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If this Feast fall on a Saturday, the Commem. of the

following Sunday is:

Anth. I saw the Lord sitting on a high throne, and all the earth was full of his majesty, and the things that were under him, filled the emple.

Ant. Vidi Dominum sedentem super solium excelsum, et plena erat omnis terra majestate ejus et ea quæ sub ipso erant, repiebant templum.

V. and R. as p. 204. Prayer. Collect of the Sunday.


VENERABLE BEDE, Confessor. Double. VESPERS. All as, p. xlii. Prayer. Collect at Mass. ib p. xliii. MASS. With the rest. p. xliii. except:


The mouth of the righteous man.

COLLECT. Deus, qui ecclesiam. O God, who enlightenest thy Church by the extensive learning of blessed Bede thy Confessor and Doctor: mercifully grant that thy servants may always be instructed by his wisdom, and assisted by his merits. Thro'.

MASS. INTROIT Wisd. iii.


HE saints judge the Gentiles, and rule over the nations : and the Lord their God shall reign for ever: Ps. 32. Exult ye righteous in the Lord, it becometh the upright to join in his praises. V. Glory.

COLLECT. Domine. O Lord God, plentifully pour down upon us thy grace, that we may one day partake of their bliss, whose glorious solemnity we are now preparing to celebrate. Thro'. LESSON.

Rev. v. 6. 12.

N those days: Behold I, John, saw in the midst of the

midst of the elders, a lamb standing, as it were slain, having seven horns and seven eyes which are the seven spirits of God, sent forth over all the earth. And he came and took the book out of the right hand of him that sat on the throne. And having opened the book, the four living creatures, and the four and twenty elders fell down before the lamb; every one of them having harps, and golden

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phials full of perfumes, which are the prayers of the saints. And they sung a new song, saying; Thou art worthy, O Lord, to take the book, and to open its seals ; because thou wast slain, and hast purchased us to God by thy blood, out of every tribe and tongue, people and nations : and made us to be Kings and Priests to our God; and we shall reiga over the earth. And I looked, and heard the voice of many Angels round about the throne, and round about the living creatures and the elders, and the number of them was thousands of thousands, saying with a loud voice: The Lamb that was slain, is worthy to receive power, and divinity, and wisdom, and strength, and honor, and glory, and blessing, for ever and ever. Amen.

GRAD. Ps. cxlix. The saints shall exult in glory; they shall rejoice on their couches. V. Sing to the Lord a new song; praise him in the assembly of the saints. Alleluia, Alleluia. V. Thy saints, O Lord, shall bless thee; they shall publish the glory of thy kingdom. Alleluia.

Gospel. Luke. vi. 17. Common, p. xxix. OFFERT. Ps, cxlviii. The saints in glory shall be in transports of joy ; they shall rejoice on their couches : the high praises of God shall be in their mouths. Alleluia.

SECRET. We cover thy altar, O Lord, with our offerings ; grant, we beseech thee, that they may procure for us eternal salvation, by the intercession of all thy saints, whose festival we are preparing to celebrate. Thro'.

COMM, Wisd. iii. The souls of the righteous are in the hands of God, and the torments of the wicked shall not touch them : they seemed in the eyes of fools to die, but they are now in peace.

POSTCOMM, Sacramentis. Having with joy, received, O Lord, these sacraments on the vigil of that festival, which we are desirous of celebrating; we pray

that we may be assisted by their prayers, in whose memory these mysteries are offered. Thro'.

FEASTS of NOVEMBER. I. ALL SAINTS. A Double of the first Rank. I. VESPERS. The Psalms, as p. 69. Except the last : Ps. 126. Laudate Dominum, p. 90.


SAW a great mul- Ant. titude, which no man could number, out of all nations, standing before the throne.


IDI turbam magnam, quam dinumerare nemo poterat, ex omnibus gentibus stantes ante thronum.


Anth. And all the Angels stood round about the throne, and they fell down before the throne on their faces, and adored God.

Anth. Thou hast purchased us, O Lord God, with thy blood out of every tribe, and tongue, and people, and nation: and thou hast made us a kingdom to our God.

Anth. Bless the Lord, all ye his elect, keep festivals of joy, and praise him.

Anth. This is a hymn for all his saints, for the children of Israel, the people that are near to him: this glory belongeth to all

his saints.

JESUS, let thy anger


Thy Virgin-mother for our


At thy tribunal pleading stands,

And mercy earnestly demands.

And ye, O Angels, who in nine Distinguish'd orders glori

ous shine, Preserve our minds, our hearts and wills, From present, past, and future ills.

Ant. Et omnes Angeli stabant in circuitu throni, et ceciderunt in conspectu throni in facies suas, et adoraverunt Deum.

Ant. Redemisti nos, Domine Deus, in sanguine tuo ex omni tribu, lingua, populo, et natione: et fecisti nos Deo nostro regnum.

LITTLE CHAPTER. Behold. Beginning of the LESSON to*, p. 459.


Ant. Benedicite Dominum omnes electi ejus, agite dies lætitiæ, et confitemini illi.

Ant. Hymnus omnibus sancti ejus, filiis Israel, populo appropinquanti sibi: gloria hæc est omnibus sanctis ejus.

LACARE, Christe, ser


vulis, Quibus Patris Clementiam,

Tuæ ad tribunal gratiæ,

Patrona virgo postulat.

Et vos beata, per novem

Distincta gyros, agmina,

Antiqua cum præsentibus,
Futura damna pellite.

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Apostoli cum Vatibus

Apud severum judicem

Veris reorum fletibus

Exposcite indulgentiam.

Vos purpurati Martyres,

Vos Candidati præmio

Confessionis, exules,

Vocate nos in patriam.


Chorea casta Virginum,

quos Eremus incolas

Transmisit astris, cælitum Locate nos in sedibus.

Auferte gentem perfidam Credentium de finibus;

Ut unus omnes unicum
Ovile nos pastor regat.

Deo Patri sit gloria,

Natoque Patris unico,

Sancto simul Paraclito
In sempiterna sæcula.


Ye Prophets and Apostles plead

Before our judge, and inter


For sinners, that by tears unfeign'd

His pard'ning grace may be obtain'd.

Ye crimson troops of Martyrs bright, And Confessors array'd in white,

Let us no longer exil'd roam,

But call us to our heavenly

home. Chaste Virgins, and ye truly wise,

Who from the deserts fill'd the skies,

For us an everlasting reign With Christ among his saints obtain.

From christian lands those miscreants chase, Who christian truths and

faith deface;

That all mankind united
One pastor of our souls o-

To God the Father and
the Son,

And Holy Spirit, three in


Be equal glory, equal praise,
For an eternal age of days.


V. Lætamini in Domino,

V. Rejoice in the Lord, and exult ye righteous ones. et exultate justi. R. Et gloR. And praise him all you upright of heart.

riamini omnes recti corde.

At the MAGNIFICAT. Anth. Ye Angels, Arch

Ant. Angeli, Archangeli, angels, Thrones and Domi- Throni et Dominationes,

nations, Principalities and Principatus et Potestates, Powers, Virtues of the hea. Virtutes cælorum, Cheru. vens, Cherubim and Sera. bim atque Seraphim, Patriphim, Patriarchs and Pro- archæ et Prophetæ, sancti phets, holy Doctors of the legis Doctores, Apostoli; law, and Apostles; all ye

Christi Martyres, Martyrs of Christ, Confes- sancti Confessores, Virgines sors and Virgins of the Lord, Domini, Anachoretæ, sancAnchorets, and all ye saints tique omnes intercedite pro make intercession for us. nobis.

PRAYER. Collect at Mass.




ET us all rejoice in the Gan Domino, diem fes

Lord, and celebrate in this festival in honour of all tum celebrantes sub honore the saints, on whose solem- sanctorum omnium: de nity the Angels rejoice and quorum solemnitate gaudent praise the Son of God. Ps. Angeli, et collaudant Filium Exult, ye righteous, in the Dei

. Ps. Exultate justi in Lord: it becometh the up- Domino, rectos decet colright to join in his praises. laudatio. V. Gloria. V Glory.

COLLECT. Omnipotens. O Almighty and eternal God, by whose favour we honour, on one solemnity, the merits of all thy saints ; grant we may obtain a plentiful blessing of thy so much desired mercy, since we have so many petitioners on our behalf. Thro'.

LESSON. Rev. vii. 2. N those days; Behold I, John, saw another Angel as

cending from the east, having the seal of the living God: and he cried with a loud voice to the four Angels, who had received power to hurt the earth, and the sea, and said ; hurt not the earth nor the trees, till we have marked the servants of our God on their foreheads * And I heard the number of those that were marked, to be an hundred and forty-four thousand out of all the tribes of the children of Israel There were marked of the tribe of Judah twelve thousand, twelve thousand of the tribe of Ruben, twelve thousand of the tribe of Gad, twelve thousand of the tribe of Aser, twelve thousand of the tribe of Neptlali, twelve thousand of the tribe of Manasses, twelve thousand of the tribe of Simeon, twelve thousand of the tribe of Levi, twelve thousand of the tribe of Issachar, twelve thousand of the


the sea,

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