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Opening of the Session of Parliament-Substance of his Majesty's Speech

Address moved for in the House of Lords, by Lord Elliot - Seconded by
Lord Gwydir-DebateAddress carried unanimouslyMored in the
Commons by the Hon. Mr. Dillon-Debate-Mr. For--Mr. Pitt-- Mr.
Windham.-- Agreed to without further Opposition--Presented to the
King-Inquiry into the Causes of the late Mahratta War- Mr. Francis's
Motion agreed to, thereon.-Supplies moved for and granted-Spanish
Papers laid before the House - Army Estimates-Debate thereon--Re.
solutions put and agreed to.



Parliamentary Proceedings continued--Motion made by Sir Evan Nepean

for the Continuation of the Act for suspending the Habeas Corpus in Ire.
land-Debute-Sir John Newport-Mr. D. Brown-Hutchinson--Sir
John Stuart-Mr. Windham-Pitt-Fox-Lord de Blaquiere~Mr.
Alexander -Martin--Dawson-Division-Motion carried.- Debates on
the Rupture with Spain in the Lords-Lord Mulgrave moves an Address
of Thanks to the King for the Production of the Papers relating thereto.
Speeches of Earl Spencer-Viscount SidmouthLord King-Earl of
Darnly-Lord Grenville-Hawkesbury.--Address carried without a Divi.


Parliamentary Proceedings continued.- Discussion of the Rupture with Spain

in the House of Commons.-Debate.-Speeches of Mr. Pitt-Grey-
Amendment upon the Motion of Address of Thanks for the Production of
the Papers moved - Substance thereof-opposed by Lord Castlereagh ---sup-
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ported by Earl Temple -Speech of Sir John Nicholl-Debate adjourned-
resumed next Day-Mr. Raine-Bankes-H. Addington-Dr. Larreace
—Mr. For-- Pill- Division-Original Address carried (the Amendment
being negatived) by a greut Majority.-Votes of the House of Commons
for the Miscellaneous Services of the Year.



Parliamentary proceedings continued.- Motion of Lord Darnly, in the

House of Lords, for the Repeal of the Additional Force Bill.-Debate
thereonSpeeches of the Earl of Camden-Suffolk-Lord King- Duke of
Cumberland Earl Spencer--Viscount Sidmouth- Duke of Clarence
Lord Mulgrave--Grenrille Melville Division- Motion Lost-Pro.
ceedings in the House of Commons, on the Second Reading of the Bill for
the Suspension of the Irish Habeas Corpus Act.-- Division thereun-60.
vernment Successful-Budget-SuppliesWays and Means-New Tales
-Short Discussion thereon.



Parliamentary Proceedings continued.--Short Discussion in the House of
· Lords, upon the Suspension of the Irish Habeas Corpus.-Debate in the

House of Commons on the Defence of the Country. -Opened by Mr. Wind.
ham.- Motion made by him.-Opposed by Mr. Canning.- Dirisior.-Mo-
tion lost.Bill for the Abolition of the Slave Trade, thrown out by a small
Majority.- Debate on the Continuation of the Commission for the Enquiry
into Natal Abuses.Dirision thereon.- Opposition to the Salt Duty Ter.

--Bill carried on a Division.Mr. Sheridan's Motion for the Repeal of
the Additional Force Bill. - Debate.-Mr. Pitt-Windham-Lord Case
tlerragh. - Motion lost upon a Division. -Debate in the House of Lords or
the Defence of the Country.- Division.-Case of the Sheriffs of Middleser.
--Committed to Newgate.- The Agricultural Horse Duty Bill thrown out
on the Second Reading:-Salt Duty Bill carried upon a Division. 34


Parliamentary Proceedings continued.Irish Budget.- Division in the House

of Loris, upon a Clause in the Vutiny Bill.-Mr. Pilt's Plan for the
Reduction of the Mililiu brought forward. Read a first Time, after some
Opposition - Supplementary Budget.--Division on the Legacy Tar:-
Bills brought in to restrain the Issue of Paper Money in Ireland And for
the Repuir of the Post Roads, in that Country-To regulate the Posters
prescribed to the East India Company, in their Nomination of a Commander


in Chief.- Proceedings in the flouse of Lords, upon the Reform of the
Nary.- Jution of Mr. Martin, (of Galway, ) on the Attainder of Cornea
lius Grogan.-Debate on the Second Reading of the Militia Enlisting
Bill, in the House of Lords.--Division thereon. -- Mr. Francis's Speech on
the Mahrattu War, and Motion relative thereto.-Debate.- Division.
Motion lost.


Parliamentary Proceedings continued.-Motion of Mr. Whitbread on the

Subject of the Tenth Naval Report And Resolutions moved thereon.-
Interesting Debate.- Remarkable Division.-Speaker's casting Vote a.
gait Government.-Resolutions against Lord Melville carried.Subse.
quent Proceedlings thereon.- Mr Whitbread moves an humble Address to
the King for the Removal of Lord Melville from his Places, and from his
Majesty's Councils for ever. - Debate.- Motion lost,--House agree unani-
mously to lay the Resolutions before the King.

· 67


Parliamentary Debatcs continued. - Motion of Mr. Grey, to bring the

Editor of the Oracle Morning Paper to the Bar of the House of Commons.
-Conversation thereon.--Agreed to.-- Further Proceedings respecting
Lord Melville.---The Editor of the Oracle taken into the Custody of the
Serjeant at Arms, for a high Breach of the Privileges of the House.
Irish Finance. - Report of the Committee on the Tenth Natal Report
laid before the Ho'tse.--Petition of the Editor of the Oracle.- Debate and
Division thereon.Editor reprimanded and discharged.--Thanks of the
House to the Commissioners for Enquiry into Natal Abuses mored for
and carried.-Proceedings in the House of Lurils, respecting the Pria
cileges of that House.-Committee of Supply.--lhe Chancellor of the
Erchequer announces the Dismissal of Lord Melville fornt his Majesty's

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Parliamentary Debates continued.-Lord Grenville's Motion in the Hous

of Lords for taking into Consideration the Petition of the Roman Catho.
lics of Ireland.--Debate thereon.-Speeches of Lord Grenville --Hawkes-
bury Earl Spencer-Viscount Sidmouth-Lord Mulgrave-Earl of
CamdenThe Bishop of Durham---Lord Redesdule.--Debate adjourned.
Resumed on the next Day of Sitting.---Division.Motion negatived.
Conference between the Lords and Cammons upon Lurd Melville's at-

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tending the Coinmittee of the Lower House, appointed to report upon the
10th Nural Report.-Debate upon the Catholic Petition in the House of
Commons. - Mr. For moves that it be referred to a Committee of the
whole House.Speeches of Doctor Duigenan-Mr. Grattan- The At.
torney General Mr. Alexander.-Debate adjourned-Resumed nett Day.
--Debate.-Motion negativcd upon a Division,

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Parliamentary Proceedings continued.--Conversation in the House of

Commons, upon Continental Affairs.- Appointment of Military Com.
missioners.--Motion of Serjeant Best upon the 11th Report of the Natal
Commissioners- greed to.Earl of Darnley's Motion in the House of
Lords, on the State of the Navy -Speech of Viscount Melville thereon. -
Motion lost upon a Division.-Second Reading of the Prize Agency Bill
- And Amendments therein, in the House of Commons.—Motion of Mr.
Whitbread, for the Impeachment of Lord Melville.- His Lordship heard
in his Defence, previously thereto, within the Bar of the House of Com.
mons.-Purport of his Speech.-Mr. Bond moves an Amendment, that
Lord Melville should be in mediately prosecuted. - Debate.Speech of Mr.
Whubread.-- Mater of the Rolis-Earl Temple-Mr. I. H. Brozone
Mr. Alerunder.- Dcoate adjourned.Resumed the following Day.-
Division.Motion for the Impeachment lost.- Amendment for a criminal
Prosecution carried.-Mr. IVhitbread's Motion upon the lith Natal Re.
port.- Debate thereon.Motion lost.-Mr. Lascelles brings in a Bill of
Indemnity, for the Chancellor of the Erchequer, in this Transaction.-Car-
ried.- Mlution of the Earl of Suffolk in the House of Lords on the Affairs of
Ireland.--Negatived without a Division.


Parliamentary Proceeilings continued.--King's Message.--Claims of the

Duke of Athol.-Debate in the llouse of Lords upon the King's Nes-
sage.--Address carried upon a Division. - Conversation upon the Subject
of Lord Melville in the House of Communs.- Mr. Grey moves to take the
State of the Nation into Consideration.-Debate thereon.- Division. -
Motion lost. Committee of Supply.---Three Millions and a Half voted in
Aid of his Majesty.--And Three Thousand Pounds annually to the Duks
of Athol.-Mr. Paull's Motion on Indian Affairs.-Agreed to.--Mr. Ley.
cester moves that Lord Melville should be proceeded against by Impeach-
ment.Interesting Debate.- Previous Question moved and lost.-In-
peachment carriedand proceeded upon.-Form thereof.- Managers
named to conduct the same.-Petition of Mr. Todd Jones presented to Par-
liament by Mr. Fox.--Colonel Crawford's Motion on the State of the
Military Defence of the Country.--Order of the Day moved thereon--and




History of Europe.- Preliminary Observations.--Animosity of the

French Emperor to England.Exposition of the Affairs of that Country.
-Overture of Peace made by Bonaparte to the British Government.
Reply thereto.-Anger of Bonaparte.-Manifestos against the Conduct
of England.---Comments of the French Government.-Great apparent
Exertions made by France for the Invasion of England.-State of the
Flotilla ut Boulogne- And of the Army destined for that Purpose.
Activity of the Combined French and Spanish Navy.--Farther Views of
Aggrandizement of Bonaparte. - Journey to Italy.-Crowned King of
Italy at Milan-- And anneres Genoa to the French Empire.---Returns to
Paris.--Reviews his Army at Boulogne. Dissatisfaction of the Indepen.
dent Powers of Europe. Treaty between Great Britain and Russia.
Object and Conditions thereof.- Accedence of Austria and Sweden.
Fruitless Attempt of the Allied Powers to negociate with France. An-

neration of Genoa to the French Empire.-Remonstrance of the Court of

Vienna thereon.-Reply of the French Government-Which remonstrates

in its turn.--Declaration of the Russian Minister at Vienna.--Strongly in-

dicative of approaching Hostilities.--Second and stronger Remon strance of

Vienna against the French Encroachments.--Immediate Change in the Mea.

sures of France. Abandonment of her Project of indading Great Bri.

tain-- And Preparations, by Bonaparte, to attack the allied Powers.

French Note to the Diet of Ratisbon.-Reply of Austria.-War inevi-

table.--Preparations therefor.-Injudicious Conduct of Austria towards

Bavaria.- Bonaparte addresses his Senate previously to his joining the

Army.-Decree in Consequence.-- Bonaparte leaves Paris, and puts him-

self at the Head of his Troops.



tlistory of Europe continued.-Route of the different Corps of the French

Army to the Scene of Action---of Bernadotte-Marmont-Dacoust-Soult
-- Ney--- Lannes--and of Murat, with the Reserve.--Passage of the

Rhine by the French Artillery.--Proclamation of the French Emperor

and Address to his Army--which he joins at Kchl.-Receives the Com.

pliments of the Electors of Baden and Wirtemburg:- Junction of the French

and Bararians. -March for the Danube. General Position of the French

. 324


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