Dr Bastiaan Kiauta : Odonatologist and Polymath His Life, Works and Universe

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Science provides an inexorable support to both the human and the nations' development. The great scientists have always provided inspiration by their findings, philosophy, and understanding of the world around us. They have inspired generations of young explorers, eager to learn more about the world and motivated toward betterment with constant efforts in the quest for knowledge. The life of Professor Dr B. Kiauta, Emeritus Professor of Invertebrate Cytogenetics and Cytotaxonomy, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands, President of Societas Internationalis Odonatologica (SIO) and the Executive Editor of Odonatologica, is an open book of assiduous perseverance, focused application and great mentorship. There are indeed many examples of great scientists, or for that matter - odonatologists, in the history of science, but there are certainly absolutely inevitably very few who by their energetic character not only practically educate the budding researchers in habits of industry, but by the example of diligence and perseverance which they set before them, largely influence the scientific activity in all directions and contribute in a great degree to form the national character, or more precisely, the world order! This book, “Dr Bastiaan Kiauta: Odonatologist and Polymath – His Life, Works and Universe”, conveys a great lesson that nothing creditable can be accomplished without application and diligence.



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Global Leadership and Statesmanship
Rea L Source of Strength
Evolution of Science of Odonato Logy
In the Service of Gods Own Creations
Scientometry of Professor Dr B Kiautas Publications and other Odonato Logical Awards Distinctions and Honours etc

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 B. K. Tyagi

Professor Dr B.K.Tyagi (b 23rd July, 1951) is a renowned medical arthropodologist/entomologistof international repute, well known for his significantcontributions on epidemiology and management of vectors and vector borne disease like malaria, filariasis, leishmaniasis, Japanese encephalitis, dengue and chikungunya. He is best known for his innovative malariological research in the IGNP irrigated Thar Desert in Rajasthan; discovery of Aedesalbopictusas a primary and only vector of dengue fever in Kerala State, invention of various different vector mosquito traps/breeding preventers. He has discovered new species of dragonflies and mosquitoes, and published for the first time a complete catalogue of Indian mosquitoes (Culicidae). Recipient of many prestigious national and international Awards/prizes, viz., WHO-TDR First Prize in a worldwide competition (1995-96), ICMR’s Dr. M.O.T. Iyengar Memorial Award (2007), he has published 28 books and more than 575 research titles, in addition to one Indian patent and two Technology Transfers. Dr Tyagi has held many prestigious positions: (i) National Representative in-charge in South Asia for the Intl. Odonatol. Soc., (ii) Member in-Charge in Southern Asia for the OSG/SSC (IUCN), (iii) President of the Jodhpur Natural History Society, and the Indian Dragonfly Society. Dr. Tyagi is also the originator of ‘Conferences of Medical Arthropodology’.He is editing about a dozen scientific journals, in addition to being a Fellow/Member of more than two dozen scientific bodies, both in India and abroad. He has visited several countries in all the continents. Prof. Tyagi retired recently in 2015 as the Scientist ‘G’ (Director) and Director in-Charge of the ICMR’s Centre for Research in Medical Entomology (CRME), Madurai, India.Currently, Prof. Tyagi is a Visiting Professor at Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirapalli and Core Faculty in the DST-SERB’s School in Insect Biology at Hyderabad University, Hyderabad. 

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