A list of all patents for inventions granted in England during the year ... -1844

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Seite 6 - Machine-maker, for Certain improvements in machinery or apparatus to be employed in the preparation and spinning of cotton, wool, and other fibrous substances.— Sealed July 23, 1844.
Seite 18 - Scotland, mechanic, for improvements upon locomotive steam-engines, whereby a saving of luel will be effected, which improvements are applicable to steam vessels and other purposes, and to the increasing the adhesion of the wheels of railway engines, carriages, and tenders upon the lines of rail, when the same are in a moist state.
Seite 26 - M'Jntosh, of Glasgow, gentleman, for certain improvements in revolving engines, and an improved method of producing motive power, and of propelling vessels. May 17; six months. James Pilbrow, of Tottenham, civil engineer, for certain improvements in the machinery for, or a new method of propelling carriages on railways and common roads, and vessels on rivers and canals, &c.
Seite 9 - Richards, of the same place, mechanical inspector, for improvements in the manufacture of gas for the purpose of illumination, and in apparatus used when transmitting and measuring gas.
Seite 26 - Middlesex, engineer, for certain improvements in the means and apparatus for subduing and extinguishing fire and saving life and property, and in obtaining and applying motive power, and improvements in propelling.
Seite 33 - Durham, doctor in philosophy, for an improved mode of directing the passage of and otherwise dealing with the noxious vapours, and other matters arising from chemical works in certain cases.
Seite 32 - Lancaster, machinist, for certain improvements in machinery or apparatus to be employed in the preparation and spinning of cotton and other fibrous substances.
Seite 29 - D'Aguilar Samuda, of the same place, engineer, for certain improvements in the manufacture and arrangement of parts and apparatus for the construction and working of atmospheric railways.
Seite 4 - John George Bodmer, of Manchester, in the county of Lancaster, engineer, for certain improvements in locomotive steam-engines and carriages, to be used upon railways ; in marine engines, and vessels, and apparatus for propelling the same ; and also in stationary engines, and in apparatus to be connected therewith.
Seite 10 - ... certain improvements in extracting sugar or syrups from cane juice and other substances, containing sugar, and in refining sugar and syrups.

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