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Naughty, paughty, Jack-a.dandy. Namby Pamby. Sic parvis componere magna solebam, Virg.

SINCE one hath writ.
To thee, O Pitt!

* Pitt was undoubtedly one of the greatest masters of ornamental eloquence: his language was amazingly fine and flowing ; his voice admirable; his action most expressive; his figure genteel and commanding; bitter satire was his forte; when he attempted ridicule, which was very seldom, he succeeded happily; but where he chiefly shone was, exposing his own conduct; haying waded through the most notorious apostacy in politics, he treated it with impudent confidence.-W.

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Whom none can know
If friend or foe;
Deign to smile on
Lank Lyttleton :
For tho' his lays
May squint two ways;
They're meant for praise.

Sir Bob to hang, Thou didst harangue, While he, in joke,

The cornet broke.

But Hal now flatter'd,
Then whipp'd, then spatter'd,
With fear full fraught,
Thy favour bought:
The patriot ends,
And ye are friends,
Like Cæsar He,
As Tully was, to Thee.

As when much tir'd, In roads bemir'd,

Men see by night A fairy-light, Which they pursue With eager view, In hope to win A friendly inn; But by mistake, In some foul lake Surpris'd they're flung Of mud or dung, From whence the Meteor sprung; So far'd the crew, Who follow'd you :

Or as a maid, On back first laid, By dire mishap She gains a

Such was your case Scarce warm in place,

Defil'd all o'er,
An errant whore,
You chang’d your style,
Thou turn-coat vile.

What, still refrain From long-sought gain ? Still to entice A higher price? No, no, my Pitt! Once near being bit, Did not the band Their king withstand ; And bring him low, As king could go ? Tho' France did threat

The royal seat:
Tho' rebels dire
Spread sword and fire;
Careless of all

That could befall

The crown or realm,
They quit the helm :
Cabal, combine,
Revile, resign;
One, one and all,
From London Wall,
To Prim cock-crower of Whitehall.

Then go my boy! No more be

coy, Go force your way To court for play! Nor fear for shame Should now reclaim; Courtier or patriot, thou art still the same.

Our col'nels all

For the loud call,

By all I mean
The great fourteen ;
Like thee large-soul'd,
Despising gold,

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