Lectures on Preaching and the Several Branches of the Ministerial Office: Including the Characters of the Most Celebrated Ministers Among Dissenters, and in the Establishment

Manning and Loring, 1808 - 131 Seiten

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Seite 55 - It muft be acknowledged, indeed, that in the times which fucceeded the diflblution of the Roman republic, this art was fo perverted from its true end as to become the fingle ftudy of their enervated orators.
Seite 55 - Quindlilian, thofe great mafters of numerous compofition, have laid it down as a fixed and invariable rule, that it muft never appear the effect of...
Seite 55 - Roman republic, this art was so perverted from. its true end, as to become the single study of their enervated orators. Pliny the younger often complains of this contemptible affectation ; and the polite author of that elegant dialogue, which, with very little probability, is attributed either to...
Seite 53 - The truth however is, his words are frequently ill chofen, and almoft always ill placed; his periods are both tedious and unharmonious ; as his metaphors are generally mean, and often ridiculous.
Seite 23 - WATTS'S Works, in 6 vols. 4to. or 10 vols. 8vo. is a desideratum. " Very different from Wright, his style harmonious, florid, poetical, and pathetic; yet too diffuse, too many words, especially in his later works, and his former are too much loaded with epithets: yet on the whole excellent.
Seite 54 - Tully produces of its wonderful effect. He informs us, you may remember, in one of his rhetorical treatifes, that he was himfelf a witnefs of its influence as Carbo was once haranguing to the people. When that orator pronounced the following fentence...
Seite 52 - ... imagine, it would be more likely to break out, than in celebrating departed merit ; yet the two sermons which he preached upon the death of Mr. Gouge and Dr.
Seite 27 - WILKINS. — His method is very exact, but too scholastic.— His style is almost as easy and pure as TILLOTSON'S. — Many excellent thoughts are thrown together in a very intelligible manner.
Seite 55 - ... the art, to weaken the expreffion in order to give a more mufical tone to the cadence* In fhort, that no .unmeaning words are to be thrown in merely to fill up the requifite meafure, but that they muft ftill rife in fenfe as they improve in found.
Seite 54 - Cicero himfelf affures us, that if the final meafure had been changed, and the words placed in a different order, their whole effect would have been abfolutely deftroyed. THIS art wasfirft introduced among the Greeks by Thrafimachus, tho fome of the admirers of Ifocrates attributed the invention to that orator.

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