The Parliamentary Elections Corrupt and Illegal Practices Preventions Acts, 1854 to 1889: With Explanatory Notes and Cases, Forming a Complete Guide to the Law and Practice of Parliamentary Elections ...

Waterlow Bros. & Layton, 1892 - 448 Seiten

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Seite 69 - ... to procure any Money, or valuable Consideration, to or for any Voter, or to or for any Person on Behalf of any Voter, or to or for any other Person in order to induce any Voter to vote, or refrain from voting, or shall corruptly do any such Act as aforesaid, on account of such Voter having voted or refrained from voting at any Election : 2.
Seite 318 - ... to procure, any office, place, or employment to or for any voter, or to or for any person on behalf of any voter, or to or for any other person, in order to induce such voter to vote or refrain from voting...
Seite 93 - Parliament, or the vote of any voter at any election : 5. Every person who shall advance or pay, or cause to be paid, any money to or to the use of any other person with the intent that such money or any part thereof shall be expended in bribery at any election...
Seite 97 - ... any money, gift, loan, or valuable consideration, office, place, or employment for himself or for any other person, for voting or agreeing to vote, or for refraining or agreeing to refrain from voting, at any election: 2.
Seite 189 - A statement of all money, securities, and equivalent of money received by the election agent from the candidate or any other person for the purpose of expenses incurred or to be incurred on account of or in respect of the conduct or management of the election, with a statement of the name of every person from whom the same may have been received.
Seite 377 - Every returning officer, presiding officer, and clerk who is guilty of any wilful misfeasance or any wilful act or omission in contravention of this Act shall, in addition to any other penalty or liability...
Seite 89 - Every person who shall, directly or indirectly, by himself, or by any other person on his behalf, make any such gift, loan, offer, promise, procurement, or agreement as aforesaid, to or for any person, in order to induce such person to procure, or endeavour to procure, the return of any person to serve in Parliament, or the vote of any voter at any election : 4.
Seite 44 - ... use of any force, violence, or restraint, or inflict or threaten to inflict, by himself or by any other person, any temporal or spiritual injury, damage, harm, or loss upon or against any person in order to induce or compel such...
Seite 316 - ... on account of or in respect of the conduct or management of the said nomination or election.
Seite 377 - Act, or by reason of any irregularity, if it appears to the tribunal having cognizance of the question that the election was conducted in accordance with the principles laid down in this Act, and that such non-compliance or mistake or irregularity did not affect the result of the election.

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