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A view soungraceful, then taught him to museon Full many a Campbell who'd died with his shoes

on; All amazed, and aghast, at this ominous scene, He order'd it straight, to be shut up again, With a clump of Scotch firs by way of a screen.





AS musing on his bed the Speecher lay, Conning harangues for some important day; Labouring to make the turns harmonious fall, And to the taste attune 'em of Whitehall :

A sudden noise, career of fancy stops,
And a pale phiz within the curtain pops.

• Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough.

+ We owe the recovery of our affairs to Mr. Pitt; he has placed us at the head of Europe: the splendor of our country, the conquest of Canada, Louisbourg, Guadaloupe, Africa, and the East-nothing is too much for such services. I hope you will not think the Barony of Chatham, and £.3,000 a year for 3 lives to Lady Esther too much ; she has this pittance.-W.

The phiz his opening eye no sooner meets,
Than quick he dives between the unsavory sheets :
Not proof against the visage of her grace,
Down sinks-till now, that unembarrass'd face.

The Spectre thus: “No sooner laid my head, “ But all thy patriot sentiments are fled: “ And I in my atoning project chous'd, “ The latest and the best I e'er espous'd.

“ To my trustees (since fate forbids to me), “ Return, base villain! my retaining fee ;* “ Bequeath'd to save that country thou would'st

sell, " Refund- not such a Judas roars in hell.

“ That soften'd thief, by sense of guilt dis

may'd, “ Threw back the price of him he had betray'd;

* The Duchess of Marlborough left Mr. Pitt £.10,000 for the prejudices he had done to the Royal Family.W.

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“ But, wretch! my purse in thy polluted paws
“ Meant to support, thou turn'st to crush, the

cause ;

“ Tho' lost on thee, yet hear these rules I

teach : Usage like this would make the devil preach. “ No weight to words can eloquence impart, Tho' ne'er so clear the head, if foul the heart : “ Men's words, the world will by their actions


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“ The orator must be the honest man.
“No prostitute the generous bosom arms,
“ The whore peeps thro' the bloom, and blasts

her charms.

“ Once with applause was heard thy flowing

tongue, « And on its motions sweet persuasion hung: “ But now those lips (and thanks to Sarah's

money) “ That in thy country's struggles drop down


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“ Shall please no more! (take my prophetic word)
“ Nor all their flourishes be worth a
“ But see! the morning streaks the eastern sky:
“ Now crows the scaring cock: from hence I

And leave thee to the lash of lost integrity.

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