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Director of the Course in Commerce and Professor of Political Economy

in the University of Wisconsin

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The present edition of Money and Banking has been prepared with two primary purposes in view : firstly, the presentation of a fuller treatment of the subject of banking, especially of the banking systems of the chief countries of the world, than was given in previous editions, and secondly the rearrangement and restatement of portions of the subject matter of previous editions. To these ends the entire book has been rewritten with the exception of Chapters I, II, III, XVI and XVII which, with slight modifications, are reprints of Chapters I, II, III, XIV and XV of the old editions. Chapters VI, X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV and XV are entirely new, and Chapters IV, V, VII, VIII, and IX embody the substance of Chapters IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, XI, XII and XIII of former editions with modifications, rearrangements and considerable new material.

Additions have been made to the references so as to include recent books, but no attempt has been made to give complete bibliographies of the subjects treated. The references have been selected with the needs of American students primarily in view. As in previous editions those at the close of the chapters are sometimes abbreviated, full titles being given in the Appendix. When an author's name without title is given, reference is made to the first book listed under the name in the Appendix.

In the preparation of this edition the author has received valuable assistance from his colleague, Professor Richard T. Ely, and from his former students, Professors R. H. Hess and G. D. Hancock, now Professors respectively in the Universities of Minnesota, and Washington and Lee.

WM. A. SCOTT. University of Wisconsin.

July, 1910.

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