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Opening of the Session of Parliament-Substance of his Majesty's Speech-

Address moved for in the House of Lords, by Lord Elliot - Seconded by
Lord Gwydir— Debate-Address carried unanimouslyMoved in the
Commons by the Hon. Mr. Dillon--Debate-Mr. For--Mr. Pitt-- Mr.
Windham.--Agreed to without further Opposition-Presented to the
KingInquiry into the Causes of the late Mahratta WarMr. Francis's
Motion agreed to, thereon.-Supplies moved for and grantedSpanish
Papers laid before the House - Army Estimates-Debate thereon-Re.
solutions put and agreed to.



Parliamentary Proceedings continued— Motion made by Sir Evan Nepean
for the Continuation of the Act for suspending the Habeas Corpus in Ire-
land— DebuteSir John Newport-Mr. D. Brown— Hutchinson-Sir
John Stuart-Mr. Windham-Pitt-For-Lord de Blaquiere-Mr.
Alexander-Martin-- Dawson-Division-Motion carried. - Debates on
the Rupture with Spain-in the LordsLord Mulgrave moves an Address
of Thanks to the King for the Production of the Papers relating thereto.
Speeches of Earl SpencerViscount Sidinouth-Lord KingEarl of
Darnly~Lord Grenville-Hawkesbury.--Address carried without a Dici.



Parliamentary Proceedings continued.--Discussion of the Rupture with Spain

in the House of Commons.- Debate.--Speeches of Mr. Pitt-Grey--

upon the Motion of Address of Thanks for the Production of
the Papers moved -- Substance thereof-opposed by Lord Castlereagh --- sup,
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ported by Earl Temple-Speech of Sir John Nicholl-Debate adjourned
resumed nert Day-Mr. Raine-Bankes-H. Addington-Dr. Laxrence
Mr. For- PittDivision-Original Address carried (the Ameriment
being negatived) by a great Majority.-Votes of the House of Commons
for the Miscellaneous Services of the Year.



Parliamentary proceedings continued.-Motion of Lord Darnly, in the

House of Lords, for the Repeal of the Additional Force Bull.-Debate
thereon-Speeches of the Earl of Camden-Suffolk-Lord King-Duke of
Cumberland - Earl Spencer--Viscount Sidmouth, Duke of Clarence
Lord Mulgrare--Grenville - Melville - Division-Motion Lust-Pro-
ceedings in the House of Commons, on the Second Reading of the Bill for
the Suspension of the Irish Habeas Corpus Act.-Dirision thereur-lo.
vernment Successful-Budget-Supplies-Ways and Means-New Tara
-Short Discussion thereon.



Parliamentary Proceedings continued.-Short Discussion in the House of

Lords, upon the Suspension of the Irish Habeas Corpus.-Debate in the
House of Commons on the Defence of the Country. -Opened by Mr. Wind-
ham.- Motion made by him.-Opposed by Mr. Canning.- Dirision.-V-
tion lost.— Bill for the Abolition of the Slave Trade, thrown out by a small
Majority.– Debate on the Continuation of the Commission for the Enquiry
into Natal Abuses.— Dirision thereun.- Opposition to the Salt Duty Ter.

- Bill carried on a Division.— Mr. Sheridan's Motion for the Repeal of
the Additional Force Bill.- Debate.--Mr. Pitt-Windham-Lord Casa
tlereagh.- Motion lost upon a Division. - Debate in the House of Lords or
the Defence of the Country.- Division.-Case of the Sheriffs of Middlese.
-Committed to Newgate.-The Agricultural Horse Duty Bill thrown oui
on the Second Reading:-Salt Duty Bill carried upon a Division,


Parlianentary Proceedings continued. -- Irish Brudget.-Dirision in the Hous

of Lorus, upon a Clause in the Vutiny Bill.- Mr. Pitt's Plan for the
Reduction of the Mililiu brought forward. - Read a first Time, after some
Opposition --Supplementary Budget.-Division on the Legacy Tar-
Bills brought in to restrain the Issue of Paper Money in Ireland And for
the Repair of the Post Roads, in that Country— To regulate the Power
prescribed lo the East India Company, in their Nomination of a Curmank

in Chief.- Proceedings in the House of Lords, upon the Reform of the
Nacy.Jotion of Mr. Martin, (of Galway,) on the Attainder of Corne-
bius Grogan.Debate on the Second Reading of the Militia Enlisting
Bill, in the House of Lords.Division thereon. Mr. Francis's Speech on
the Mahratta War, and Motion relative thereto.-Debate.- Division.-
Motion lost.



Parliamentary Proceedings continued.-Motion of Mr. Whitbread on the

Subject of the Tenth Naval Report - And Resolutions moved thereon.-
Interesting Debate.- Remarkable Division.--Speaker's casting Vote a.
gaist Government.-Resolutions against Lord Melville carried. Subse.
quent Proceeilings thereon.-Yr Whitbread moves an humble Address to
the King for the Removal of Lord Melville from his Places, and from his
Majesty's Council for ever. -Debuie.- Motion lost.-House agree unani-
mously to lay the Resolutions before the King.



Parliamentary Debates continued.-- Motion of Mr. Grey, to bring the
Editor of the Oracle Morning Paper to the

Bar of the House of Commons.
-Conversation thereon.-- Agreed to.-Further Proceedings respecting
Lord Melville.--The Editor of the Oracle taken into the Custody of the
Serjeant at Arms, for a high Breach of the Privileges of the House-
Irish Finance. - Report of the Committee on the Tenth Naral Report
laid before the House.--Petition of the Editor of the Oracle.- Debate and
Division thereon.Editor reprimanded and discharged. Thanks of the
House to the Commissioners for Enquiry into Natal Abuses moved for
and carried.-Proceedings in the House of Lurds, respecting the Pri-
rileges of that House. --Committee of Supply.The Chancellor of the
Erchequer announces the Dismissal of Lord Melville forni his Majesty's



Parliamentary Debates continued. -- Lord Grenville's Motion in the Houx

of Lords for taking into Consideration the Petition of the Roman Catho-
lics of Ireland.-Debate thereon.-Speeches of Lord Grenville-Hawkes-
bury-Earl Spencer-Viscount Sidmouth-Lord Mulgrave-Earl of
CamdenThe Bishop of Durham----Lord Redesdale.--Debate adjourned.
Resumed on the next Day of Sitting.Division.— Motion negativel.
Corference between the Lords and Cammons upon Lurd Melville's ata
tending the Committee of the Lower House, appointed to report upon the
10th Nural Report.-Debate upon the Catholic Petition in the House of
Commons.--Mr. Fox moves that it be referred to a Committee of the
whole House.--Specches of Doctor Duigenan--Mr. Grattan- The At.
torney General-Mr. Alexunder.--Debate adjourned-Resumed next Day.
-Debate.Motion negativcd upon a Division.

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Parliamentary Proceedings continued.--Conversation in the House of

Commons, upon Continental Affairs.-- Appointment of Military Come
missioners.--Motion of Serjeant Best upon the 11th Report of the Næa!
Commissioners-greed to.- Earl of Darnley's Motion in the House of
Lords, on the State of the Navy.-Speech of Viscount Melville thereon
Motion lost upon a Division.-Second Reading of the Prize Agency Bill
- And Amendments therein, in the House of Commons.Motion of Mr.
Whitbread, for the Impeachment of Lord Melville.-His Lordship heard
in his Defence, previously thereto, within the Bar of the House of Com.
mons.-Purport of his Speech.-Mr. Bond moves an Amendment, that
Lord Melville should be immediately prosecuted. - Debate.-Speech of Mr.
Whutbread.-- Master of the Rolls-Earl Temple--Mr. I. 8. Browne
Mr. Alexander --Debate adjourned.-- Resumed the following Day -
Division.-Motion for the Impeachment lost.-Amendment for a criminal
Prosecution carried.-Mr. Whitbread's Motion upon the lith Natal Re-
port.--Debate thereon.--Motion lost.—Mr. Lascelles brings in a Bill of
Indemnity, for the Chancellor of the Erchequer, in this Transaction.-Car-
ried.-- Motion of the Earl of Suffolk in the House of Lords on the Affairs of
Ireland.-- Negatived without a Disision.



Parliamentary Proceedings continued. -King's Message.---Claims of the

Duke of Athol.-Debate in the House of Lords upon the King's Mei-
suge.--- Address carried upon a Division. - Conversation upon the Subject
of Lord Melville in the House of Communs.-- Mr. Grey moves to take the
Štate of the Nation into Consideration.-Debate thereon.-Division-
Motion lost.-Committee of Supply.---Three Millions and a Half voted in

Aid of his Majesty. And Three Thousand Pounds annually to the Duke
of Athol.-Mr. Paull's Motion on Indian Affairs.--- Agreed to.—Mr. Lay.

cester moves that Lord Melville should be proceeded against by Impeach.
ment.-Interesting Debate.- Previous Question moved and lost.-In-
peachment carriedand proceeded upon.-

Form thereof.- Managers
named to conduct the same.-Petition of Mr. Todd Jones presented to Par
liament by Mr. For.--Colonel Crawford's Motion on the State of the
Military Defence of the Country.-Order of the Day moved thereon-and


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History of Europe. Preliminary Observations.--Animosity of the

French Emperor to England.--Exposition of the Affairs of that Country.

-Overture of Peace made by Bonaparte to the British Government.

Reply thereto.- Anger of Bonaparte.-Manifestos against the Conduct

of England.Comments of the French Government.-Great apparent

Exertions made by France for the Invasion of England. - State of the

Flotilla at Boulogne- And of the Army destined for that Purpose.-

Activity of the Combined French and Spanish Navy.--Farther Views of

Aggrandizement of Bonaparte. - Journey to Italy.-Crowned King of

Italy at Milan-Änd annexes Genoa to the French Empire.- Returns to

Paris.-Revieres his Army at Boulogne.-Dissatisfaction of the Indepen.

dent Powers of Europe.- Treaty between Great Britain and Russia.-

Object and Conditions thereof.- Accedence of Austria and Sweden.

Fruitless Attempt of the Allied Powers to negociate with France.- An-

nexation of Genoa to the French Empire.- Remonstrance of the Court of

Vienna thereon.-Reply of the French Government-Which remonstrates

in its turn.Declaration of the Russian Minister at Vienna. -Strongly in-

dicative of approaching Hostilities.-Second and stronger Remonstrance of

Vienna against the French Encroachments.- Immediate Change in the Mea.

sures of France. - Abandonment of her Project of intading Great Brie

tain— And Preparations, by Bonaparte, to attack the allied Powers.-

French Note to the Diet of Ratisbon.Reply of Austria.-War inevi-

table.--Preparations therefor.-Injudicious Conduct of Austria towards

Bavaria.- Bonaparte addresses his Senate previously to his joining the

Army.Decree in Consequence.-- Bonaparte leaves Paris, and puts him-

self at the Head of his l'roops.



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