Commentaries on the Life and Reign of Charles the First, King of England, Band 1


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Seite 128 - Paris, in 1625, he had twenty-seven suits of clothes made, the richest that embroidery, lace, silk, velvet, gold, and gems, could contribute ; one of which was a white uncut velvet, set all over, both suit and cloak, with diamonds valued at fourscore thousand pounds, besides a great feather, stuck all over with diamonds ; as were also his sword, girdle, hat-band, and spurs."* Buckingham was the first person who was carried about in a sedan chair.
Seite 301 - Remember that Parliaments are altogether in my power for their calling, sitting and dissolution ; therefore as I find the fruits of them good or evil, they are to continue or not to be...
Seite 265 - I keep Laud back from all place of rule and authority because I find he hath a restless spirit, and cannot see when matters are well, but loves to toss and change, and to bring things to a pitch of reformation floating in his own brain, which may endanger the steadfastness of that which is in a good pass, God be praised.
Seite 249 - Sunday, towards morning I dreamed, that the Bishop of Lincoln came, I know not whither, with iron chains ; but returning loosed from them, leaped on horseback, and went away; neither could I overtake him.
Seite 321 - He compared the inward character of the duke's mind to the beast called by the ancients stellionatus;"* a beast so blurred, so spotted, so full of foul lines, that they knew not what to make of it.
Seite 241 - I hope that you do remember that you were pleased to employ me .to advise my father to break both those treaties that were then < on foot, so that I cannot say that I come hither a free, unengaged man.
Seite 248 - Sunday night, I did dream that the Lord Keeper was dead : that I passed by one of his men, that was about a monument for him ; that I heard him say, his lower lip was infinitely swelled and fallen, and he rotten already. This dream did trouble me.
Seite 241 - I pray you remember, that this being my first action, and begun by your advice and entreaty, what a great dishonour it were to you and me that it should fail for that assistance you are able to give me !' This effusion excited no sympathy in the house.
Seite 326 - I have thought fit," said he, " to punish some insolent speeches lately spoken. I have been too remiss, hitherto, in punishing such speeches as concern myself; not that I was greedy of their monies, but that Buckingham, through his importunity, would not suffer me to take notice of them, lest he might be thought to have set me on, that he might come the forwarder to his trial.
Seite 101 - As soon as she saw the party that brought it, she retired into her cabinet, calling only her in, when she opened the picture in such haste as showed a true picture of her passion, blushing in the instant at her own guiltiness. She kept it an hour in her hands, and when she returned it, she gave it many praises of your person.

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