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Seite 326 - quietly slipped his hand into his pocket, drew out the two pistols, and, with the one in his right hand and the other in his left, followed Bill Maltby into the dark and narrow passage. "This way," said his companion, turning through a
Seite 216 - the employment of your fortune will be noble and good; and even should the experiment altogether fail, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have done your part. Then, as to Mrs. Charlton, the income she possesses is not sufficient, and of course will be less when you are no longer with her." "It is very strange,
Seite 275 - companions, and he was able to overcome, and even kill, a great many much belter men than himself; but still it did not secure him happiness, nor obtain for him ultimate success. What a fine moral to the allegory! — and at length a Phrygian boy, in a nightcap, found out the weak point, and despatched him with a missile!
Seite 274 - those who possess it; for although they may be very sensitive upon the one central spot, yet, at every other point, where all the rest of the world are vulnerable, they are guarded with triple steel. I wonder when Lord Bacon wrote his essay upon the wisdom of the ancients, he did not show that the character of Achilles was a mere allegory
Seite 346 - the actual to the probable, and from the probable to the possible, imagination gives us the power of conceiving not only all that is, but all that may
Seite 285 - once, saying, in a cold tone, "I presume you mean me, Captain Tankerville; but I am too busy at present to hold much conversation with you." " Our conversation need be very short, Mr. Latimer," replied Tankerville, walking up to him; "I come to ask if you remember having promised me a loan of fifty pounds,
Seite 186 - Dumpty got a great fall; All the king's horses and all the king's men Cannot
Seite 315 - try if we can't make the decoy duck quack as far as is needful. A pretty gang of them there seems to be hereabouts just now; but our London gents do love, every now and then, to see a bit of country life. He must be a shrewd hand, this Jack Williams, not
Seite 288 - unpleasant alternative of the two ends of a pocket handkerchief. Captain Tankerville felt it fully, and did not at all approve of the latter. Now, he was not by any means, as Jack Williams suspected, a coward; but there are few men who would not a great deal rather avoid certain death, even
Seite 335 - has given him leave to shoot for a day." "I don't know," answered the constable, "but one thing I certainly shall do, and that is to tell him that some one has been up here with a gun , and who it was." "That you can do, if you like,

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