 - Mill and other Gearing, Presses, Horology, and Miscellaneous Machinery ; and including many movements never before published, and several of which have only recently come into use.
Seite 185 - I have started a new hare. I have got a glimpse of a method of causing a piston rod to move up and down perpendicularly, by only fixing it to a piece of iron upon the beam, without chains, or perpendicular guides, or untowardly frictions, arch-heads, or other pieces of clumsiness...
Seite 196 - The perfect parallel motion of Peaucellier looks so simple and moves so easily that people who see it at work almost universally express astonishment that it waited so long to be discovered. The idea of the facility of the result by a natural mental illusion gets transferred to the process of conception, as if a healthy babe were to be accepted as proof of an easy act of parturition. No impression can be more erroneous. The...
Seite 172 - ... for viewing faint objects near the moon, or satellites near their primaries, the committee are of opinion may be removed by enlarging the aperture of the Herschelian reflector to five or five and a half inches. The simplicity of the method of preparing and mounting Mr. Holcomb's...
Seite 244 - On the Method of Producing Copies of Engraved Copper-Plates by Voltaic Action; on the Supply of Mixed Gases for Drummond's Light, by Electrolysis; on the Application of Electro-Magnetism as a Motive Power in Navigation, and on Electro-Magnetic Currents," Philosophical Magazine, 1839, vol.

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