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5. Vayyikra Elohim la-or 5. And Elohim (God) called yom vlachoshech kara lay'lah, the light day and the darkness, vayy'hi erebh vayy’hi boker he called night, and it wasyom echad.

evening and it was morning, one day. (And the evening and the

morning were the first day.) 6. Vayyomer Elohim: Y'hi 6. And Elohim (God) said : ra-ki-ah b'thoch hammayim,vay- Let there be an expanse (firma-y’hi mabhdil bein mayim la- ment) in the midst of the waters. mayim.

and let it be a division (let it divide) between the waters and waters (the waters from the waters.)

7. Vayya-as Elohim eth-ha 7 And Elohim (God) made ra-ki-ah vayyabhdel bein ham- the expanse (firmament) and mayim asher mittachath hara- distinguished between (divided) ki-ah ubhein hammayim asher the waters which (were) beme-al larakiah vayy'hi chein. neath (under) the expanse (fir

mament) and (from) the waters. which (were) above the expanse: (firmament) and it was so.


8. Vayyikra Elohim laraki 8. And Elohim (God) called ah shamayim vayy hi erebh the expanse (firmament) heavayyhi boker yom sheini.

And it was evening and it was morning a second day. (And the evening and the

morning were the second day.) 9. Vayyomer Elohim yik 9. And Elohim (God) said: kovu hammayim mittachath Let the waters under the heaven hashshamayim el-makom echod be gathered in (unto) one place v'theira eh hayyabbashah vayy'. and let dry (land) appear and hi chein.

it was so.

10 Vayyikra Elohim layyab 10. And Elohim (God) callbashah eretz ulmikveh ham- ed the dry (land) earth and the mayim kara yammim Vayyar gathering (together) of the Elohim ki tobh.

water (s) he called seas, and Elohim (God) saw (that) it was. good.

11. Vayyomer Elohim tad II. And Elohim (God) said: sheh ha-aretz deishe esebh Let the earth send (bring) mazriah zerah etz p'ri oseh forth grass, (the) herb-yielding: p'ri l’mino asher zar'oh bho al seed, (the) fruit tree yielding ha-aretz vayy'hi chein.

fruit after its (his) kind whose seed is in it (self) upon the earth, and it was so.

12. Vattoze ha-aretz deshe 12. And the earth brought esebh mazriah zerah I'minehu forth grass (and) herb yielding v'etz oseh p'ri asher zar'oh bho seed after its (his) kind and I'minehu vayyar Elohim ki tobh. (the) tree, making (yielding)

fruit whose seed (was) in it (self) after its (his) kind, and Elohim (God) saw (that) it. was good.

13. Vayy hi erebh vayy’hi boker yom sh’lishi.

13. And it was (the) evening and it was (the) morning a (were the) third day.

14. Vayyomer Elohim Y'hi 14. And Elohim (God) said: m'oroth baraki-ah hashshamay- Let there be lights in the exim l'habhdil bein hayyom ub- panse (firmament) of the heavhein halla-y'lah, v'hayu l'othoth en to distinguish between (to ulmo-adim, ul'yamim v'shanim. divide) the day and between

(from) the night and they shall be (let them be) for signs and seasons, and for days and years.

15 V'hayu lim’oroth bara 15. And they shall be (let ki oh hashshamayim l'ha-ir al them be) for lights in the exha-aretz vayy’hi chein.

panse (firmament) of the heaven to give light upon the earth,

and it was so. 16. Vayya-as Elohim ethshne 16. And Elohim (God) made hamm’oroth hagg’dolim eth the two (two) great lights, the hammaor haggadol i'memshe- great (greater) light to rule the leth hayyom v'eth hammaor day and the small (lesser) light hakkaton l'memsheleth halla-y- to rule the night, and stars (he lah v'eth hakkochabhim. made the stars also).

17. Vayyitten otham Elohim 17. And Elohim (God) set bir’ki.ah hashshamayim l'ha-ir them in the expanse (firmaal ba-aretz

ment) of the heaven to give

light upon the earth. 18. V'limshol bayyom ubhal. 18. (A) and to rule over the la-y-'lah ul'habhdil bein ha’or day and over the night and to ubhan hachoshech vayyar Elo. distinguish (to divide) between ki tobh.

the light and between (from) the darkness. And Elohim

(God) saw (that) it was good. 19. Vayy hi erebh vayy'hi bo 19. And it was (the) evenker yom r'bhi-ih.

ing, and it was (the) morning a

(were the) fourth day. 20 Vayyomer Elohim Yish 20. And Elohim (God) said : r’tzu hammayim sheretz nefesh Let the waters abound with chayyah v'of y'ofef al-ha-aretz, (bring forth abundantly) creepal pine raki-ah hashshamayim. ing (the moving) creature liv

ing (that hath life) and fowl that shall fly (that may fly) above the earth in the face in the open) of the expanse (firmament) of heaven.

21. Vayyibhra Elohim eth 21. And Elobim (God) creathattanninim hagg'dolim v'ethed the great sea-monsters kol nefesh ha-chayyah harome- (whales) and every living creaseth asher shortzu hammayim ture that creeps (moveth) which l’mine-hem v'eth kol of-kanaf the waters brought forth abunl’minehu, vayyar Elohim ki dantly after their kind and tobh.

every winged fowl after its (his) kind. And Elohim (God) saw (that) it was good.

22. Vayy'bharech otham 22. And Elohim (God) blessElohim lemor, p'ru ur'bhu u ed them saying, be fruitful and mil’u eth-hammayim bayyam- multiply and fill the waters in mim v'ha-of yirebh ba-aretz. the seas and the fowl shall (let)

multiply upon (in) the earth.

boker yom

23. Vayy’hi erebh vayy'hi


23. And it was (the) evening and it was (the) morning a (were the) fifth day.

24. Vayyomer Elohim totze 24. And Elohim (God) said: ha-aretz nefesh chayyah I'mi- Let the earth produce (bring na'h, b'hemah varemes v'chay forth) living creature after its y'tho eretz l’mina'h vayy'hi (his) kind, cattle and creeping chein.

thing and the beast of the earth after its (his) kind, and it was

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25. Vayya-as Elohim eth 25. And Elohim (God) made chayyath ha-aretz I'mina'h the beast of the earth after its v'eth habb'hemah l’mina'h (his) kind and the cattle after v'eth kol-remes ha-ada-mah their kind and every thing that l’minehu vayyar Elohim ki creeps upon the ground (earth) tobh.

after its (his) kind. And Elohim (God) saw (that) it was good.

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