Appalachia, Band 9

Appalachian Mountain Club, 1901

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Seite 137 - Every river appears to consist of a main trunk, fed from a variety of branches, each running in a valley proportioned to its size, and all of them together forming a system of valleys, communicating with one another, and having such a nice adjustment of their declivities, that none of them join the principal valley, either on too high or too low a level...
Seite 139 - DAVIS announces (Apfalachia, vol. ix., March 1900) that his doubts as to the ability of ice to erode deep valleys and basins have been dispelled by a study of the valley of the Ticino, towards St. Gotthard. The fact that the side valleys open into the main valley several hundred feet up, indi. cates that the ice-stream, while deepening the main channel...
Seite 220 - Appalachian Mountain Club" for the advancement of the interests of those who visit the mountains of New England and adjacent regions, whether for the purpose of scientific lesearch or summer recreation. The Club will carry on a systematic exploration of the mountains of New England and adjacent regions, publishing its results from time to time, and will collect books, maps, photographs, sketches, and all available information of interest or advantage to frequenters of the mountains. It will also...
Seite 51 - Smyth (CH, jr.). Report on a preliminary examination of the general and economic geology of four townships in St. Lawrence and Jefferson counties [New York].
Seite 335 - No. 12 of the division of forestry of the United States Department of Agriculture, in treating upon the economical designing of timbers in trestles.
Seite 47 - Crystalline limestones and associated rocks of the northwestern Adirondack region.
Seite 115 - LUPTON, it was voted that a committee be appointed by the President to prepare a message of greeting to the British Association, to be sent by cable.
Seite 51 - Genesis of the Talc Deposits of St Lawrence County, NY School of Mines Quart.
Seite 46 - From what has been said above it will be clear that the acquisition of experience, the growth of knowledge, is a unique species of gift and acceptance.
Seite 407 - LL.D., in the chair. The Records of the last Meeting were read and approved. The CORRESPONDING SECRETARY reported that letters had been received from Mr.

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