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And sweet reward above the Sis dulce vitæ præmium. spheres. Amen.

All other Hymns of the same metre, from this day to

Pentecost, are included as follows :
To Jesus, who ascends Jesu tibi sit gloria,

the sky, Be glory for eternity; Qui victor in cælum redis, To God the Father let's re- Cum Patre et Almo Spiritu,

peat The same, and to the Para- In sempiterna sæcula. A

clete. Amen. V. God ascended in tri- V. Ascendit Deus in jubiumph. Alleluia. R. And latione. Alleluia R Et the Lord at the sound of the Dominus in voce tubæ, Altrumpet. Alleluia.

leluia, At the MAGNIFICAT. Anth. Father, I have Ant. Pater, manifestavi made known thy name to

tuum hominibus, those, whom thou gavest quos dedisti mihi; nunc aume: and now I pray for tem pro eis rogo, non pro them, not for the world mundo, quia ad te venio. because I come to thee. Al Alleluia. leluia.

PRAYER. Collect at Mass, as below.

MASS. INTROIT. dcts i. Ps. xlvi.


stand in surprize looking up to heaven? in cælum? Alleluia. QuemAlleluia. As you have seen

admodum vidistis eum ashim going up to heaven, so cendentem in cælum, ita shall he come again. Alle- veniet. Alleluia, Alleluia, luia, Alleluia, Alleluia. Ps. Alleluia. Ps. Omnes Gentes Clap your hands, all ye Gen- plaudite manibus; jubilate tiles: sing to God with a Deo in voce exultationis. V. joyful voice. V. Glory. Gloria.

COLLECT. Concede, quæsumus. Grant, we beseech thee, O Almighty God, that we, who believe that thy only Son, our Redeemer, ascended this day into heaven, may also have our hearts always fixt on heavenly things. Thro' the same.

LESSON. Acts i. 7. 11. Made a former treatise, O Theophilus, of all those



day in which he was taken up into heaven, after he had, thro' the Holy Ghost, given his commands to the Apostles, whom he had chosen.* To whom he also shewed himself alive after his passion, by many proofs, appearing to them for forty days, and speaking of the kingdom of God. And, eating with them, he commanded them not to depart from Jerusalem, but to wait the promise of the father, which you have heard saith he, from my mouth: for John indeed baptized in water ; but you, in a few days time, shall be baptized in the Holy Ghost. Then they, who were present, asked him, saying: Lord, is it now thou wilt restore the kingdom to Israel. But he said to them : 'Tis not for you to know the times or seasons, which the Father hath reserved to his own power : but you shall receive the power of the Holy Ghost coming upon you, and you shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and Samaria, and even to the outermost parts of the earth. And having spoke thus, he was taken up into heaven, while they were looking on; and a cloud took him out of their sight. And as they continued to look after him going up into heaven, behold two men stood by them clothed in white, who also said : Ye men of Galilee, why stand you looking up towards heaven : This Jesus, who is taken up from you into heaven, will come again in the same manner, as you have seen him go into heaven. Alleluia, Alleluia.


Alleluia, Alleluia. V. God ascended in triumph, Ascendit Deus in jubilatione, and the Lord at the sound et Dominus in voce tubæ, of the trumpet. Alleluia. Alleluia. V. Dominus in V. The Lord in Sina, in Sina in sancto, ascendens in his holy place, ascending altum, captivam duxit capon high, hath led captivity tivitatem. Alleluia. captive. Alleluia.

GOSPEL. Mark xvi. 14.
T that time: Jesus appeared to the eleven as they

were at table : and he upbraided them with their incredulity and hardness of heart, because they believed not those who had seen him after he was risen again. And he said to them: Go all over the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature. He that believeth, and is baptized, shall be saved ; but he, that believeth not shall be condemned. And these miracles shall accompany them that believe : in my name they shall cast out Devils; they shall speak new tongues; they shall take up my serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay their hands on the sick, and


they shall recover. And after the Lord Jesus Christ had spoken thus to them, he was taken up into heaven, and sitting on the right hand of God. And they going away, preaching every where, the Lord co-operating with them, and confirming their words with miracles that followed them. CREDO.

OFFERT. Ps. xlvi. God Ascendit Deus in jubilaascended in triumph and tione, et Dominus in voce the Lord at the sound of tubæ. Alleluia. the trumpet. Alleluia.

SECRET. Receive, O Lord, the offerings we make in memory of the glorious ascension of thy Son : and mercifully grant, that we may both be delivered from present dangers, and arrive at everlasting life. Thro' the same. Preface and COMMUNICATES. ORDINARY. p. 32. COMM. Ps. lxvii, Sing

Psallite Domino, qui asto the Lord, who hath cendit super cælos cælorum ascended towards the east, ad orientem. Alleluia. above all the heavens. Alleluia.

POSTCOMM. Presta nobis. Grant us, we beseech thee, O Almighty and most merciful God, that we may obtain the inyisible effects of the visible mysteries we have received. Thro'.

II, VESPERS. All as at the first, p. 117, except what follows.

V. The Lord in heaven, V. Dominus in cælo. AlAlleluia. R. Hath fixt his leluia. R. Paravit sedem throne. Alleluia.

Alleluia. At the MAGNIFICAT. Anth. O King of Glory, Ant. O Rex gloriæ, Do. Lord of hosts, who this day mine virtutum, qui trium. didst ascend in triumph phator hodie super omnes above all the heavens: leave cælos ascendisti : ne dereus not orphans, but send linquas nos orphanos, sed upon us the spirit of truth, mitte promissum Patris in promised by the Father. nos spiritum veritatis. AlAlleluia.

PRAYER. Collect at Mass. p. 119.








MASS. INTROIT. Ps. xlvi. (EAR, O Lord, my

TXAUDI, Domine, vovoice, with which I cem meam, qua clahave cried out to thee. Al- mavi ad te. Alleluia. Alleluja. My heart hath said leluia. Tibi dixit cor meto thee: I have sought thy um: Quæsivi vultum tuum, face: I will seek thy face, vultuin tuum, Domine, DoO Lord, not thy mine, requiram : ne averface from Alleluia, tas faciem tuam a me. AlAlleluia. Ps The Lord is leluia, Alleluia. Ps. Domy light and my salvation: minus illuminatio mea et whom shall I fear? V. Glo salus mea : quem timebo ? ry.

V. Gloria. COLLECT. Omnipotens. O Almighty and Eternal God, inspire thy servants with true devotion, and grant we may serve thy divine Majesty with sincere hearts. Thro'.

Then is made a Commemoration of the Ascension, by the COLLECT, SECRET, and PostCOMMUNION of that Feast, in their respective places, as p. 119.

EPISTLE. 1 Pet. iv. 7. 11.
OST dearly beloved : Be prudent, and watchful in

prayer. But above all things keep up a mutual and uninterrupted charity towards one another ; for charity covereth a multitude of sins.* Exercise hospitality to one another without murmuring. Let every one, as he hath received grace, so minister the same one to another, like good stewards of the manifold grace of God. If any one speak, let him speak as the words of God: if any one serve in the ministry, him serve therein as acting by the power God hath given him : that God may be honored in all, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Alleluia, Alleluia. V. Alleluia, Alleluia. V. Ps. The Lord hath extended 46. Regnavit Dominus super his empire over all nations: omnes gentes : Deus sedet God sitteth on his holy super sedem sanctam suam. throne, Alleluia. V. I Alleluia. V. Non vos relinwill not leave you orphans: quam orphanos: vado et veI am going ; but I will nio ad vos, et gaudebit cor

to you again, and vestrum. Alleluia.
your hearts shall rejoice.

GOSPEL. John xv. 26: xvi. 1. 4.
T that time : Jesus said to his disciples : when the


from the

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Father, the spirit

of truth, who proceedeth from the Father, he shall give testimony of me; and you shall also give testimony, because you have been with me from the beginning. - Chap. 16. These things I have spoken to you, that you might not be scandalized. They will cast you out of their Synagogues; yea, the hour cometh, when, whoever killeth you, will think he doth God service. And this they will do to you, because they have neither known the Father, nor me. But I have told you of these things; that when the time shall come, you may remember I had foretold you of them. CREDO.

OFFERT. Ps. xlvi. God Ascendit Deus in jubilatiascended in triumph, and the one, et Dominus in voce Lord at the sound of the tubæ. "Alleluia. trumpet. Alleluia.

SECRET. May these unspotted sacrifices purify us, O Lord, and strengthen our souls with heavenly grace. Thro'.

COMM. John xvii. Fa- Pater, quum essem cum ther, when I was with eis, ego servabam eos, quos them, I kept those, whom dedisti mihi. Alleluia : thou gavest me. Alleluia : nunc ad te venio. Non ronow I return to thee. I do go ut tollas eos de mundo, not pray that thou mays't sed ut serves eos a malo. take them out of the world, Alleluia, Alleluia. but that thou would'st keep them from evil. Alleluia, Alleluia.

POSTCOMM. Repleti. Grant, we beseech thee, O Lord, that we may be always thankful for the sacred gifts with which we have been filled. Thro'.

VESPERS. All as in the second VESPERS of the Ascension, p. 143. ercept: LITTLE CHAPTER, which is the beginning of the Epistle to*, p. 148.

Anth. I have told you

Ant. Hæc locutus sum of these things, that when vobis, ut cum venerit hora their time cometh, you may eorum, reminiscamini quia remember that I had fore


dixi vobis. Alleluia. told you of them. Alleluia.

The PRAYER. Collect at Mass, p. 148.




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