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Father almighty, in the nipotenti, in unitate Spiriunity of the holy Ghost, tus sancti, omnis honor et all honour and glory.

gloria. Pr. For ever and ever. Pr. Per omnia sæcula sæ

culorum. P. Amen.

P. Amen.

Let us pray.


|NSTRUCTED by thy. Please neniti, et divina

, bus moniti, et divina and taught by thy divine Institutione formati, audeInstitution, we presume to mus dicere : say:

Our Father, who art Pater. noster, qui es in in heaven : hallowed be cælis : sanctificetur nothy name : thy kingdom men tuum: adveniat regcome: thy will be done num tuum : fiat voluntas on earth, as it is in hea- tua sicut in cælo, et in terven. Give us this day our ra. Panem nostrum quodaily bread : and forgive us tidianum da nobis hodie : our trespasses as we forgive et demitte nobis debita them that trespass against nostra, sicut et nos dimittius. And lead us not into mus debitoribus nostris. temptation ; but deliver us Et ne nos inducas in tentafrom evil.

tionem : sed libera nos a

malo. P. Amen.

P. Amen. Deliver us, we beseech Libera nos, quæsumus, thee, O Lord, from all Domine, ab omnibus maevils, past, present, and to lis, præteritis, præsentibus come: and by the inter- et futuris : et intercedente cession of the blessed and beata et gloriosa semper ever glorious Virgin Mary, Virgine Dei genetrice Mathe mother of God, and of ria, cum beatis Apostolis the holy Apostles Peter and tuis Petro et Paulo, atque Paul, and of Andrew, and Andrea, et omnibus Sancof all the Saints, favoura- tis, da propitius pacem in bly grant us peace in our diebus nostris : days; that through the as- misericordiæ tuæ adjuti, et sistance of thy mercy, we a peccato simus semper limay be always free from beri et ab omni perturbasin, and secured from all tione securi. Per eundem disturbance. Through the

Through the Dominum nostrum Jesum

ut ope

same Lord Jesus Christ, Christum, Filium tuum, thy Son, who with thee qui tecum vivit et regnat liveth and reigneth God, in unitate Spiritus sancti in the unity of the holy Deus. Ghost. Pr. World without end. Pr. Per omnia sæcula sæ

culorum. P. Amen.

P. Amen. Pr. The peace of our Pr. Pax Domini sit sem. Lord be always with you. P. And with thy spirit.

P. Et

spiritu tuo.

per vobiscum.


Here, breaking the Host, he puts a particle thereof

into the Chalice, saying :

AY this mixture and

consecration of the Body and Blood of our et Sanguinis Domini nostri Lord Jesus Christ, be to Jesu Christi, fiat accipienus that receive it, effectual tibus nobis in vitam æterto life everlasting. Amen.




Then lowing, and striking his breast thrice, he says: L

AMB of God, that GNUS Dei, qui tollis

takest away the sins peccata mundi, miof the world, have mercyt serere nobis. on us.

Lamb of God, that tak- Agnus Dei, qui tollis est away the sins of the peccata mundi, miserere world, have mercy on us.

nobis. Lamb of God, that tak- Agnus Dei, qui tollis est away the sins of the peccata mundi, dona nobis world, grant us peace. pacem. N. B. In Masses of Requiem, or of the Dead, instead

of : Miserere nobis : Have mercy on us : is said : Dona eis requiem : Grant them rest: And instead of : Dona nobis pacem : Grant us peace : is said : Dona eis requiem sempiternam : Grant them ever

+At these words, every time they are repeated, all strike their breasts,

lasting rest. Nor doth the Priest or people strike their breasts, as at other Masses. The following prayer is also omitted.

The Prayer before the Kiss of Peace.

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ORD Jesus Christ, Doqui dixisti Apostolis

who saidst to thy Apostles, I leave peace to tuis, pacem relinquo vobis, you, my peace I give to pacem meam do vobis ; ne you ; regard not my sins, respicias, peccata mea, sed but the faith of thy Church, fidem Ecclesiæ tuæ ; eamand vouchsafe her that que secundum voluntatem peace and unity which is tuam pacificare el coaduagreeable to thy will, who nare digneris : qui vivis livest and reignest God for et regnas Deus per omnia ever and ever. Amen. sæcula sæculorum. Amen.

At the giving the Kiss of Peace . Pr. Peace be with thee. Pr. Pax tecum. P. And with thy spirit. cum spiritu tuo.

P. Et

ORD Jesus

, Son of the living Fili God, who according to the voluntate Patris, co-opewill of thy Father, the rante Spiritu sancto, per holy Ghost co-operating, mortem tuam mundum vihast, by thy death, given vificasti; libera me per life to the world; deliver hoc sacrosanctum Corpus me by this thy most sacred et Sanguinem tuum, ab Body aud Blood, from all omnibus iniquitatibus meis my iniquities, and from all et universis malis ; et fac evils ; and make me always me tuis semper inhærere adhere to thy command- mandatis, et a te nunquam ments, and never suffer separari permittas ; qui cum

• Here, according to the Rubric, and the practice of the Western Church, the Kiss of Peace is to be given, in token of that mutual charity, which all ought to bring with them to this mystery of charity. In solemn Masses the Deacon receives this kiss from the officiating Priest; he gives it the sub-deacon, from whom it goes through all the Clergy. In private Masses, the Clerk holds forth to the Priest an instrument called the Pax, to kiss, which he afterwards kisseth himself, and in some places it is handed to all preme to be separated from eodem Deo Patre et Spiritu thee; who with the same sancto vivis et regnas Deus God the Father, and the in sæcula sæculorum.holy Ghost, livest and Amen. reignest God, world without end. Amen.


Let not the partici- Perceptio Corporis tui, pation of thy Body, O Domine Jesu Christe, quod Lord Jesus Christ, which ego indignus sumere præI, unworthy, presume to sumo, non mihi provereceive, turn to my judg- niat in judicium et conment and condemnation; demnationem ; but let it, thro' thy mer- tua pietate prosit mihi ad cy, be available to the safe- tutamentum mentis et corguard and remedy both of poris et ad medelam perthe soul and body: who cipiendam : qui vivis et with God the Father, in regnas cum Deo Patre, in the unity of the holy Ghost, unitate Spiritus sancti Deus, livest and reignest God, per omnia sæcula sæculofor ever and ever. Amen.


sed pro


Here, kneeling, rising, and taking the Host in his

Hands, he says:
Will take the Bread ANEM cælestem ac-

of heaven, and will cipiam, & nomen Docall upon the name of our

mini invocabo. Lord.


He strikes his breast, saying thrice, humbly and


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ma mea.

enter under my roof; say tectum meum; sed tantum but only the word, and my dic verbo, et sanabitur anisoul shall be healed.

Lord, I am not worthy, Domine, non sum digthat thou shouldst enter nus, ut intres sub tectum under my roof; say but meum; sed tantum dic only the word, and my verbo, et sanabitur anima soul shall be healed.

Lord, I am not worthy, Domine, non sum digthat thou shouldst enter nus, ut intres sub tectum.


under my roof; say but meum ; sed tantum dic only the word, and my verbo, et sanabitur anima soul shall be healed. I mea.

Receiving reverently loth parts of the Host he says: THE Body of our Lord C Jesu Christi custodiat

NORPUS Domini nostri Jesus Christ

preserve my soul to everlasting life. animam meam in vitam Amen.

æternam. Amen.


Taking the Chalice he says :
THAT shall I render UID retribuam Do-
HA Tushalord recorder QUI

mino pro omnibus things that he hath given quæ retribuit mihi ? to me?

I will take the Chalice Calicem salutaris acciof salvation, and I will piam, et nomen Domini call on the name of our invocabo. Lord.

Here, if duly disposed, go up to the rails to receive the holy Communion. For the Mass being the sacrifice of the People, as well as of the Priest, it is agreeable to the intention of the Church, that the people should partake thereof, before the assembly be dismissed by the : Ite, Missa est. Moreover the POSTCOMMUNION, which is the proper prayer of thanksgiving after communion, being common to Priest and People, it is to be wished they would comniunicate at the proper time, that is, immediately after the communion of the Priest, join therefore with the Clerk in saying the Confiteor with a true sorrow, and compunction for your sins. Then the Priest having said: May almighty God have mercy on you, forgive you your sins, and bring you to life everlasting. R. Amen. May the Lord, who is almighty and merciful, grant you pardon, absolution, and remission of your sins. R. Amen. He takes the Sacred Host in his hand, again turns about, and says: Behold the Lamb of God : Behold him who taketh away the sins of the world. Lord I am not worthy, &c. thrice. Repeat these last words with him thrice, striking your breasts in token of your unworthiness. Then having the towel spread on your hands, your eyes modestly closed, your head likewise raised up, and your mouth conveniently opened, receive the holy sacrament on your tongue resting on your under lip; then close your mouth, and say in your heart : Amen: I believe it to be the body of Christ, and I pray it may preserve my soul to eternal life. Then withdraw from the rails, and when the Priest receives the first and second ablution, or washing of the chalice, say such prayers as best suit your devotion.

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