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WE, the Subscribers, having examined, with considerable attention, Carleton's Compendium of Practical Arithmetic,cheerfully recommend it as a work well calculated to fa. cilitate the progress of youmg persons

in the attainment of that useful and necessary art.

William Biglow.
A. Bullard.
Nathaniel Bridge.
John Fessenden.

John Haskell.
Masters, Benjamin Holt.

James B. Howe.
Ezekiel Little.
Lawson Lyon.
Jonathan Snelling
R. Webb.

(Ephraim H. Farrar.

Jonathan C. Hill.

Nathaniel Storrs.

W. Snelling Boston, April 17, 1810.




The numerous Treatises on Arithmetic may induce many to suppose it unnecessary to add this to the number.

On examining the various systems now extant, none are found so well adapted to the use of schools in general, as might be wished: some being too voluminous, others too con. cise, some deficient in examples, others without plain directions necessary for young scholars.

The design of this manual is to accommodate schools in Town and Country with all that is necessary for the Merchant, the Mariner, the Mechanic, and the Farmer, on terms so moderate as to encourage its general use.

Demonstrations are omitted, because they would swell the book to little advantage to young pupils.

The arrangement differs from others; but Instructors will decide which rule shall succeed another, and whether all the rules, or every example in a rule, be taught, when a part appears sufficient.

The task of compiling this was very unexpectedly assigned to me, by the Associated Instructors of youth in Boston ; how far I have acquitted myself, must be left to your candour to decide.

I will not contend that it is strictly free from errors, though I haye aimed at correctness.

Any errors, deficiencies, or redundances, &c. communicat. ed to the author, or the publisher, will be duly and thankfully received, and attended to, in any future edition, should one be deemed necessary.

That it may be as useful as intended, is the sincerest wish of, and will be the highest gratification to

THE AUTHOR. Boston, April 17, 1810.

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