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It is the purpose of this book to accompltsh four things for the student: (1) to give him continually increasing power in original composition; (2) to train him in habits of accuracy in mechanical form (spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.); (3) to develop his interest in good literature; and (4) to stimulate his interest in the affairs of the world in which he lives.

From the beginning of the book to the end, students are required to do creative work and are trained to select, arrange, and express ideas so as to make the best use of what they know.

The method of teaching is inductive. Models are used in such a way as to encourage and to develop original thought and expression. No blind imitation of models is possible if the method of the book is followed. This requires persistent effort along definitely indicated lines. Beginning with very simple work, the exercises gradually increase in difficulty in both subject matter and technical requirement.

The assignments for student practice are varied and very extensive, ranging from the practical to the theoretical, from matters of everyday experience to matters of imagination and fancy. The subjects assigned have been taken almost entirely from lists made out by students when asked to hand in subjects in which they were interested and on which they would like to write. Necessarily, these subjects touch all phases of the lives of young people.

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