Mechanics' Magazine, Band 48

Knight & Lacey, 1848

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Seite 588 - And having now described the nature of the said invention, and in what manner the same is to be performed, I declare, that what I claim is...
Seite 163 - Spirits, at the same time, are to be fired by a spark sent from side to side through the river, without any other conductor than the water; an experiment which we some time since performed, to the amazement of many.
Seite 571 - If once in half a century an equal amount of change were produced suddenly by the momentary shock of an earthquake, history would be filled with records of such wonderful revolutions of the earth's surface ; but if the conversion of high land into deep sea be gradual, it excites only local attention.
Seite 249 - ... open the leaves of an electrometer one or more inches ; or if it be unelectrified, the slightest passage over the hand or face, the clothes, or almost any other substance gives it an electric state. Some of the gutta percha is sold in very thin sheets, resembling in general appearance oiled silk ; and if a strip of this be drawn through the fingers, it is so electric as to adhere to the hand or attract pieces of paper. The appearance is such...
Seite 243 - When the sections of a river vary, the quantity of water remaining the same, the mean velocities are inversely as the areas of the sections.
Seite 610 - States of America in Congress assembled, That any person who may be in possession of, or in any way interested in, any patent...
Seite 252 - Method of correcting the apparent distance of the Moon from the Sun, or a Star, for the effects of Parallax and Refraction.
Seite 361 - W. Montgomerie, in a letter to the Bengal Medical Board, in the beginning of 1843, wherein he commends the substance as likely to prove useful for some surgical purposes, and supposes it to belong to the Fig tribe. In April 1843, the substance was taken to Europe by Dr D...
Seite 162 - ... upon examining the said matter, and being satisfied that such patentee believed himself to be the first and original inventor, and being satisfied that such invention or part thereof had not been publicly and generally used before the date of such first letters patent...
Seite 205 - Water running in open canals, or in rivers, is accelerated in consequence of its depth, and of the declivity on which it runs, till the resistance, increasing with the velocity, becomes equal to the acceleration, when the motion of the stream becomes uniform. It is evident that the amount of the resisting forces can hardly be determined by principles already known, and therefore nothing remains but to ascertain, by experiment, the velocity corresponding to different declivities, and different depths...

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