Global Quality of Democracy as Innovation Enabler: Measuring Democracy for Success

Springer, 28.10.2018 - 509 Seiten

This book assesses the interconnectedness of democracy and economic development. It concentrates on how to conceptualize and to measure democracy and quality of democracy in global comparison. The author makes the argument that a quality-of-democracy understanding based on sustainable development relates crucially with economic growth, but more so with economic development. The empirical macro-model focuses on approximately over hundred countries (in a world model) and covers about a fourteen-year period of 2002-2015, identifying the following basic dimensions as being relevant for further analysis: freedom, equality, control, sustainable development, and self-organization (political self-organization). Readers will appreciate the global perspective the work offers.


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How to Conceptualize Democracy Quality of Democracy in Global Comparison and Democracy as Innovation Enabler
How to Measure Democracy and the Quality of Democracy in Global Comparison
Freedom Equality and Sustainable Development in the OECD Countries 20022016
Freedom Equality and Sustainable Development in the NonOECD Countries 20022016
Freedom Equality and Sustainable Development in the World 20022016
GovernmentOpposition Cycles and Political Swings Political LeftRight Swings Peaceful Person Change of Head of Government and Peaceful Party C...
Summary and Formulation of Hypotheses for Further Research on Democracy Quality of Democracy in Global Comparison and Democracy as Inno...
Appendix to the Conceptualization and Measurement of Democracy and Quality of Democracy in Global ComparisonIndicators and Dimensions
160 Countries Years 20022016
Transformed Scores Rescaled to 0100 of the 160 Countries years 20022016
Documentation of the Transformed Rescaled Indicators and Aggregated Dimensions Subdimensions for Identified Countries and Country Groups Ye...

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Über den Autor (2018)

David F. J. Campbell is a Lecturer and Privatdozent with the Department of Political Science at the University of Vienna, a Quality Enhancement Expert and Quality Researcher at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, and a Researcher with the Alpen-Adria-University Klagenfurt and Danube University Krems. His articles on knowledge, innovation, knowledge economy and democracy (knowledge democracy and quality of democracy) have been published in several international journals.

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